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BC Historical News Feb 28, 1978

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Vol. 11 NO. 2
ISSN 0045-2963
February, 1978
Published November, February, April and June each year by
the British Columbia Historical Association, and distributed
free to members of all affiliated societies by the secretaries
of their respective societies.   Subscription rate to non-
members: $5.00 (Canadian) per year.   Refer all correspondence
in connection with this publication to the Secretary:
Mrs. Ruth Barnett, 680 Pinecrest Road, Campbell River, British
Columbia V9W 3P3
Honourary Patron:
Honourary President:
1st Vice-President:
2nd Vice-President:
Recording Secretary:
Editorial Committee:
Lieut. Gov. Walter Owen
Mrs. Anne Stevenson
Mr. A. Slocomb, Victoria,.
Mr. Rex Tweed, Campbell River
Mrs. Winnifred Weir, Invermere
Mrs. Ruth Barnett, Campbell River
Mrs. Arlene Bramhall, Burnaby
Mr. Michael Halleran, Victoria
Members of the Executive Committee,
Vancouver Historical Society
B.C.H.A. News  3
News from the Societies  4
Bibliography of B.C. Literature   6
A.G.M. Registration Form    9
Cover Photograph:
Boating near Vancouver, c. 1905.   Photograph by Charles E,
Bloomfield from collection of Vancouver Centennial Museum.
Copied from original glass plate negative loaned by Betty
Sewell, Mission, British Columbia. 3.
Search for New Editors
At a recent meeting of the table officers of the Association,
discussion was heard on the future of the News.   Dr. Patricia
Roy and Dr. Kent Haworth of Victoria have offered their services
to the Association as editors with the proviso that the business
end of producing the News (typing, publishing and distribution
of the final product) be handled by a business manager.   The
Association table officers have agreed with this suggestion,
and the new editors are starting to get together material for
their first issue.  We wish them every success, and offer our
thanks that they have considered taking on this task.
Financing the News
(extract from letter from Michael F.H. Halleran, Treasurer,
dated 1st December, 1977)
"The Publication Committee is in the process of obtaining
exact figures as to the future production costs for the
"B.C. Historical News" under the new editors.  While
these costs are not yet to hand, I feel that it is safe
to say that they will probably exceed 25 cts the copy.
The Association should be able to make up the difference
between the actual costs and the per capita dues through
the current fiscal year, but the Annual General Meeting
in April, 1978 will most assuredly be faced with the
choice of obtaining additional revenue for the Association
or increasing the per capita dues.   Thus, I would like
all member Societies to seriously think about possible
and practical ways out of this situation.   I would
especially ask those Societies who are unable to send
delegates to Council meetings to submit, in writing,
any ideas they may have.   I hope in this way to encourage
the widest possible discussion of a matter that is of
great importance to the future of the Association."
Resolution to be considered at A.G.M.:
At the recent table officers meeting, it was agreed that the
following motion would be considered at the A.G.M. in April,
That the B.C.H.A. create two additional classes of membership :
Members-at-large and Institutional members.  Members-at-
large shall be all those persons desirous of membership
in the association or wishing to subscribe to the B.C.H.
News, being either non-resident in Canada or such Canadian
residents unaffiliated with member societies.  Institutional
membership shall be open to all institutions and public
bodies desirous of membership.  Neither members-at-large nor
institutional members shall be voting members of the B.C.H.A.
The fees for such members to be set at each annual general
meeting. 4.
Windermere:  The Windermere District Historical Society, based
in Invermere has undertaken a major project in an effort to rehabilitate the former Lake Windermere Station at Athalmer to
make it serve as an historical museum.
In October 1975 ten cars of a 105 car north-bound train were
derailed at Athalmer station.   One car smashed into the unique
log station in the resulting pile up.   The Society contacted
the Canadian Pacific Railway and after much negotiation the
railway agreed to give the remains of the building to the
Historical Society for a nominal sum.   The Society was to
move the building by a specified time.   This was easier said
than done.   Getting the building up the steep hill from Athalmer to Invermere without having it fall apart completely was a
major problem.  It was also expensive.  By means of a grant,
much volunteer labour and many local donations and money raising
efforts, the feat was accomplished.  On a memorable day, watched
by a hundred or more interested people, the building was loaded
on a lowboy and crawled up the half-mile hill, getting stuck
only a couple of times.  It now rests in a small park on the outskirts of Invermere.
Some renovation has been done to the exterior.  The interior
awaits the raising of more funds.  But another grant arrived in
November 1977 and now plans are being made for its renovation.
Golden:  Golden and District Historical Society was formed in
1968 with three objectives in mind.  One was to seek out and
record local history.  The second was to collect, house and
dispaly artifacts for the public.  The third was to protect
and restore Donald Cemetary.
In the fall of 1976 a series of programs on local history
were presented under the sponsorship of East Kootenay Community
College night school classes.   One session on "the Building of
the Big Bend Highway", and another on "Early Education in One
Roomed Schools in the Valley" were panel discussions taped for
the aural history library.  Histories of various families, both
present and former residents, have been typed and/or taped
thanks to the diligent efforts of a dedicated member.
The museum has had several visitors over the past while.  A
researcher from the planned railway museum in Winnipeg dropped
in.   He was researching information on an old steam engine
"the Countess of Dufferin", which was used for many years.
Immediately following him came a Washington gentleman studying
the history of the riverboats on the Columbia.  The zealous
new editor of "The Golden Star" weekly newspaper consulted the
archives for the history of the fire department, and the newspaper.   The Society's photo collection shows that the first
newspaper was printed in a log cabin proudly displaying the
sign "The Golden Era".  A few years later a new editor took
over the paper but soon changed the name to "The Golden Star",
because he did not enjoy the-teasing about "The"Error".
The Society obtains information from old timers in the district
and are challenged repeatedly to fill in large gaps in the
recorded history of the Columbia Valley. 5.
Campbell River and District:  The Society reports three field
trips of interest held in recent months.
The first was held in April, 1977 when the Society, with
guests from Courtenay, made a field trip by bus to visit the
new galleries at the Provincial Museum and the historic areas
of Victoria.
In October, 1977 a field trip was held on Quadra Island,
which included a hike on the beach, viewing petroglyphs, and
a visit to the former village site on Cape Mudge.   This was
the location of Vancouver's landing in 1792.
A visit to nine historic hotels between Fanny Bay and Campbell
River was held in November.
The Campbell River and District Museum engaged the services
of a new curator in September 1977, Ms. Jay Stewart.
Vancouver:  The Society has been treated to two excellent
lectures in the continuation of the winter series of speakers.
In November, Dr. Martin Segger, Curator of the Maltwood Museum
and Art Gallery of the University of Victoria, gave an illustrated talk on the talents of the architects, Rattenbury and
Maclure.  In January, members were treated to some insights
into the personalities of early Vancouver lumbermen, by Dr.
James Morton, the author of the recently published book, The
Enterprising Mr. Moody, the Bumptious Captain Stamp.
Planning, policy and programming for the care of the
Province's heritage, both pre-historic and historic has been
combined.   The new Heritage Advisory Board, which reports to
the Minister of Recreation and Conservation, the Hon. Sam
Bawlf, is an amalgamation of responsibilities previously
given to the Archaeological Sites Board and the Historic Sites
Board.   Members of the new Board are:
Dr. Willard Ireland, Chairman
Dr. Roy Carlson, Simon Fraser University, archaeologist
Ms. Ardyth L. Cooper, Vancouver
Mrs. Gloria Cranmer-Webster, Alert Bay, anthropologist
Dr. Edward Gibson, Simon Fraser University, urban geographer
Dr. James Hendrickson, University of Victoria, historian
Mr. William T. Lougher-Goodey, Victoria, architect
Dr. Donald Mitchell, University of Victoria, anthropologist
Dr. Margaret Ormsby, Vernon
Dr. Margaret Prang, University of B.C., Head, History Dept.
Mr. Ronald Sutherland, North Vancouver
Professor Martin Segger, University of Victoria, art and
architectural historian.
Of particular note for Association members is the absence of
designated membership for the Association. Members will recall
that Mrs. Stevenson sat on the Historic Sites Board as the BCHA
representative.   It is essential that member societies keep in
contact with these newly appointed Board members, so that the
BCHA as a whole can keep in touch with Board decisions. 6.
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Amendment:   In material distributed earlier concerning the arrangements
for the AGM,  mention was made of accommodation being available at the
"Y"   in New Westminster.       According to up-to-date  information,   all
block bookings have been pre-empted  for this period by the Government
of B.C.    and accommodation will therefore not be available there. 1978 Annual Meeting
The British Columbia Historical Association
The B.C.H.A. is co-ordinating the 1978 Annual Meeting with
Simon Fraser University Conference on Captain James Cook and
His Times.  This is a rare opportunity for our members to participate in an international historical conference.
The B.C.H.A. Annual Meeting will take place SATURDAY,
April 29, 1978 at 2:00 pm at Simon Fraser University.
In addition the B.C.H.A. is sponsoring a Buffet Supper for
the speakers and chairmen of the Captain Cook Conference on
Friday evening, April 28, 1978.
All delegates will be responsible for their own hotel
booking.   Accommodation will be provided at a discount for all
applicants who specify that they are members of the B.C.H.A. at
the Royal Towers Hotel, 6th Street and Royal, New Westminster.
Similarly, those registering for the Cook Conference may procure rooms at a discount at the Century Plaza Travelodge,
1015 Burrard Street, Vancouver.
Please complete form, cut along dotted line above, and send to:
B.C.H.A. Annual Meeting Committee,
6349 Canada Way,
Burnaby, British Columbia V5E 3P3
Name   Telephone
Address  ,
  Postal Code .. ,
Address while at conference  ,
Yes   ....
Yes   ....
I am attending S.F.U. Conference
I am attending B.C.H.A. Buffet Supper
I am attending the A.G.M.
B.C.H.A. Buffet Supper $7.00     	
B.C.H.A. Registration Fee $3.00  	
Total amount enclosed 	
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
N.B. This is not registration for the S.F.U. Captain Cook Conference.  Please send your registration fee for the S.F.U. Captain
Cook Conference direct to the Registrar, Cook Conference, History
Department, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. V5A IS6.


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