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[In his own voice: recordings of a series of lectures by Dr. Vladimir J. Krajina on the Biogeoclimatic Zones of British Columbia, Lecture 2B] Krajina, Vladimir J.


Dr. Krajina speaks on the main biogeoclimatic zones of the BC Interior, including the Cariboo Zone (name has since been changed), Interior Western Hemlock (IWH) and Interior Douglas fir (IDF) zones. The first 28 minutes are from the lecture before leaving on the weekend field trip to the BC interior. The lecture includes comments about the differences between the two ‘wet’ zones in BC (Coastal and Interior), and remarks on some of the main fungal pathogens that affect coniferous trees in BC (Indian paint fungus, white pine blister rust, Fomes (=Phellinus) pini). The second part continues after the field trip. There is a noticeable change in Krajina’s voice, possibly from a cold or tiredness from the long road trip. He talks about the species and ecological conditions seen on the field trip and comments on his own research showing effects of calcium deficiency on root development in conifers (especially, Pinus monticola). There is also a deepened sadness as he reminisces about the great losses of productive forest lands brought about by the construction of dams on the Columbia River.

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