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A place-based alternative approach to food security : Lessons learned from a Neighborhood House : infographic Bautista, Melissa; Chow, Audrey; Mussell, Shayle; Scott, Wyatt; Winfield, Jessica


This infographic is based on the following article : Yan, M. C. and Sutherland. R. (2019). A place-based alternative approach to food security: Lessons learned from a Neighborhood House. Community Development Journal, 54(4), 643–659. This undergraduate student work is a product of a collaboration between the Making Research Accessible initiative (MRAi), researchers, Dr. Evan Mauro and the students of ASTU 100 at UBC. This student work has been reviewed by the lead author of the original item. Revisions provided by the lead author have been incorporated into the student work with support from the UBC Learning Exchange and members of the MRAi. The reader should bear in mind that this is a student research report and is not an official document of UBC.

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