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 in niiniii sit
A little paper
with all the
news and a big
j.M.I-1 » ' » " '  Si Si ■  ■■
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to j
all other points.
VOL. 6,   NO. 42
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday,   April 23, 1927
i cents each
Big Programme of
Development for
3 Properties
Kitsault-Eagle Co. Will Install
Two Compressor Plants
The Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines
Ltd. will develop their three properties on a much larger scale this
year than heretofore, states Mr. A.
MoGuire, who has full charge of
operations, and who returned to
Alioe Arm on Monday from a business trip to Vancouver and Victoria in connection with company
Mr. McGuire states that a compressor plant will beinstalledonboth
the Eagle and Silver Cord properties. These will be taken in as
soon as the trails are improved for
their passage, which is expected at
an early date. The government
having promised sufficient money
for the completion of tho trails and
the repairing of existing ones to all
' three properties.
The construction of camps and
trail improvement will be commenced immediately, and on Thurs
, day morning a pack train left for
the Eagle and a force of four men
put to work.
Next week a pack train will leave
for the Silver Cord, and the work
of driving the tunnel, which has
'■ been carried on throughout the
winter will be completed. As soon
as the big ore body has been crosscut a new tunnel will be commenced lower down the hill, whioh
will give an additional 200 feet
depth on the ore. The tunnel now
being driven is in 236 feet. It was
commenced on Ootober 25th. The
entire work was done by hand
drilling by three men aud sometimes two. This record is one of
which any oompany might well be
proud, and speaks well for efficient
The first work on tlie Eagle will
con.si.st of driving a short crosscut
tunnel. When this has been completed a lower tunnel will be driven
which will give an additional 400
feet depth ou the ore.
Both of the above mentioned
properties carry big surface showings of ore, whioh, have been fully
described in previous issues of the
Herald. The tunuel driven this
winter on the Silver Cord proves
that these showings not only carry
their values at depth, but that values have increased.
Development on the LeRoy must
necessarily wait until the paoktrail
has been completed to the property,
and as soon as this has been done
a full force will be employed.
Mr. McGuire states that the financial affairs of the company are
in first-class condition, and that
ample money is available for a full
year's development work. Sufficient funds are also obtainable for
any programme of development
work that may be undertaken by
the company at any future date.
Overhead costs are practically
non-existent.    The money is put
Balance of Toric Machinery
May Arrive Next Week
Mr. A. C. H. Gerhardi, managing
director of the Toric Mines Company
Ltd. arrived in Alice Arm on Thursday.
In an interview with the Herald,
he stated that nineteen tons of milling machinery would probably arrive
next week. This would complete
the mill machinery with the exception of the generator, which will be
delivered in Vancouver about the
beginning of June. Operations will
commence at the Toric as soon as
sufficient snow hasdissolved to allow
supplies to be shipped in.
Enjoyable Concert Held
by Clever Artistes
Anyox Hospital
Spends Week-end Organizing
Insurance Business
H. W. M. Rolston, who last fall
purchased the Fire and Casulty
Insurance business in this district
of Mr. F. E. Gigot, spent the weekend in Anyox completing arrangements for an insurance organization that he claims will give the
very best possible insurance service.
Mr. Rolston is well known in the
north. He is editor aud publisher
of the Portland Canal News, and a
member of the firm of H. W. M.
Rolston & Co. of Stewart.
Fred McLennan'will be the local
agejit at the Beach; George Fowler
agent on the Flats, and W. T.
Tamkin agent at the Mine.
Mr. Rolston expects to return to
Anyox and also visit Alice Arm in
about two weeks.
♦ ^■»^'t-4 ■<■♦'■■ ■•■♦■!■ 4 ■*)"! ■•■♦ ♦■•■♦■#'♦ I' t-t
Hand Laundry Work done at
reasonable prices.—Miss B.
ford, near Meat Market.
Canon • Rushbrook will hold
Divine Service at the . Anglican
Church tomorrow, at 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 11 a.m.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Sutilovich and
daughter Zora, returned on Saturday from Anyox, where they have
spent the winter months.
Mrs. O. Evindson, left on Monday on a visit to Prince Rupert.
W. A. Talbot, government engineer for this district spent the weekend in town on departmental business.
Wm. Wells, who is convalescen-
cing from the injury to his hand,
spent the week-end in town, renewing old acquaintances. He returned
to Anyox on Monday.
A. McGuire, returned home on
Monday from a business trip to
Vancouver, in connection with the
Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines, Ltd.
J. Calvin arrived on Thursday
from Prince Rupert, where he has
spent the winter.
Continued on page 4
A very interesting and enjoyable
musicale was held at the Anyox
General Hospital on Monday evening. The concert was given by a
group of local artistes, for the
benefit of the patients. It was the
first of a series of fortnightly con-
certs inaugurated by Mr. J. E.
Kania. The programme consisted
of the following numbers.
1. Piano Solo, Mr. C   Madsen.
(a) March in D flat, by Hollainder.
(b) Juba Dance, by Percy Grainger.
2. Tenor Solo, by Mr. W. Murdoch, (a) "Take a pair of sparkling eyes," by Sullivan; (b) ''At
dawning" by Cadman.
3. Violin solo, by J. E. Kania.
(a) "To Spring" by Grieg; (b)
Humoresque, by Dvorak.
4. Soprano Solo, by Mrs. F. R.
Laws. (a) "Fiddle and I" by
Weatherly Goodeve; (b) Out where
the West begins" by Chapman
Philleo. Violin obligato, by J. E.
Kania. ..
5. Piano solo by Mr C. Madsen.
(a) Ballade in A flat,  by Chopin;
(b) "Guirlandes" by Godard.
6. Baritone solo, by M. J. Hag-
gerty. "Loving smile of Sister
kind" from "Faust" by Gounod.
7. Violin duet, by J. E. Kania
and S. Armstrong. "Tales of
Hoffman, by Offenbach.
8. Tenor solo, by Mr. W. F.
Eve. (a). Duna" by McGill; (b)
"Remember" by Irving Berlin.   .
Accompanist, Mrs. A. Pynn.
Mr. Madsen, a very accomplished
pianist, played his numbers with
precision and excellent attack.
Mr. Murdoch's tenor voice, ever
pleasant to the earr came to best
advantage in Cadman's "At Dawning," which the singer rendered in a
gratifying and pleasing manner.
The violin numbers by Mr. Kania
were played with the greatest feeling and understanding. Mrs, F.
R. Laws, a visitor to the city, was
a distinct acquisition to the concert.
She is the possessor of an excellent
soprano voice which was- heard at
l-its best in Goodeve's favorite
"Fiddle and I." Mr. Haggerty, in
a well sustained voice, sang a rather
difficult selection from Gounod's
"Faust" in a very satisfactory manner. Always a favorite in musical
circles, Mr. W. F. Eve rendered
his numbers in his usually pleasant
manner, and concluding the programme left one with a gratified
feeling and a wish for more.
Too frequently we forget about
the important part that an accompanist plays in a concert, and too
much can not be said of the sympathetic and understanding manner in
which Mrs. A. Pynn performed her
duties in that important department.
Shower Given in Honor of
Anyox Bride-Elect
Last week a very pretty shower
was given in honor of Miss Phyllis
McMillan, by Mrs. Walter Jones, at
the home of Mrs. Harry Kirk.
A very pleasant evening was
spent at cards. Mrs. C. Ruckha-
ber winning first prize and Mrs.
Morton, consolation. A guessing
contest was played and won by Mrs.
G. Thompson'. Mesdames W. F.
Eve, H. Kirk, H. Armstrong,  and
F. Dresser, very ably assisted Mrs.
Jones with the arrangements of the
A novelty feature of the evening
was an announcement over the
radio from station K.O.M.O. congratulating the bride-elect. It was
discovered later that this surprise
was due to the ingenuity of Harry
The gifts were presented to Miss
McMillan by the little Misses Dorothy and Kathleen Kirk.
Those present,  were:  Mesdames
G. Hague, H. Patrick, P. McMillan
C. McMillan, M. J. Bryden, A. R.
Kent, J. Cody, L. McQuarrie, J.
Cloke, T. Evans, T. Asimus, B.
Buck, L. Wenerstrom, E. G.
Brown, H. Johnstone, J. Smith, J.
Bell, A. Scott, N. Fraser, A. Crone,
R. Creelman, J. Murdoch, F. Barclay, B. Shelton, Miss A. Callahan,
Miss R. Gordon.
s 4*» ♦■•■ ♦ ■•>4|S| +■<■+■■■ 4 ■*'♦'» ♦■•'♦'#■+■•'♦■•' i
|     ANYOX NOTES     ]
++.«.4.».4 .■■+■»■*+.»4 ■•■♦'*■♦ ■•■4'♦■♦■•'♦■♦■♦t
A meeting of the ladies of the
ladies of the Anyox Hospital Auxiliary, will meet on Monday, April
25th, at 3 p.m.
El Doro Habana, the Cigar of
Quality.   To be had in all sizes.
R. S. Stubbs, accompanied by C.
Earle Anderson, returned on Thursday from Vancouver.
Mrs. Parmer arrived on Thursday
from the south.
Rev. Father Chamagne, accompanied by his mother, arrived on
Thursday from Prince Rupert.
H. W. Brown was a passenger to
Prince Rupert on Thursday.
A. White left on Thursday for
Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Macintyre
and family, were passengers to
Prince Rupert on Thursday.
Miss E. McMillan left on Thursday for Vancouver.
into the ground, and ''Deadheads"
a type of men whose chief business
is to try and look wise, find no
plaoe on the payroll.
Born at Prince Rupert to Mr.
and Mrs. O. Evindson of the Alice
Arm Hotel, on Wednesday April
20th a son.
R. H.   Ive was a passenger
Vancouver on Thursday.
In order to create a favorable
impression a man must be well
dressed. See Stan. Ballard, Anyox
Tailor Shop.
The annual congregational meeting of the United Church, will be
held in the basement of the Church,
on Wednesday, April 27th. at 8
p.rti. The reports for the year will
be presented. All members of the
congregation are invited to attend.
Largest Gathering
Attend Anyox
Elks' Hall Was Scene oi Most
Brilliant Ceremony
The largest attended wedding
and one of the prettiest ever held in
Anyox was solemnized at the Elks'
Hall on Saturday when Miss
Phyllis M irgaret Helen McMillan
became the bride of Mr. Maurice
James Sheen.
The wedding was held at 8 a.m.
and the bridewas given in marriage
by her father, Mr. R. McMillan.
Rev, C. D. Clarke' of the United
Churoh officiated.
The   bride looked lovely in   a -
charming gown of white georgette,
trimmed with white satin   ribbon,
and the bridal veil held  a coronet
of orange blossoms.   She carried a
bouquet of ophelia roses and carnations.   Her sister, Miss Evelyn
McMillan was the bridesmaid, aud
she was attired in a gown of blue
taffeta, shot with silver and a  picture hat of silk mohair.  She carried
a bouquet of pink carnations.  Mrs.
W. MoMillan, mother of the bride
wore a gown of two-tone georgette,
and wore a corsage of ophelia roses.
The groom was supported by Mr.
A. S. Nickerson.
Mr. F. Dresser was the organist
and his rendering of the wedding
maroh was very impressive.
The hall was beautifully decorated for the occasion. At the far
end of the hall five arches were
formed of evergreens and white
lilies, the centre arch had a large
bell suspended in the centre, and
the two arches on the sides had
smaller bells suspended from the
centre. Seats were provided on
both sides of the hall, with an aisle
in the centre. The ushers were
Messrs. J. Hill, W. Bruce aud E.
Jolt 118011.
During the signing of the register, Mrs. F. R. Laws of Fernie, aunt
of the bride, sang ''Because'' and
Mr. W. F. Eve rendered, "Beloved
it is Morn."
At the conclusion of the wedding
ceremony, all those present adjourned to the Dugout, where a bountiful repast was partaken of. The
dining room was beautifully decorated.
Following the banquet danoing
was indulged in until a late hour.
The Moose orchestra supplying
the music.
The groom's gift to the bridesmaid was a white gold bracelet,
set with sapphires, and to the best
man, a gold ring.
Both the bride and groom have
resided for a number of years in
Anyox, where they are well known
and very popular. They will continue to reside in Anyox and their
many friends wish them much happiness in their future life.
Among the invited guests, were:
Mr. and Mrs. H. Armstrong, Mr.
and Mrs. E. G. Brown, Mr. and
Mrs. B. M. Buck, Mr. and xtfrs. G.
Continued on Page 4 ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday.   April   23   1027
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Ann
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $8.00
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices ....      $15.00
Transient Advertising* 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Next week, commencing on
April 24th. and terminating on the
30th. has been set aside throughout the Dominion as "Save The
Forest Week". The idea of a
"Save The Forest Week" is for
the purpose of drawing the attention of everyone to the wasteful
forest fires each year. The dry
season will soon be with us again,
and the call of the wild will claim
many devotees. Those who are
in the woods during the summer
months whether for business or
pleasure, should be extremely
careful, regarding leaving camp
fires burning, or throwing away
lighted matches, cigarettes etc.
The seaplane of Commander de
Pinedo was burnt at Roosevelt
Dam, Arizona, and the spectacular
round-the-world flight of the intrepid Italian was interrupted to the
disappointment of millions who
were anxious to see the complete
trip become history.
The cause of the loss was a
match thrown carelessly on the oil-
coated surface of the lake on'which
the seaplane rested. The youth
who lighted his cigarette and
caused the disaster* is the subject
of condemnation in a press message
which has been broadcasted all
over the world.
But what about the careless
smokers and tourists who throw
away half extinguished matches
and cigarettes in our forest lands,
causing fires that destroy millions of
feet of valuable timber, the harvesting and manufacturing of which
gives employment to thousands of
A new seaplane is to be sent in
a week or two from Italy to enable
de Pinedo to finish his flight, but it
will take a hundred years to replace
a forest.
A few years ago a tiny spark
was the cause of a serious com-
flagation at Anyox, which came
within an ace of destroying the
entire plant. Had such an event
occurred it would have thrown over
1000 men out of work and rendered over 250 families homeless, and
their possessions destroyed. It
behooves everyone to be particularly
careful, especially in the Anyox
and Alice Arm districts where the
Large Map of Vast North
Country Issued
In a new map just issued by the
Topographical Survey, Department
of the Interior, the great district
comprising northern portions of
Alberta and British Columbia,
Yukon Territory and Mackenzie
Distriot are shown with the most
complete information available.
The topography is corrected to the
latest surveys and all'data relating
to settlements, trading posts, missions, and other activities is included.
The map reveals the vastness of
the country, its varied character
and the activities which are already
under way. It may surprise many
people to know that trading posts
are now established at many points
along the arctic Coast and that a
modern steamboat service is operated through the Mackenzie system
making the far north accessible to
the tourist, the sportsman and the
business man.
The map is on a scale of 50 miles
to the inch and is 21 inches by 34
inches in size. It may be obtained
for the nominal charge of 25 cents,
or for 50 cents in folder form, on
application to the Topographical
Survey Department of thelnterior,
Advertising Pays Everyone
The Chevrolet Co. manufacturers
of autos, are this year spending
$9,000,000 in advertising. This is
the largest annual appropriation for
advertising ever made by one company. Whether you are in business
in a small or big way, in order to
create new business you must advertise. The big fellows know that
it pays to buy advertising space.
timber is dying which causes the
ground to dry much more rapidly
than is the case where the timber
is green.
The fact that the Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Co. have decided to enter the Portland Canal
country is causing a great deal of
satisfaction to mining men in the
north and especially at Stewart.
The Consolidated, as the company
is usually termed, operates the big
smelter at Trail and mill at Kimberly
It is only recently that they have
made any serious efforts to develop
large copper properties. At the
present time they are developing
the Coast Copper and Sunloch
properties on Vancouver Island,
and also large holdings in Northern
Quebec. Their acquisition of the
George property at Stewart,
which is also a copper property,
seems to lend some truth to recent
reports of a Consolidated copper
smelter on the coast within a few
years, should the Stewart property
develop as favorably as has been
the case on Vancouver Island.
Alice Arm
The Bonanza Silver
Camp of B. C.
We invite you to investigate the mining shares now
being offered in Alice Arm properties and recommend
Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines Ltd. (N.P.L.)
British Colonial Securities Ltd.
Suite 325, Standard Bank Building, Vancouver
Alice Arm Representative:   A. McGuire
One sign of ignorance in  a  man
is a constant itoh to argue.
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7.30 p.jn.    .
Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
Baggage, Freighting, Pack
and Saddle Horses
Slab Wood Cut any Length
Every Order Given
Immediate Attention
Live in Comfort
There is no reason why you should get wet or cold  when out
of doors.    We have on  hand everything suitable for winter
wear;  including Harvey's Hand Made Loggers'  Shoes, Goodrich Rubbers, Bonedry Pants and Jumpers, etc.
Alice Arm
S. S. Prince George leaves  Anyox for   Prince
Rupert, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, each Tlnirs-
. day at 1.00 p.m.
IS. S. Prince John leaves  Prince   Rupert,   for
(Vancouver,    via    Queen    Charlotte     Island.,
_^___ fortnightly.
Trains leave Prince Rupert each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
at 11.30 a.ni., for Jasper,   Edmonton, Winnipeg, direct connections for all points East and South.
See Cauda in Canada's Diamond Jubilee Year,  1867-1927
Use Canadian National Express for Money Orders, Foreign
Cheques, etc., also for your next shipment.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings or further information, apply to any Canadian
National Agent, or to R. F. McNAUGHTON, District Passenger Agent
Prince Rupert, B. C
Leaves Alice Arm for Anyox 9 a.m.
Tuesdays. Thursdays & Saturdays
Returning Same Days at 3 p.m.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
'rown lands may be pre-empted by
lii-ttlsh fiubjeoti over 18 yearB of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to- become British subjeots, conditional upon residence, occupation,
ind Improvement for agricultural
Full Information concerning regu-
atlons regarding pre-emptions Is
.jlven ln Bulletin No. !, Land Series,
How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
.vhlch can "be obtained free of charge
ly addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Gov-
inment Agent
Records will be granted covering
mly land suitable for agricultural
,)urposes, and which Is not timber-
and, I.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are
0 be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the I*and Recording DI-
Islon, In which the land applied for
Is situated, and are made on printed
orms, copies ot which can be ob-
.ilned from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied Tor
rive years and improvements made
:o value of (10 per aero, including
dearlng and cultivating at least Ave
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed Information Bee
ihe Bulletin "How to l're-empt
' Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberlanrt,
for agricultural purposes; in nlmuri
price of flrst-c'ass (arable) land is $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
iand $2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or leasn
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Including payment of
Unsurveyed areas, not exoeeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes,
conditional upon a dwelling belnw
erected In the flrst year, title being
obtainable after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
For grazing and Industrial purposes areas not exceeding 640 acres
may be leased by one person or a
Under the Grazing Aot the Provinoe Is divided Into grazing districts
and the range administered under n
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits are Issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations for range
■management Free, or partially free,
lermlts are available for settlers,
campers and traveller!, up to ten
* The Herald
$2.50 a Year
Anyox & Alice Arm
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,663,045; Lode Gold, $122,808,459; Silver, $74,-
111397; Lead, $89,218,907; Copper, $197,6-12,647; Zinc, $39,925,947; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,594,387
Coal 'and Coke! $273,048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., $44,905,886; making its mineral
production to-the'end of 1925, show all
Aggregate Value of $920,919,628
The sudstantial progress of the Mining industry of this Province is strikingly exhibited in the following]
figures which show the value of production for successive five-year periods: For all years to 1895, inclusive $94 547 241- forfive years, 1896 1900, $57,607,967; for five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; for five years-
19061910 $125 534,474; forfiveyears, 1911-1915, $142,072,603; for five years, 1916-1920, $189,922,725;
1921. $28,066,641; for the year 1922, $35,158,843; for 1923, $41,304,320; for 1924, $48,704,604, and for 1925,
Production Last Ten Years, $404,649,375
Lode mining has only been in progress for about 25 years, and only about one-half of the Province hasl
been even prospected; 200,000 square miles of unexplored mineral bearing land are open for prospecting. . '
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Province]
in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, security of which is guaranteed  by|
Crown Grants.
Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has been dono
are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering
mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on application
to the Department of Mines, Viotoria, B. C. ReportR covering each of the si:; mineral Survey
Districts are published separately, and are available on application. Reports of the Geological
Survey of Canada, Winch Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of information.
Puil information, together with Mining Beports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing
VICTORIA, British Cohmbfaj 1/
ALICE  ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday,   April   23   1927
Consolidated Co. Enters
Northern Field at
Portland Canal has been again
taken the centre of the stage
in the British Columbia Mining
situation as a result of the sale
to the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of the George Copper
Mines on Bear River.
The big smelting corporation,
which figured prominently in the
week's mining news by the sensational showing of its two Vancouver Island properties, Coast Copper
and Sunloch, has decided to enter
the Portland Canal field in a big way
and as a preliminary has undertaken
a two-year programme of development on the George property, Directors of the company will visit the
property during the spring.      ,
The agreement transferring
ownership of the George Copper
Mine's to the Consolidated were
signed by W. B. George, P, M.
Linklater, Richard Jones and Frank
C. Green.
The purchase is regarded by mining men as the most important
piece of news that has come out of
the Portland Canal country since the
Guggenheim interests entered that
The George property is at the head'
of the Bear river valley, near the
Glacier, and about six miles distant
from the end of the railway at the
Red Cliff mine, It is owned by W.
B. George and associates, who have
held the ground for a number of
years. An option was taken on it
in 1922 by the Granby Co. who relinquished the property without
doing any development work. It is
stated that owing to its inaccessibility, a large amount of money will
be necessary to bring it to the production stage.
Our idea of an editor's heaven
would be the ability to print
everything every reader wants
every issue, and nothing that none
of them doesn't want.
Alaska Has Mining School
For Prospectors
Each year the Alaska School of
Mines at Fairbanks, Alaska, offers
two courses, lasting ten weeks eaoh
for prospectors and miners. This
work includes elementary training
in the principals of geology, mining,
and mineralogy. Each year it
draws prospeotors and small mine
owners from all points in the territory. Men from Interior points
often travel 300 or 400 miles with
dog teams to reach the college for
this work. This year twenty-five
men were trained.
Don't he too independent: even
the ladder to success has to lean on
something before you can climb it.
The Minimum Wage Board of
Victoria contemplate the extension
of the Act beyond those engaged
in the lumber industry to include
ultimately every adult male engaged in industry in the Province.
Surveys of Mineral Olaims, Subdivisions, Underground  Surveys,
Cigari, Cigarettes ud Tobicco, Soft Drinks
Rooms for rent by Day Week or Month
Size  of Canada Compared
With Other Countries
The area of the Dominion of
Canada (as revised on the basis of
the result of recent exploration in
the north) is 3.797,123 square miles
compared with 3,743,529 square
miles for the United States and its
dependent territories, 3,776,700 the
total area of Europe, 2,974,581 the
total area of Australia, 4,277,170
the total area of China (inclusive
of dependencies, 3,275,510 the area
of Brazil, 1,802,577 the area of
India, 121,633 the area of the
United Kingdon, and 13,691,977
the total area of the British Empire. By comparison with the last
two figures, Canada is seen to be
over thirty-one times as large as
the United Kingdom and to comprise over 23 per cent, of the total
area of tho British Empire.
Canadian National
European Tours
A maximum of travel through
particularly interesting countries
at a minimum of expense is provided in the Canadian National Educational Tours this summer through
Scotland, England, BYauce, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.
i Two tours have been arranged
ind sailing will be made from
Montreal, July 8th, on the S. S.
"Aiidania", direct to Glasgow.
Very careful attention has been
given to itineraries involved.
Tour No. 1 is a 37-day trip on
sea and land, visiting important
cities in Scotland, England, France,
Belgium, Switzerland. All expenses, $372.50, Montreal to Great
Britain and the Continent and
return to Montreal.
Tour No. 2 is a 51-day trip on
sea and land, visiting in Scotland,
England, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. All expenses,
$501.00, Montreal to Great Britain
and the Continent and return to
There will be low excursion fares
to the seaboard from points in
British Columbia.
These tours will be personally
conducted from Western Canada,
and while overseas will be under
the direct care and supervision of
thoroughly responsible and reliable
organization, fully qualified iu
every particular to successfully
look after the interests of our
The sight-seeing programme is
very complete and generous.
Motor coaches and automobiles are
freely used. All sight-seeing is
well planned to save unnecessary
fatigue and to see the worth while
places within the time at our disposal. Competent lectures will
reveal to our patrons the outstanding features, literary, historic,
artistic, or scenic of the Old World
centres visited.
Geo.  Beaudin
Worthy of your Support
Anyox Community League
Reading Room and Library
A wide range of Newspapers,
Magazines and Periodicals on
file.   New books regularly
Join Up!
Make  the League better
through your influence
Silk Reduction
We have just received a large stock of Silk Goods, which
we are offering at reduced prices.    The values can not be
Midline Silk goods, by the yard in all colors,   One yard
wide.    Reduced prices are from  $1.75 to $1.50;   from -
'   $1.50 to $1.30;  from $1.25 to $1.05; and from $1.00 to
90c. per yard.
LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, An>ox West side of Smelter
W. A. WILSON, Manager
Dealers in Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Meats,
Fish and Poultry
Notice Of Intention To Apply
To Lease Land
In Prince Rupert Land District,
Recording District, District of Oassiar
and situate and being part of the foreshore in front of Kshwan Indian
Reserve No. 27 on the West Bank of
Kshwan River, Hastings Arm.
Take notice that William P.
Armour, of Prince Rupert, B. 0.,
occupation, contractor, intends to
apply for permission to lease the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted
about 20 chains easterly from the
S.W. corner of Kshwan Indian
Reserve' No. 27 and being on High
Water Mark; thence South to Low
Water Mark; thence easterly along
Low Water Mark to the West Bank
of the main Branch of Kshwan River;
thence Northerly along the West
Bank of Kshwan River to High
Water Mark; thence Westerly along
High Water Mark to point of com-
me.ncement; and containing 160 acres
more or less.
Dated March 6th. 1927.
Candies, Magazines, Stationery,
Proprietary Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CumillingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papen
Post Office Building, Alice Ann
A complete line of High Grade Groceries always carried
in stock; also Heavy and Shelf Hardware, of every
description.       Clothing   and   footwear    for
Loggers and Miners
Atlin Electoral District
"Porter, fifty cents for another
pitcher of ice water."
Sorry suhj but if I takes any mo'
ice, dat corpse in de baggage car
ain't going to keep."
As the cannibal hostess said
the cook, youth must he served.
An admirable proposition is open to
honest and ambitious men and women
with a will to achieve and a desire to
make more money. Darwin's Limited
Home Service Department will (umish the
reputation and capital lor you'to build a
successful business and permanent income
selling Darwin's Dresses tad Coats at
moderate prices; a new, novel and complete sales outfit will be furnished to those
whose applications to represent us are
accepted; write at once and tell us
about yourself: you will hear from us
promptly; Darwin's merchandising and
sales experts will train those who have
not had former experience telling ladies
dresses and coats; Darwin's operate a
chain of large and successful retail ready-
to-wear stores and this is your chance to.
become permanently connected with this
vast organization which was founded
more than 20 years ago.   Address
Box 612, Montreal, Que.
NOTICE is hereby given that I
shall, on Monday, the 16th. day of
May, 1927, at the hour of .10 o'clock
in the forenoon, at the Court House,
Anyox, hold a sitting of the Court
of Revision for the purpose of revising the list of voters for the said
electoral district, and of hearing and
determining any and all objections
to the retention of any name on the
said list, or to the registration as a
voter of any applicant for registration; and for other purposes set
forth in the  "Provincial Elections
AND further,take notice that on
Tuesday, the 17th. day of May,
1927, at the hour of ten o'clock in
the forenoon, at the Court House,
Atlin, an adjourned sitting of the
said Court of Revision for the like
purpose will be held.
Dated at Anyox, B. C. this 7th.
day of April, 1927.
y     R.  M.   McGUSTY,
Registrar of Voters,
Atlin Electoral District.
Meals Served at All Hours
GUS.   ANDERSON,   Proprietor
m    .. ■  "   —■ ~—  w  bb   sW
Producers of Copper, Coal, Coke, Benzol and
Ammonium Sulphate
Purchasers of Ores of Copper and Siliceous Ores
of Gold and Silver
MAIN OFFICE:-Anyox, B. C. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday,   April   23   1927
Large Gathering Attend
Wedding oi Popular
Anyox Couple
Continued from Page I
Crow, Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Champion, Mr. and Mrs. J. Cody, Mr. and
Mrs. R. Creelman, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Crone, Mr. and Mrs. C. Cundill,
Mr. and Mrs. F. Dresser, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Dunn, Mrs. Eld, Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Eve, Mr. and Mrs. T.
Evans, Mrs. W. Gibb, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Grigg, Mr. and Mrs. S.
Grimason, Mr. and Mrs. W. Jones,
Mr. and Mrs. G. Hague, Mr. and
Mrs. H. Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. 0. G.
Macintyre, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
McLachlan, Mr. and Mrs. L. McQuarrie, Mr; and Mrs. C. McMillan
Mr. and Mrs. A. Morton, Mr. and
Mrs. H. F. Noel, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Patrick, Mr. and Mrs. D. Roy, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Pottinger, Mr. and
Mrs. 0. Ruckhaber, Mr. and Mrs.
H. M. Selfe, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Russell, Dr.
and Mrs. H. S. Trefry, Mr. and
Mrs. A. Walters, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Webster, Mr. and Mrs. T. Kirkwood, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hutchings, Mr. and Mrs. J. Murdoch,
Mr. and Mrs. R. Pedvin. Mr. and
Mrs. Pynn, Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Mitohell, Mr. and Mrs. G. Sellars,
Mr. and Mrs. B. Shelton; Misses
L. Anderson, A. Ballentyne, R.
Champion. H. Calderoni, J. Calderoni, A. Callaghan. T. Deeth, V.
Eve, R. Gordon, T. Gordon. A.
McLachlan. F. McGiliviary; M.
O'Neill, Mary O'Neill, A. Scott,
C. Nucich Mrs. Coates; Messrs.
W. Adams, R. Ballentyne, R,
R. Bredenherg, F. F. Brown, W.
Brno, C. Beaulieu, A. Bassett, M.
Cranley. C. Cane, H. Chapman, M.
Fraser! W. Gibb, E. R, Johnson,
C. Harman, E. MoMillan, P. Mo-
Govern, G. Moffatt, R. Moore, J.
MoColl, S. Peters. J. Talbot. J.
Thompson, A. Sinclair. H. Williams, P. Wishart, W. Wells, E.
Halverson.' H. Goebel. J. Hill J.
Rashett, J. Pettigrew, S. Armstrong, R. Strand.
H.   M.  SELFE
Alice Arm Notes
Continued from Page 1
Christine Nucich, who is attending
high school at Anyox, spent Easter
holidays with her mother during the
A. Stafford and C. W. Kobbin
arrived on Thursday from Vancouver, and left the following morning
for the Toric mine.
H. F. Kergin arrived home on
Thursday from a business trip to
J. Burnett, boom man at F. L.
Housley's logging camp left on
Thursday for the south.
The Welcome Cafe, which adjoins
the Welcome Hotel, was opened
for business on Thursday by A.
Beaudin. The quality of the eats is
up to the high standard of previous
The Kitsault House, which now
faces oh First Street, will shortly be
opened for business by Roy McKinley and T. Collins. Since the
commencement of the camp the Kitsault House has been the rendezvous
of miners, loggers and railroad men.
The big general store building of
Geo. Bruggy was turned around
during the week, and now faces on
First Avenue. The Public Works
Department is now engaged in
building up the avenue with gravel
to conform with the general height
of the thoroughfare.
Mr. J. Stark commenced operations this week on a residence which
he will construct this spring. The
building will be 22 by 30 feet, \l/2
stories high, with living rooms
downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.
It will be ideally located near Falls
Creek, and will command a,view of
the town and upper part of the
sell WASHO and PALCO CLEANERS. Every Home, Office, Garage,
Autoist your prospects. Good Commission. Exclusive territory. P. A
C. Alexandria, Ont.
What about your Wife and Children if
you get Sick or Injured Tomorrow?
See Fred McLellan at the Beach, or Geo. Fowler on the Flats,
or W. T. Tamkin at the Mine
Secure at once the best possible protection for your dependents
Alice Arm Lots
Now is the Time to Buy
Alice Arm will very soon become a mining town of considerable importance. The mining industry is undoubtedly on
the eve of big developments, which means a big payroll and a
much larger town. Increased activity will'result in placing
good residential and. business lots at a premium. At the
present lots can be secured at attractive prices and on easy terms
BUSINESS    LOTS    FROM    $200    TO    $500
RESIDENTIAL   LOTS   FROM   $200  TO  $300
Terms made to suit buyers.     See Stephen  Dumas,   our
agent, and build where you don't have to move.
Agent for the Alice Arm Mining & Development Co
A large congregation taxed
the seating capacity of the United
Churoh on Sunday, when a special
Easter servioe was held. The Service was ohiefly ohoral, and the favorite Easter hymns were greatly
enjoyed, and heartily sung.
Two choruses were rendered by
the Girls' Choir, which was under
the direction of Mr. F. Dresser.
The sweet singing of the girls was
greatly enjoyed, and their attainments refleots great oredit on Mr.
A special feature of the evening
was the rendering of a solo, "Face
to Face", by Mrs. F. R. Laws.
Beach Recreation Hall:
Pictures:  Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays
Mine Recreation Hall:
Pictures:   Wednesdays and
Help the Organization
that Serves You
M. M. STEPHENS & Co. Ltd.
The oldest Financial Office in Northern B. C.
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Welcome Hotel
Alice Arm   .
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
Tobacco and Soft Drinki
Cifars,   Cigarettei
A. BEAUDIN, Proprietor
We trade in all LISTED and
orders promptly attended to
Buyers or Sellers,
720 Hatting. Street W.
Vancouver, B. C.
Phone Sey. S061
Member  Vancouver Stock
Sunset Hotel
First-class Rooms for Rent,
by Day, Week or Month
J. THOMAS   -   Prop.
Alice Arm
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
By Day, Week or Month at
Reasonable Rates
N. Sutilovich        Prop.
Ask the
Wearer of
None other  will
suit him
Inspect our
Range of
Fit and .
guaranteed    ;
Your Social Position
and Clothes by
It has been proved many a time that stood
appearance has a definite value in the social,
business and industrial world. It builds
prestige and earns dividends.
Being well-dressed induces a firmer step—
a snappier stride—a better personal appeal,
and an increased self-confidence.
men who realize that good clothes are ono
of their greatest assets socially and financially. They know that clothes bearing
the Leishman Label keep their shape ana
good appearance long after mediocre clothes
would be worn out.
Made to Measure


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