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[In his own voice: recordings of a series of lectures by Dr. Vladimir J. Krajina on the Biogeoclimatic Zones of British Columbia, Lecture 2A] Krajina, Vladimir J.


Dr. Krajina continues from his previous lecture on the Boreal zone (first 39 minutes of tape); the next lecture (remainder of tape) is on the Sub-Boreal zone, ending with comments on the zone he refers to as Cariboo-Aspen-Lodgepole Pine-Douglas fir, abbreviated as CALP [note: subsequent work by forest ecologists have led to major revisions in the boundaries and naming for this zone; as a result, CALP is no longer recognized). Krajina is noticeably energized in these lectures, using his “pictures” as a backdrop to convey his formidable ecological knowledge of the plants and soil conditions of northern BC. Students would no doubt have been challenged to keep pace with the flow of Latin species names in these lectures.

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