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Adverse Parenting, Perfectionism, and Depression in Children Kim, Andy 2020-04

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ADVERSE PARENTING, PERFECTIONISM, AND DEPRESSION IN CHILDREN Andy Kim, Undergraduate BA Psych Hons 2020ADVERSE PARENTINGAuthoritarian• Harsh and punitivePsychological control• Withdraws love and induces guiltNeglectful Parenting• Uninvolved and distant PERFECTIONISMSelf-oriented perfectionism• I need to be perfect for meSocially prescribed perfectionism• I need to be perfect for others Self promotion• I need to show that I am perfectNondisplay of imperfections• I need hide my shortcomings Nondisclosure of imperfections• I can never admit my shortcomingsDEPRESSIONAs indicated by depressive symptom severity PREVIOUS FINDINGSAdverse parenting predicts perfectionism in children• Authoritarian => trait perfectionism, perfectionistic self-presentation, feelings of doubt and concerns over mistakes• Psychological control => all perfectionism components • Neglectful parenting => Conflicting findings! Ko, 2019; Driederg et al., 2019; Soenens et al., 2004PREVIOUS FINDINGSAdverse parenting predicts depression in children Authoritarian => Depressive symptoms, avoidant coping, internalizing problemsPsychological Control => Depressive symptomsNeglectful parenting => Doubts about actionsGong et al., 2015; King et al., 2016; Soenens et al., 2008PREVIOUS FINDINGSPerfectionism predicts depression in children Socially Prescribed Perfectionism => Depression, life stress, self-harmSelf-Oriented Perfectionism => DepressionO’Connor, Rasmussen, & Hawton, 2010; Stornelli, Flett, & Hewitt, 2009RECAPAdverse parenting predicts perfectionism in children Adverse parenting predicts depression in childrenPerfectionism predicts depression in children Ko, 2019; Driederg et al., 2019; Soenens et al., 2004DIRECTIONALITY?Adverse parenting Perfectionism        Depression or…       Adverse parenting Depression           PerfectionismStill unclear in the current literature!GOAL OF THE PRESENT STUDYTo better understand the temporal relationship between adverse parenting, perfectionism, and depression. RESEARCH QUESTION1) Does perfectionism mediate the relationship between adverse parenting and depression?2) Does depression mediate the relationship between adverse parenting and perfectionism?METHODSTime 1 Time 2Adverse parentingPerfectionismDepressionAdverse parentingPerfectionismDepression1 year N = 31 parent-child dyads  26 females (83.9%)Age (mean = 48.1, SD = 5.55)Predominantly Caucasian (60%)Average income (> $100, 000) 21 girls (64.5%)Age (mean = 12.83, SD = 1.69)Predominantly Caucasian (48.4%)12.9% had a mental disorder MEASURES: ADVERSE PARENTINGMEASURES: PERFECTIONISMMEASURES: DEPRESSIONRESULTS (AGGREGATE LEVEL)Is perfectionism a mediator variable between adverse parenting and depression?RESULTS (AGGREGATE LEVEL)No mediation foundRESULTS (INDIVIDUAL LEVEL)AuthoritarianRESULTS (INDIVIDUAL LEVEL)Psychological controlRESULTS (INDIVIDUAL LEVEL)Neglectful parentingRESULTS (AGGREGATE LEVEL)Is depression a mediator variable between adverse parenting and perfectionism?RESULTS (AGGREGATE LEVEL)No significant paths! RESULTS (INDIVIDUAL LEVEL)AuthoritarianRESULTS (INDIVIDUAL LEVEL)Neglectful parentingRESULTS (INDIVIDUAL LEVEL)Psychological ControlDISCUSSIONAdverse parenting predicted perfectionismNo support for any mediational paths! Small sample size (N = 31). Clinical Implications


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