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Mental health and substance use mini-survey : pilot project Hirsche, Steven; Hornbrook, Kevin; Perry, Hanna 2014

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Project	 ?Team	 ?	 ?Steven	 ?Hirsche,	 ?Kevin	 ?Hornbrook,	 ?Hanna	 ?Perry	 ?Background	 ?of	 ?the	 ?Project	 ???? Founders	 ?of	 ?the	 ?Project:	 ?	 ?Jennifer	 ?May	 ?and	 ?Lillian	 ?Parsons	 ???? Developed	 ?project	 ?under	 ?the	 ?direc?on	 ?of	 ?the	 ?BC	 ?Pa?ent	 ?Reported	 ?Experience	 ?Measures	 ?Steering	 ?Commi?ee,	 ?a	 ?partnership	 ?between	 ?the	 ?6	 ?health	 ?authori?es	 ?and	 ?the	 ?Ministry	 ?of	 ?Health	 ???? Assessing	 ?the	 ?feasibility	 ?of	 ?collec?ng	 ?real	 ??me	 ?data	 ?at	 ?the	 ?unit	 ?level	 ?to	 ?complement	 ?the	 ?rigorous	 ?measurement	 ?program	 ?at	 ?the	 ?provincial	 ?level	 ?	 ???? Provincial	 ?survey	 ?require	 ?an	 ?external	 ?party	 ?to	 ?administer	 ?and	 ?collect	 ?the	 ?data.	 ???? Survey	 ?results	 ?provided	 ?to	 ?all	 ?par?cipa?ng	 ?sites	 ?one	 ?year	 ?later.	 ???? Iden?fied	 ?need	 ?for	 ?a	 ?way	 ?of	 ?surveying	 ?at	 ?the	 ?unit	 ?level	 ?specific	 ?to	 ?quality	 ?improvement	 ?	 ???? This	 ?would	 ?inform	 ?them	 ?of	 ?changes	 ?that	 ?needed	 ?to	 ?be	 ?implemented	 ?based	 ?on	 ?their	 ?clients?	 ?responses	 ?to	 ?the	 ?surveys.	 ???? Ac?on	 ?plans	 ?for	 ?changes	 ?could	 ?be	 ?made	 ?quickly	 ?and	 ?efficiently	 ?	 ?	 ?	 ?	 ?	 ?	 ?	 ?	 ?	 ?	 ?Purpose	 ?of	 ?the	 ?Project	 ?Purpose:	 ???? To	 ?develop,	 ?administer,	 ?and	 ?frequently	 ?report	 ?the	 ?results	 ?of	 ?a	 ?mini	 ?pa?ent	 ?experience	 ?of	 ?care	 ?survey	 ?for	 ?the	 ?Mental	 ?Health	 ?and	 ?Substance	 ?Use	 ?short-??stay	 ?in-??pa?ent	 ?popula?on	 ?in	 ?4	 ?short-??stay	 ?in-??pa?ent	 ?psychiatric	 ?units	 ?in	 ?VCH.	 ???? The	 ?project	 ?is	 ?to	 ?support	 ?con?nual	 ?quality	 ?improvement	 ?efforts	 ?at	 ?the	 ?unit	 ?level	 ?by	 ?collec?ng	 ?feedback	 ?from	 ?recipients	 ?of	 ?health	 ?care	 ?and	 ?services	 ?and	 ?appropriately	 ?circula?ng	 ?the	 ?data	 ?to	 ?staff	 ?and	 ?leaders	 ?within	 ?a	 ??me	 ?frame	 ?appropriate	 ?to	 ?quality	 ?improvement	 ?cycles.	 ?	 ???? To	 ?find	 ?out	 ?what	 ?the	 ?pa?ents	 ?want,	 ?need,	 ?and	 ?experience	 ?in	 ?our	 ?health	 ?care	 ?system.	 ?Ra?onale	 ?for	 ?Project:	 ???? Enhance	 ?the	 ?public	 ?accountability	 ?of	 ?BC?s	 ?health	 ?system.	 ???? Support	 ?quality	 ?improvement	 ?ini?a?ves	 ?of	 ?health	 ?care	 ?providers	 ?and	 ?health	 ?authori?es	 ?at	 ?point	 ?of	 ?care.	 ???? Obtain	 ?experience	 ?measures	 ?used	 ?to	 ?track	 ?changes	 ?and	 ?trends	 ?over	 ??me	 ???? Use	 ?the	 ?iden?fied	 ?strengths	 ?and	 ?areas	 ?for	 ?improvement	 ?to	 ?con?nually	 ?guide	 ?QI	 ?ini?a?ves	 ?at	 ?the	 ?unit	 ?level.	 ???? Include	 ?informa?on	 ?from	 ?the	 ?perspec?ves	 ?of	 ?MHSU	 ?pa?ents/clients	 ?as	 ?a	 ?balancing	 ?measure.	 ?Student	 ?Role	 ???? Manage	 ?one	 ?survey	 ?site	 ?per	 ?student.	 ???? Steven:	 ?2	 ?West,	 ?VGH	 ???? Kevin:	 ?PASU,	 ?St.	 ?Paul?s	 ???? Hanna:	 ?R2W,	 ?Richmond	 ??? Collect	 ?and	 ?collate	 ?data.	 ??? Communicate	 ?with	 ?survey	 ?team	 ?to	 ?ensure	 ?processes	 ?are	 ?working,	 ?and	 ?trouble	 ?shoot	 ?if	 ?not.	 ??? Report	 ?all	 ?changes	 ?or	 ?feedback	 ?in	 ?a	 ??Tracker?	 ?document	 ?for	 ?each	 ?site,	 ?updated	 ?Monthly.	 ??? Provide	 ?regular	 ?and	 ?frequent	 ?updates	 ?to	 ?the	 ?project	 ?team	 ?about	 ?the	 ?happenings	 ?at	 ?individual	 ?sites.	 ??? Create	 ?reports	 ?using	 ?established	 ?repor?ng	 ?framework	 ?and	 ?template.	 ??? Work	 ?with	 ?the	 ?project	 ?team	 ?and	 ?unit	 ?team	 ?to	 ?facilitate	 ?ac?oning	 ?of	 ?the	 ?survey	 ?data.	 ??? Partner	 ?with	 ?the	 ?individual	 ?unit	 ?teams	 ?to	 ?transi?on	 ?the	 ?survey,	 ?data	 ?and	 ?repor?ng	 ?processes	 ?en?rely	 ?to	 ?the	 ?unit	 ?staff.	 ??? Par?cipate	 ?in	 ?the	 ?evalua?on	 ?of	 ?feasibility	 ?project.	 ?	 ?Survey	 ?Example	 ????  Your Care Experience at Richmond Hospital?s R2W Inpatient Unit  ??? Taking part in this survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. Please do not provide any personal information on this survey. After completing this survey, please return it to the dropbox located next to the air hockey table.  ??? Please fill in the circle that best reflects your opinions about your recent stay.  ??? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  1. Overall, how would you rate the quality of care and services you received at this facility?  ? Poor ? Fair ? Good ? Very Good ? Excellent  2. Overall, were you helped by your facility stay?  ? Not at all ? Somewhat ? For the most part ? Definitely  3. Were you able to see the staff as often as you wanted?  ? Never ? Sometimes ? Usually ? Always  4. Were your individual needs, preferences, and values respected in your treatment?  ? Never ? Sometimes ? Usually ? Always  5. Did you understand your treatment plan?  ? Never ? Sometimes ? Usually ? Always  6. Were you involved as much as you wanted in decisions about your treatment?  ? Never ? Sometimes ? Usually ? Always  ? Someone else makes my decisions for me  7. Were you given reassurance about your ability to recover?  ? Never ? Sometimes ? Usually ? Always  8. As a person living with a mental illness and/or addiction, were you treated with dignity and respect in this facility?  ? Never ? Sometimes ? Usually ? Always  9. Did the staff help you feel like there is nothing shameful about having problems with mental health and/or addiction?  ? Never ? Sometimes ? Usually ? Always  Please flip over to other side ??  Data	 ?Repor?ng	 ?Poor	 ?3.0%	 ?Poor	 ?16.7%	 ?Poor	 ?14.3%	 ?Fair	 ?10.0%	 ? Fair	 ?	 ?10.0%	 ?Fair	 ?16.7%	 ?Good	 ?10.0%	 ?Good	 ?10.0%	 ?Good	 ?30.0%	 ?Good	 ?33.3%	 ?Good	 ?33.3%	 ?Good	 ?21.4%	 ?Very	 ?Good	 ?50.0%	 ?Very	 ?Good	 ?50.0%	 ?Very	 ?Good	 ?20.0%	 ?Very	 ?Good	 ?33.3%	 ?Very	 ?Good	 ?50.0%	 ?Very	 ?Good	 ?28.6%	 ?Excellent	 ?40.0%	 ? Excellent	 ?	 ?40.0%	 ?Excellent	 ?40.0%	 ?Excellent	 ?16.7%	 ?Excellent	 ?35.7%	 ?0.0%	 ?20.0%	 ?40.0%	 ?60.0%	 ?80.0%	 ?100.0%	 ?Baseline	 ?from	 ?2010-??11	 ?Period	 ?1	 ?(Oct	 ?1	 ?to	 ?15,	 ?2013)	 ?Period	 ?2	 ?(Oct	 ?16	 ?to	 ?31,	 ?2013)	 ?Period	 ?3	 ?(Nov	 ?1	 ?to	 ?15,	 ?2013)	 ?Period	 ?4	 ?(Nov	 ?16	 ?to	 ?30,	 ?2013)	 ?Period	 ?5	 ?(Dec	 ?1	 ?to	 ?20,	 ?2013)	 ?%	 ?of	 ?ALL	 ?responses	 ?"Overall	 ?how	 ?would	 ?you	 ?rate	 ?the	 ?quality	 ?of	 ?care	 ?and	 ?services	 ?you	 ?recieved	 ?at	 ?this	 ?facility?"	 ?Example	 ?of	 ?results	 ?summary	 ?for	 ?one	 ?ques?on.	 ?Current	 ?Status:	 ?February	 ?2014	 ???? Data	 ?reported	 ?and	 ?presented.	 ???? Positive	 ?feedback	 ?from	 ?all	 ?sites.	 ?	 ???? Survey	 ?process	 ?deemed	 ?feasible	 ?on	 ?the	 ?unit	 ?level.	 ???? Desire	 ?to	 ?continue	 ?survey	 ?administration.	 ???? Discussing	 ?ways	 ?to	 ??action?	 ?survey	 ?results.	 ???? Transition	 ?of	 ?survey,	 ?data,	 ?and	 ?reporting	 ?processes	 ?to	 ?unit	 ?staff,	 ?currently	 ?underway.	 ?Next	 ?Steps	 ???? This	 ?pilot	 ?project	 ?will	 ?serve	 ?as	 ?a	 ?feasibility	 ?study	 ?for	 ?determining	 ?the	 ?capacity	 ?of	 ?individual	 ?mental	 ?health	 ?and	 ?substance	 ?use	 ?units	 ?to	 ?collect	 ?and	 ?analyze	 ?pa?ent	 ?sa?sfac?on	 ?data	 ?at	 ?the	 ?point	 ?of	 ?care.	 ???? Cost	 ?analysis	 ?of	 ?implementa?on	 ?and	 ?sustainability	 ?of	 ?a	 ?unit	 ?specific	 ??pa?ent	 ?experience	 ?of	 ?care?	 ?quality	 ?improvement	 ?protocol.	 ???? At	 ?the	 ?unit	 ?level,	 ?data	 ?collected	 ?will	 ?be	 ?used	 ?to	 ?direct	 ?change	 ?in	 ?the	 ?delivery	 ?of	 ?care	 ?on	 ?the	 ?unit.	 ???? Adapt	 ?and	 ?expand	 ?the	 ??pa?ent	 ?experience	 ?of	 ?care?	 ?survey	 ?process	 ?to	 ?other	 ?units	 ?and	 ?health	 ?authori?es.	 ???? Replicate	 ?the	 ?tools	 ?and	 ?protocols	 ?of	 ?this	 ?pilot	 ?project	 ?in	 ?other	 ?mental	 ?health	 ?and	 ?substance	 ?use	 ?pa?ent	 ?care	 ?se?gs.	 ?	 ?UBC	 ?Nursing	 ?Students:	 ?	 ?	 ?Hanna,	 ?Kevin	 ?&	 ?Steven	 ?


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