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不能喝涼水 – Don’t drink cold water Chan, Richie; Chen, Daniel; Chai, Lisa; Chen, Wendy


One of the biggest areas of tension diasporic individuals experience in Canada is between adherence to traditional heritage medicine (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM], Ayurvedic medicine) versus Western medicine. Because of the holistic nature of traditional medicines, this tension not only impacts moments of illness, but pervades all aspects of life – from physical behaviours, to the temperature of food and drinks throughout one’s day. In this podcast, Chan and Chen (united by their shared family name 陳), explore their own respective journeys as they grew up grappling (and continue to grapple) with this medical tension. In particular, they discuss important questions such as how to reconcile when one’s own real experiences are so at odds with prevailing arguments and assumptions behind Western medicine? And how are TCM principles transmitted across generations?

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