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Suck on an egg Ahmed, Sameen


In this podcast submission, Niazi interviews three Asian Canadians who interface with various facets of the medical system in Canada. They all express different levels of frustration in their experiences with the Canadian medical system, centring on their identities as Asian diaspora in Canada. The guests speak of systemic issues like the lack of language-accessible services, insufficient representation of diverse cultural identities in childbirth support service providers (e.g. midwives and doulas), and the problematic stereotypes and cultural assumptions healthcare providers have that are harmful for racialized communities. Niazi and her guests also talk about the difficulties of discussing about racism in Canada when the predominant conceptualization of racism requires that it be clear and explicit, making more implicit behaviours like biases and microagressions more difficult to critique despite the negative impact they have on the receiver. What steps are needed to tackle the racism and discrimination that’s built into the healthcare system in Canada?

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