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Sojourners : Undergraduate Journal of Sociology, Vol. 3/4 Chang, Yun-Jou


In Volume Three, Jasmine Luk interviewed several immigrants who either have worked or are currently working at Tim Hortons to explore the everyday ramifications of immigrant deskilling. Tara Pietski looks at the emotional labour performed by women who come to Canada as live-in caregivers. The articles by Amanda Cheong and Jeremy Withers deal with issues of representation: the former highlights “homeless blogs” as a creative and subversive site where homeless individuals can combat stigmatized representations of homelessness in mainstream media. Drawing upon his experience producing a short documentary on Vancouver’s Anti-Olympic Movement, Jeremy Withers explores film’s potential as a tool for amplifying the subaltern’s voice in ethnographic research. Taking a more macro level approach, Michael Kehl examines how ownership laws are being used by corporations like Monsanto to reinstate a feudal system of land ownership in North America’s argicultural regions. The offerings in Volume Four are equally diverse. Kayla Johnson, Sebastian Krammig, and Justin Van Westen use dialogue to explore sustainability from three theoretical perspectives: ecofeminism, ecosocialism, and deep ecology. Amanda Cheong and Estevan Izquierdo explore ideas around nationhood and Canadian identity in “Defining a Nation” and “Hockeyville Canada,” respectively. Anita Sehagic investigates representations of the Occupy Vancouver movement in news media reporting. Similarly, Sam Markham examines media coverage of Bill C-389 and its subsequent implications for transgender rights in Canada.

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