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The Anthropology Undergraduate Journal : Vol. 1, issue 1 Morucci, Michele; Shaheen-McConnell, Theo


This year we, the ASA, noticed the lack of opportunities for undergraduate anthropology students to get their work published and felt that it was our responsibility to provide such an outlet for students. This journal recognizes and validates the hard work that has been put into the papers as well as the exceptional level of the student authors. The opportunity of writing for a journal is invaluable for students who are considering to enter graduate school. With the publishing of the journal we intended to, at last, introduce a discourse of knowledge and writing in the undergraduate anthropology community. Since none of us in the ASA had ever undertaken a project like this one, we pursued our goal step by step. The calls for papers were put out through various forms of media, deadlines were made, submissions came in. We also called for students to volunteer to participate in the editorial process, and a team of six editors identified the seven chosen papers. All this has worked smoothly, and has been a pleasure to undertake. The papers were selected for the range of anthropological themes which include those of development, economic anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and the cross-cultural analysis of both the past and present. The majority of the papers published are of Cultural Anthropology, and this is solely due to the lack of Archaeology papers submitted, we hope that more of them will be submitted in the future years. We hope you enjoy reading this collection of undergraduate works from UBC’s Department of Anthropology. Thank you for your interest and for encouraging the continued development of undergraduate anthropology students at UBC.

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