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UBC Undergraduate Research

Teaching for Richmond PACU about using the Lexicomp application in clinical practice Lee, Ali; Wong, Sandy; Battison, Laura 2014

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Development Process??Beginnings?Our original project was to be a list post-op surgical guidelines for nurses at Richmond Hospital?s Surgical Department. We acquired pamphlets and began preparing to amalgamate discharge teaching for various procedures.  Modifications?Richmond Hospital acquired Lexicomp, which already included discharge teaching instructions for these procedures. We altered our project and made a PowerPoint to teach nurses on Lexicomp specifics and how to access it at work and at home.   Product?We provided an overview of what Lexicomp is and its multiple uses. We taught nurses how to upload it onto mobile devices so they could access it at anytime. We created practical, realistic case studies that showcased various uses of Lexicomp    Acknowledgements ??We would like to thank Laurel Archer from the Richmond PACU and all of the staff that participated in this project Application and Teaching:??-?We used the powerpoint we developed to educate the PACU nurses about this resource -? Over the course of a day shift we taught nurses on an individual basis  -?  We used one of the cases studies which best suited the nurses day to day activities (e.g. pre surgery admissions, discharge teaching) -? We demonstrated how to access Lexicomp from various points such as home, work computers or mobile devices -?We then debriefed to identify any further learning needs the nurse had, and addressed them if able or passed them onto the CNE -? We advise that learning needs to continue to be assessed to optimize the use of this valuable resource. There are also many new resources available to nurses through VCH such as UpToDate which could be introduced in a similar way to our in-service for Lexicomp  ?Teaching for Richmond PACU about using the Lexicomp Application in Clinical Practice?Further information??      Presented By: Ali Lee, Sandy Wong and Laura Battison?What is Lexicomp???Lexicomp is an industry-leading provider of drug information and clinical content for the healthcare industry. We provide the tools necessary to help improve patient safety, ensure compliance, and elevate the quality of care patients receive.? - Lexicomp Website, About Us   Lexicomp includes:?Drug-Drug Interactions Complete drug and herbal interaction analysis program  Drug Identification  An application that allows identification of tablets, capsules and other oral solid dosage forms  Drug Calculations  A comprehensive medical calculations application covering infusions, adult and pediatric organ function assessment and other conversion calculations.  IV Compatibility  Uses Trissel?s 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database and King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures to determine compatibility of intravenous drugs and solutions  Patient Education Includes drug, disease process and procedure leaflets available in up to 19 languages  Toxicology  A resource for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of poisonings and overdoses   The University of British Columbia   School of Nursing T201-2211, Wesbrook Mall Vancouver, B.C.  V6T 2B5 Phone: (604) 822-7417  Fax: (604) 822-7466  


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