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That's What She Said : Can amplifying women's ideas improve allocation of intellectual credit? Hernanto, Jo; Dennehy, Tara; Schmader, Toni 2020-04

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That’s What She SaidJo Hernanto, Dr. Tara Dennehy, & Dr. Toni SchmaderCan amplifying women’s ideas improve allocation of intellectual credit?Rosalind FranklinPhoto 51A Series of (Un)fortunate Events[Picture omitted due to copyright][Picture omitted due to copyright][Picture omitted due to copyright]James Dewey Watson[Picture omitted due to copyright]Francis Harry Compton Crick[Picture omitted due to copyright]Maurice Hugh Frederick WilkinsOverviewStudy 1: Establishing baseline for source misattributionStudy 2: Amplification as potential interventionStudy 1Establishing baseline for source misattributionELAPSED TIMEWho gets credit?Hey, I have this idea. Let’s […]Hey, I have this idea. Let’s […]AppropriationDoes appropriation affect allocation of intellectual credit?Does target gender matter?NO ACTIONAPPROPRIATIONN = 442JaneNO ACTIONAPPROPRIATIONTom[IDEA]*ignored*I have a great idea. It is…*ignored*I have a great idea. It is…[IDEA]0102030405060708090100Jane Patrick% Idea Attribution0102030405060708090100Tom Patrick% Idea AttributionWould appropriation affect attribution of the target idea to Jane vs. Tom?*ns051015202530Tom Patrick% Relative Contribution051015202530Jane Patrick% Relative ContributionWould appropriation affect allocation of credit to Jane vs. Tom?*nsPerceptual spotlight effect?051015202530Jane Team Avg.%  Relative Contribution?OverviewStudy 2: Amplification as potential interventionStudy 2Testing amplificationELAPSED TIMEHey, I have this idea. Let’s […]Hey, Jane had this great idea.AmplificationWould amplification effectively mitigate loss of credit?NO ACTIONAPPROPRIATIONAMPLIFICATIONI have a great idea. It is…Jane[IDEA]Jane – can you tell us more about your idea?*ignored*N = 427Would amplification increase attribution of the target idea to Jane?0102030405060708090Jane Patrick%Idea AttributionNo ActionAppropriationAmplification******Would amplification affect allocation of credit to Jane?05101520253035Jane Patrick% Relative ContributionNo ActionAppropriationAmplification******➢Study 1: Appropriation increases source misattribution➢Women are more harmed by appropriation➢A concrete form of micro-aggression➢Study 2: Supportive evidence for amplification as intervention to mitigate loss of credit➢Diversity and gender-inclusive initiatives in collaborative spaces ➢(e.g. businesses, organizations, university group projects and faculties)


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