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Sojourners : Undergraduate Journal of Sociology, Vol. 8 Ho, Selenna; Pajović, Vesna


This year, we chose the colours orange and pink—often associated with femininity and consequently disapproved of or overlooked in the still male-dominated world of academia. By binding undergraduate scholarship in such a ‘feminine’ style choice, we aim to subvert notions of what is ‘taken seriously’ in terms of presentation. More substantially, the papers presented in this publication all aim to interrogate power relations and their social impact, allowing us to showcase a comprehensive set of contemporary issues. Internationally, Erpilla conducts ethnographic research in Guatemala on commercialisation, and Wang interviews Singaporean citizens who participated in the authoritarian regime’s nascent LGBT movement. Cederberg highlights the racially-driven tension between law enforcement and African American men in the United States, focusing on the notorious example of the murder of Michael Brown, while Savoia explores the discourse surrounding rape myths in online commentary. Locally, McKelvie criticises the stigmatisation of (dis)ability with reference to the medico-legal history of institutionalisation in British Columbia. Also in Canada, Ho explores the treatment of physician-assisted suicide in the Canadian legal landscape, and Slobin explores the multiplicity of ways that urban Indigenous women resist dominant representations of their personhood through creative mediums.

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