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Sojourners : Undergraduate Journal of Sociology, Vol. 1 Gemma, Sierra Skye


The articles in Volume 1 exemplify the breadth of topics available for sociological study at the undergraduate level at the University of British Columbia. The articles span the globe, with Connor Cavanagh focusing on famine in Zimbabwe and Michael Kehl deliberating on the effects of the “Three Strikes” law in California. They also address a wide range of topics, from Manori Ravindran’s consideration of postfeminism and the pop music phenomenon of The Spice Girls to Hélène Frohard-Dourlent’s analysis of the impact of socioeconomic status on children’s success in school. Two authors ask their audience to rethink previous research: Tara Wodelet calls for a conceptual clarification of friends-with-benefits relationships and Kalev Hunt applies Durkheim’s findings on suicide to queer youth. Brigitte Drescher and Amy Trebelco look at cultural appropriation of First Nations symbols, while John Naslund suggests the benefits of sports and recreation for Aboriginal youth.

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