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Validation of the Maudsley Addiction Profile Health Symptoms Scale as a Measure of Symptom Severity in Concurrent Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Inpatients Hemmerich, Max H.; Thiessen, Karina A.; Schütz, Christian G.


The Maudsley Addiction Profile is often used in research on concurrent disorders (comorbid mental health and substance use disorders). However, its Health Symptoms Scale (MAP-HSS) has not been validated and psychological and somatic mental health symptom severity scores from this measure are rarely reported. In this study, the concurrent validity of the MAP-HSS was assessed via correlations with the Symptom Checklist-90-Revised. The MAP-HSS had acceptable concurrent validity (rho’s = 0.717-0.781, p’s < 0.001) and internal consistency (a = 0.934). The validity of the MAP-HSS supports its utility as a measure of overall psychological wellbeing in research with concurrent disorder populations.

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