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[Interview with Moses W. Steinberg, UBC Professors Emeriti Oral History Project, Part I] Carroll, Ann


Make up of the English Department in 1946 : teaching English at UBC in the late 1940s (student make up, class locations, size and methods of teaching) : fellow professors - G.G. Sedgewick, Roy Daniells, Earle Birney : creation of Creative Writing Dept. and Drama Dept. : living in Acadia Camp : changes over the years in the English Dept. : Americanization of the department in the 1960s : turmoil of the 1970s : tenure questions (Mayne and Powell) : Dean of Arts committee to look into administration and function of the department : service on committee to revamp entire Arts faculty (1964) : Senate Committee on Long Range Objectives (early 1970s) : Walter Gage.

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