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Student Anthropologist : the Journal of the Anthropology Students Association of UBC, Vol. 2, issue 1 Gustafson, Tomas; Aleong, Nicole; McGeough, Megan; Tucker, Alexandra; Mayer, Samara


Building on last year's successful launch of the journal, Student Anthropologist continues the tradition of giving students in Anthropology and any students interested in anthropology, the chance to make their voices heard on issues they find pertinent. The journal gives students an opportunity to see their work in print, providing them a chance to see what the world of anthropology is all about once they leave the confines of university. Eight submissions were selected this year, based on the input of five editors. The topics are diverse, covering issues such as consumerism, cultural appropriation, land ownership, and indigenous rights. As with last year, the papers are of cultural anthropology, again due to greater interest in topics in that field.

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