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Sojourners : Undergraduate Journal of Sociology, Vol. 2 McNaughton, Hilary


The papers published in Volume Two cover a wide range of sociological topics. Sierra Skye Gemma and Michael Kehl conducted quantitative research— she described sex segregation in the Faculties of Arts and Science at UBC, while he explored the relationship between socioeconomic status and belief in a just world—and their articles here provide new insights to these topics. Simon Cheng and Ryan Vandecasteyen used personal interests and experiences to initiate discussions of social structures. Simon wrote about the detrimental effects of the temporary employment sector, after witnessing some of these effects first hand. Ryan questioned the potential for misuse of government regulations during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and followed up by reporting on his and others’ observations during the event. Two other authors explored previous sociological work in their writing. April Dutheil examined the relationship of black masculinity to feminism through the writings of bell hooks and Patricia Hill Collins. Andrew Herman argued the importance of the scientific method while defending Hempel’s definition of ‘explanation.’

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