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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
circulation .
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
t Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 13,   NO. 18
Alice Arm, B. O, Saturday, November 4, 1933
5 cents each.
W. J. Asselstine Is Elected
By a Substantial Majority
Liberal Candidate Receives Big Majority at Stewart. Also
Gets Most Votes at Premier Mine
W. J. Asselstine, Liberal candidate, was eleoted member for the
Provincial Legislature on Thursday. Last night he had a majority
of 101 overT. J. Shenton, his nearest competitor. There are three
small polls yet to be counted, also
the absentee vote, but Mr. Asselstine's position is in no way imperilled.
The other three candidates, H.
F. Kergin, T. W. Falconer, and H.
W. M. Rolston were not dangerous
at any time.
Mr. Asselstine obtained a big
lead at Stewart, where he polled
104 votes against Shentou's 63.
He also obtained a majority of 22
over Shenton at Premier Mine.
Anyox voters favored H. F. Kergin. He obtained 150 votes at the
Beaoh aud Mine, against Asselstine's 141. The Alice Arm vote,
Aiyansh and Atlin were fairly
evenly divided, as were the smaller
polling stations.
As was expected. T. J. Shenton
polled a fairly heavy vote, which
was pretty evenly divided throughout the riding. The big surprise
was at Premier Mine where he
polled 75 votes.
The votes polled by T. W. Falooner and H. W. M. Rolston were
small aud showed that the Independent ticket was no more popular in Atlin than throughout the
rest of the province.
It was a clean cut fight and all
candidates worked to the best of
their ability. Asselstine received
a jolt when Kergin'deoided to enter
the contest, but he overcame even
this handicap and emerged victorious with a good majority.
Following is a list of the results
at the various polling stations in
Atlin, also the total number of
votes polled etc.
Alice Arm
Asselstine  14
Falconer  13
Kergin  18
Rolston  1
Shenton  13
Anyox Beach
Asselstine  118
Falconer  79
Kergin   135
Rolston  32
Shenton  53
Anyox Mine
Asselstine  23
Falcouer  15
Kergin  15
Rolston  3
Shenton  41
Asselstine  104
Falconer      3
Kergin      21
Rolston    63
Shenton    63
Premier Mine
Asselstine  97
Falconer  3
Kergin   0
Rolston  7
Shenton  75
Asselstine  4
Falooner •  1
Kergin  6
Rolston  1
Shenton •  5
Asselstine  • 22
Falconer  5
Kergin  28
Rolston  14
Shenton • • 27
Spruce Creek
Asselstine  4
Falconer  0
Kergin • • • • 0
Rolsjon • • •_•  9
Shenton • 8
Surprise Lake
Asselstine  0
Falconer  0
Kergin   0
Rolston  2
Shenton •  0
O'Donnell River
Asselstine  ...     0
Falconer      0
Kergin       0
Rolston       1
Shenton      0
There are 13 Polling Stations in
the Atlin riding, the results of 10
being listed above. Three more
are to be heard from, but they are
fairly small.
Total votes polled for eaoh candidate at present are:
Asselstine  386
Falconer  119
Kergin  223
Rolston  133
Shenton 285
Asselstine is leading over Shenton by 101 votes. A big absentee
vote remains to be counted, but it
will not be big enough to offset
Asselstine's lead and he is conceded
the seat.
Following are the total votes
obtained by the different parties.
Liberal  609
Independent  252
C.C.F  285
Total   1146
Both   Asselstine  and   Shenton
polled more than the combined Independent vote.
Absentee votes for Atlin were
coming in yesterday from all over
the provinoe, but they are not affecting Mr. Asselstine's standing
as leader of the polls.
W. J. Asselstine
Be New Minister Of
W. J. Asselstine, the newly
elected member of the Legislature
for Atlin is a capable mining man.
Before coming to B. C. he had considerable mining experience in the
Cobalt Country Ontario. He joined the staff at the Premier mine
twelve years ago and now occupies
the position of mill superintendent
He understands thoroughly the
problems of the prospector and
small mining company, and his
knowledge will be of considerable
benefit to the whole of the Atlin
It is very possible that Mr. T. D.
Pattullo, when forming his cabinet
will oreate Mr. Asselstine Minister
of Mines, for we do not believe that
there was another candidate elected during the recent election that
has had the mining experience of
Mr. Asselstine. If he should be so
honored it will be the first time for
many years that a man thoroughly
conversant with mining has filled
that important.poaition.   	
Poppies Will Be Sold  On
November 8th.
This year the most convenient
day for the sale of Poppies, will be
Wednesday, November8th. These
will be on sale throughout the district by the ladies of the I. O. D. E.
who annually undertake this important work.
No flower is vested with such
poignant memories in this generation as is the poppy. Growing
rank as a weed in those fields of
Flanders, it has by association with
the sacrifices and achievements of
the Great War been elevated to a
sacredness of character not possessed by any ather flower. The wreath
of poppies has displaced the laurel
of triumph because of the deeper
elements which it incorporates.
To wear a poppy on Remembrance Day marks the wearer as
one who is not unmindful of the
sacrifices that were made, on his or
her behalf.
Mr. H. F. Kergin Extends
Thanks To Supporters
To all those who supported me
during the recent political campaign and election on November
2nd. I wish to tender my sincere
thanks. It is a pleasure to know
that my efforts in the past are
appreciated by so many of the
electorate of Atlin.
Yours very truly,
Liberals Obtain Big Majority
In The Provincial Election
Are Already Assured of Thirty Seats, and Expected To
Increase This Number
The electorate of British Columbia spoke in no uncertain voice on
Thursday, as to what form of government they desired, when they
returned the Liberal party to power
by a big majority.
The Liberal condidates swept
their opponents into the discard
throughout the Province. Especially so in the north where Liberal
members were elected in a row extending from Atlin to Cariboo,
taking 5 seats, namely: Atlin,
Prince Rupert. Skeena, Omineca,
Prince George.
Many well known cabinet ministers of the Oliver government were
elected, including T. D. Pattullo
in Prince Rupert. He received a
majority of 934 over G. Rudderham
C. C. F. oandidate. Other former
Liberal cabinet ministers elected
were; E. D. Barrow, Chilliwack;
Dr. W. H. Sutherland. Columbia-
Revelstoke; A. M. Manson, Oinin-
It was a disastrous day for former cabinet ministers of the Tolmie government. Premier S. F.
Tolmie was defeated in Saanich
by N. W. Whittaker. Hon. J. W.
Jones met defeat in South Okanagan; C. F. Davie K. C. in Cowi-
chan-Newoa9tle, and Hon. W. N.
Dennies in Vancouver-Burrard.
Hon. R. H. Bruhn was re-eleot-
ed as an Independent in Salmon
Arm, and Hon. R. H. Pooley was
re-elected in Esquimalt as a Tolmie
Several C. C. F. leaders met defeat. In Vancouver-Point Grey
W. A. Pritohard was defeated, and
Dr. J. Lyle Telford met defeat in
Following is a list of a number
of Liberals elected: W. J. Asselstine, Atlin; T. D. Pattullo, Priuce
Rupert; E T. Kenny, Skeena; A.
M. Manson, Omineca; H. G. Perry
Fort George; Geo. S. Pearson,
Nanaimo-Alberni; N. W. Whittaker, Saanich; A, Wells Gray,
New Westminster; R. R. Bums,
Rossland-Trail; Mrs. Paul Smith
and G. G. MeGeer, Vancouver-
Burrard; E. D. Barrow, Chilliwaok: Dr. G, M. Wier, R. Wilkinson and S. S. McKeen, Vancouver
Point Grey; Dr. K. C. MoDonald,
North Okanagan; G. M. Murray,
Lillooet; F. M. McPherson, Cranbrook.
C. C. F. members eleoted were:
i H. C. E. Anderson, North Vancou
ver; H. E. Winch and J. Price,
Vancouver-East; E. E. Winch,
Burnaby. Dispatches yesterday
stated two more elected.
L. I). Taylor, mayor of Vancouver, secured 58 votes in Omineca.
Hugh Savage, Independent, Co-
wiohau-Ne\voa8tle defeated C. T.
Davie Independent, former speaker
of the Legislature.
Clive Planta, Independent is
leading by 83 over A. C. Simonds
in Peace River, with several polls
to hear from.
Tom Uphill was re-eleoted as
labor member for Fernie.
Following is the standing of all
parties as received yesterday evening:
Liberals  30
C. C. F     6
Independent Labor     1
Independents     2
Tolmie Unionist     1
Doubtful     1
Deferred Seats     6
Vanoouver Centre has four seats
and Victoria two seats at which a
by-election will be held on November 27th.
AU Ex-service Folk Invited
To Armistice Parade
Not only ex-service men and
women and the members of public
bodies, but the public generally are
cordially invited to take part in the
parade to the cemetery on Saturday
November 11th., for the purpose of
decorating the graves of fallen
comrades. The Canadian Legion,
who sponsor this important duty,
have in the past deplored the apathy
of the general public in attending
this parade, and this special appeal
to their loyalty and sympathy on
Remembrance Day is therefore
made. Parade leaves the Legion
quarters at the Elks' Club at 10.30
Armistice Smoker Set For
November Hth.
The Armistice Smoker, held annually by the Anyox Branch of the
Canadian Legion, will take place in
the Elks' Dugout on Saturday November 11th. at 8 p.m. All ex-
service men are invited to attend
this Smoker. It is an event when
old associations can be recalled,
old friendships renewed and old
songs sung. It is a time of music
song and story a happy annual
event for all ex-service men. The
Canadian Legion are hoping for a
large attendance. AL1CK   ARM   AND   ANVOX   HERALD.   Saturday.  November 4.   1933
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants - - $15.00
Land Notices - - - - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
B. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
A Big Crowd Attends
Basketball Games
A big crowd witnessed three excellent games of basketball at tbe
Gymnasium on Friday the 27th.,
when the Mechanics B team defeated the Rovers, tbe Spooks won
from the Aces and the Trojans accounted for the Mechanics' A team.
All three battles were good to watch
the ladies especially putting up a
good game.
In the first game the Rovers,
with a lone basket to their credit at
half time, against eighteen by the
Mechanics B, came back strong in
the second half to make their score
21, their opponents only notching
six, making the score 21-24. Some
new players donned the jerseys, and
the game was a fast and willing
exhibition. D. Boud was the star
scorer in this game, notching fourteen points. The teams: Mechanics B: J. O'Neill 3, D. Ferguson 2,
D. Boud 14, H. Johnston, D. Hamilton, H. Church 3, P. Chenoski 2,
Rovers: M. Flye 6, G. Williscroft
5, L. McCarthy 2, L. Kirby 3, J.
Cloke 3, Carter 2, H. Henderson.
In the second number, tbe Aces
put up a fine game against the
Spooks, making up in speed and
keenness .what they lacked in experience. Their checking and passing was a surprise to most of the
fans, and their are some shots on
the team who will have to be reckoned with. P. Loudon and M.
Barclay starred all the way, giving
an exhibition of speed and cleverness that was good to watch. K.
Eve was chief scorer for the Spooks,
with nine points to her credit. The
teams'. Aces; I. Gillies 2, P. Loudon 4, N. Salmon 4, J. Pinckney,
M. Barclay 1. Spooks, K. Eve 9,
Mrs. Phillips 2, L. Dresser 4, M.
Dresser, T. Gordon ?. Score 11-17.
Some real thrills were forthcoming
in the clash between the Mechanics
Telephone  Service   Is
Established To South
Telephone communication was
recently established between Anyox
Alice Arm and Stewart with Vancouver and southern coast points.
The editor of the Herald was recently given tbe opportunity to talk
to the Campbell River station on
Vancouver Island as a test, and it
was very satisfactory. This service has been made possible by the
North-west Telephone Company,
which is affiliated with the B. C.
Telephone Company.
The new service is made possible
by a radiotelephone circuit between
Campbell River, on Vancouver
Island, and Anyox. This circuit is
tbe most northerly yet established
by the North-west Telephone Company, which previously had circuits
to Ocean Falls, Prince Rupert and
Prince George.
Conversation between Anyox,
Alice Arm and Vancouver is achieved by a combination of telephone
lines and the radio link, and takes
place in the same way as on an
ordinary long distance call.
Last year Canada led the world
in production of printing paper,
nickel, and asbestos and in the ex
port of wheat, printing paper, nickel and asbestos, She came second
in the production of gold and zinc,
and third in regard to copper.
A and the Trojans, the latter proving the victors by 28-25. This team
has adopted a style of play similiar
to that which made the Celts famous two or three years ago. This
consists of knowing each others
whereabouts, short passing, and
working up to the basket before
attempting to score, and in this
game it worked well. All the players are young and full of energy,
and if they keep together will give
a good account of themselves before
the season ends.
For the losers L. Gillies was top
scorer with nine points. Hawes
scored five times from six free
throws, his aim from the line being
almost uncanny. Bud Gillies star
red for the winners with fourteen
The teams: Mechanics: Murray
2, L. Gillies 9, J. Buntain 1, F.
Sanderson 4, I. Davies 2, J. Hawes
7, VV. Watson 2. Trojans: B
Gillies 14, W. Shields 2, A. Dodsworth 3, F. Dodsworth 2, H. Dres
ser 7, J. Cloke.
Advertise in the Herald
ecial 1
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. For Information call local agent or
City Ticket Olflce
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Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
(The Sailors love it)
(The Doctors recommend it)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
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Lots as low as  S25.
Now is the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
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Whether on business or pleasure,
be our guests at the Grosvenor.
Here you will find the friendly
hospitality of an old-time Inn,
with the conveniences of a modern
Hotel, and a dining room service
famed for its excellent cuisine.
Clean, comfortable and quiet, the
Grosvenoris away from the heavy
traffic, yet close to the theatres,
shops and business district. The i
rates, too, are very reasonable. I
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Groceries;   »lso Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots.   Shoes   and   Rubbers   of   all
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Alice Arm
all Soups and Creamed Sauces!
Thousands of thrifty housewives know that they now can get that
rich, creamy blandness in their cooking without overstepping the
dictates of economy. The use of Borden's St
Charles Milk gives that added touch of delicious richness, not only to cream soups and
sauces, but to every recipe that calls for milk.
St. Charles is a B.C. pro-  |H§  11     |#
duct made in S.Sumas.B.C.  [^1  1  %m W\
The Borden Company Limited, 50 Powell St;, Vancouver, B.C.     *°9
Please send me a copy of your FREE cook-boolc "The Good Provider".
British Columbia
Has Produced Minerals of an Aggregate
Value of $1,400,000,000
You are invited to apply to the Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. C, for the latest authoritative information
regarding mining development in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the calendar year 1932.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Summary and Review of the Mineral Industry of British Columbia for the six months ended June 30th., 1933.
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" "Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
Printing of Every
The Herald Job Printing Department is equipped to handle
any class of work promptly
and efficiently, from a plain
black and white Handbill to a
three or four Color Souvenir
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Are among the many forms of Printing
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The Herald Printing
j        ALICE   ARM
Co-operation Eases Situation
How the Canadian Pacific Railway Company as a large
property owner . allowed its
tenants to catch up on their
arrears of rent and also earn
some much needed cash is told by
J. F. Hendry, Toronto, real estate
agent there for the Company.
"The Canadian Pacific", said
Mr. Hendry, "is owner of eighty
six dwelling houses on Marlborough Avenue parallelling the
tracks near North Toronto station. Many of tenants were in
arrears -on their  rents  despite
every possible effort on their part
to make ends meet. The majority,
too, were tenants of long standing. We had a mutual get-together and decided that tho unemployed tenants would paint all tho
eighty six houses under the supervision of one of their own
number as foreman. The Company supplied all the material, insured the men under the Worlc-
mens Compensation Act, and the
work was started. Tho results
are most gratifying for all con-
i-SWSasw :-*:«*:■>
cerned. The unemployed tenants
have seen their arrears of rent
gradually erased from the ledger,
r.nd the property has been made
spick and span at a reasonable
cost because thore was no idling
on the job and ovoryone worked
their hardest. In fact the scheme
went along so smoothly that it
was decided that all the labour
would not bo credited on the rent
ledger but that each man would
draw a percentage in cash to help
keep his family and himself going
Seven Seas Traversed
Our Floating Home
Jfflt passed in luxurious comfort, free from any
care or irritating responsibility and absolutely
without one disturbing incident from continent to
continent," stated Lady Williams-Taylor on her return
(rom a world cruise on board the Canadian Pacific
liner, the "Empress of Australia," during which tour
five continents, twenty-one countries and twenty-six
ports were visited and seven seas traversed.
"With sheltered ease," continued Lady Taylor,
"we had unfolded to us the soul-penetrating magnificence and the somewhat repellant fanatical conditions
of India and dittoaught, yet ever thrillingly interesting China. We steamed up and down the dangerous
Pearl River, and saw first-hand the devastation of
Canton. Mysterious Java, and almost untouched
lumatra, held us spellbound.  Singapore and Its ever
growing docks amazed us, and lovely Ceylon enchanted ue. But Hawaii wound itself about oui
hearts and, to its haunting 'Aloha Oe,' we saw it
fade away through regretful tears. Not only are
the islands more than fascinating, but the Royal
Hawaiian Hotel would tempt any traveller to return.
"After such a wonder tour of 133 days," concluded
Lady Taylor, "we 'Lotus Eating Tourists' have once
again to face the realities of ordinary existence without the untiring supervision and perfect organization
of the mighty and far-reaching Canadian Pacific
Railway and Steamship's protection and care of us.
It was, indeed, with hearts full of gratitude and
appreciation for our splendid captain, his staff, and
for the constant and devoted attention of the cruise
directors, that we finally bid farewell to our floating
home—the 'Emm-ess of Australia.'"
ADVERTISE   IN   THE   HERALD ALICE   AK.M   AND   ANVOX   HERALD.   Saturday.  November 4.   1933
Anglican Y. P. A. Hold Very
Interesting Debate
On Thursday evening, October
26th., the Anglican Young People's
Association of Anyox held a debate
the interesting subject as to whether
Canada should be annexed to the
UnitedjStates, being fully thrashed
out. Miss F. Dodsworth and Mr.
N. Goater upheld the affirmative,
while Miss K. Eve and Mr. L. McCarthy were decidedly negative.
The debate was held on parliamentary lines, and Rev. A. Abraham
acted as Speaker of the House.
The affirmative held that the
union should be brought about because geographically and economically Canada's interests are bound
up with those of the U. S. and that
her people and her social customs
are in common with those of the
The negative maintained that any
merger with the U. S. would obliterate Canada's position as a nation
and an independent world power.
Economically Canada stands to gain
by remaining in the British Commonwealth of nations. By developing her own resources Canada can
make 3 greater contribution to the
world than by annexation to the
States, where she would be further
exposed to the influence of peanuts,
chewing gum, Reno and American
bombast. On a division the resolution was defeated.
Annual Memorial Service On
Sunday, November 12
Perhaps the most important ot
events which are held at Armistice
time is the Annual Memorial Service. At this service the memory
of fallen comrades, and those who
have passed on since the War, is
honored. The sacrifices of that
grim time are recalled, and promises and vows renewed. The Memorial Service this year will be held
in the Recreation Hall on Sunday
evening, November 12th. Ex-service men, the members of the Canadian Legion, and members of
other public bodies will parade from
the Legion Headquarters at 7.30
p.m. to the Hall. The general
public are cordially invited to attend
this service. The address will be
given by Rev. Evan Baker, and the
Rev. A. Abraham will assist with
the service.
United Church Concert Has
Good Programme
Even better than former events
of the kind will be the variety concert to be given under the auspices
of the United Church in the Recreation Hall on Monday, November
6th. These concerts have always
been popular and this one will be
no exception, judging by the splendid programme to be presented.
There will be vocal numbers, instrumental items, and a number of
popular dancing turns, as well as
some novelty features that are sure
to be entertaining. On Monday
evening next, November 6th., commencing at 8 o'clock. Secure a
ticket and enjoy this popular event.
This will be the third year in
which Armistice Day, November
11th., has been a Statutory Holiday
.throughout the Dominion of Canada. This holiday was brought
about .solely through the efforts of
the Canadian Legion, and in spite
of one or two attempts among certain groups to have the act repealed
the Day is now firmly established
as a public holiday. Its true term
is "Remembrance Day."
Developing, Printing and Enlarging. All work returned on
following boat. Wrathall's Photo
Finishing, Prince Rupert.
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meeti every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Hospital Auxiliary Dance Is
Very Enjoyable
Nothing is gained without labor,
and there is no doubt that the willing and earnest efforts of the ladies
of the Hospital Auxiliary to make
their Annual Dance on Monday the
30th. an outstanding event, were
The evening was most enjoyable,
and the Gymnasium was beautifully
decorated in typical Hallowe'en
fashion, and from first to last a
spirit of gaiety pervaded the atmosphere. Splendid music was
rendered by Harry Ward's Orchestra, who were repeatedly called
upon for encores. A most delightful supper was served.
The committee in charge desire to thank everyone who so
kindly donated and in any way assisted in making the function a real
Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Anderson, at the Anyox General Hospital, on Sunday, October 29th.,
a son.
Monday, November 6th.
Jin interesting and  varied
programme,   starting at 8
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♦ ■■» i |i».i.»»<l»,t|« \
Will all ladies interested in the
Children's Christmas Tree, please
meet at the Alioe Arm Hotel on
Monday evening, November 6th.
at 8 p.m.
Miss Alma Evindsen, who has
spent two months at Vanoouver
attending High School, returned
home on Monday owing to ill
health. Since leaving here she has
suffered from inflamatory rheumatism which has affected her heart
and she has been advised by the
doctor to rest for a year from school
,A. Davidson, who very rarely
spends many days in Alice Arm.
but continues to industriously develop his mining claims in the Upper Kitsault Country, spent a few
days however, in town this week,
so that he could record his vote on
Thursday. He loft early on Friday
morning for the Wildcat property,
where he will spend the winter
alone developing the copper ore
Jens Larson arrived   home  on
Wednesday from Prince   Rupert
with a new launch which he will
use in connection  with his mail
contract between here and Anyox
He made the first trip on Wednes
day but at present is using another
boat he brought from Prince Ru
pert, as his new boat is not yet
ready.     Mrs.   Larsen   who  went
with him to Prince Rupert, return
ed on the Catala on Monday.
Anyox Notes
Mrs. P. Forde and Mrs. R. Hopkinson returned on Monday from a
holiday visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. W. E. Parsons returned on
Monday from a visit to Prince
Mrs.  C.  Brummitt arrived on
Monday from Vancouver.
Mr. R. Blundell left on Wednesday for Greenwood, B. C, where
he will reside.
♦ Armistice Sante-
In The Gymnasium
Friday, November 10th.
The best of Everything.
An Annual   Event   you
should not miss.
$1.00 per Couple.
Lady 50c.
A Few Sips—A Few Cents
—Coughs, Colds Gone
BUCKLEY'S MIXTURE b not • cheap pre-
paration, but it takea »o little oi It to com-
Jrfelely build • cough OC cold thlt it coin
ar lea. than any other preparation.
Buckley'. Ii to marvellouily Kood that one
doie givci unmistakable relief. Two doiei may
■top your cough or cold entirely. Good-bye
to lickening lynipe and dopey preparation!.
Take Buckley'.. It mean. »/e, (lire, initant
relief from cough., cold., 'flu or bronchlti..
"It acta like a Saab—a tingle alp prove, it."
Play aafe. Refute aubltltutw. Buckley', ia aold
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CumillingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Oflice Building, Alice Arm
Winter Clothes
We carry a large stock of Men's Winter Clothes, suitable
for every use, including Heavy Woollen Shirts, Mackinaw
Shirts, Heavy Tweed Pants, Woollen Underwear by all the
leading makers, Woollen Socks, Woollen and Leather
Gloves, Rubber Boots and Shoes, Etc.
LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter.
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
Fare-and-V4 Round Trip Tickets to
•   •'ll important points in Eastern Canada
On Sale-Dec. 1 to Jan. 5
Return Limit—Three Months
Further particulars from your nearest
Ticket Agent
Christmas Cartel!
thousands of CHRISTMAS  CARDS in new designs, at specially good values.   Each Card is clipped
to its envelope, and everything is arranged for quick
5c, 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c
Buckley's Bronchitis Mixture!
This well known cure for Coughs and Colds, especially
among children, is advertised elsewhere in this paper.
We  are   DISTRICT AGENTS for   Buckley's


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