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FHA patient education materials Lancaster, Stephanie; McCausland, Jaimie; Scarborough, Katherine 2014

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+ FHA Patient Education Materials  By Stephanie Lancaster and Jaimie McCausland In collaboration with Katherine Scarborough + Background: ? The Lower Mainland is known for its widely multicultural population. ? A need was identified for accessible, easy to read patient education materials which are translatable.   + Purpose: ? To create patient education materials that are easily understood and translatable to improve communication between laboratory technicians and patients that can be used across the Fraser Health Authority  ? The documents are intended to be available in English,  Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, French and Korean.  ? Target audience: All patients accessing Fraser Health lab  services with a minimum grade six reading level. + Patient Education Material Development Process ? A review was completed of available Canadian education materials. ? Materials were assessed for plain language content and readability scores.   ? Readability Score: A tool to assess the difficulty level in reading and understanding a document by analyzing the number of words in a sentence and syllables in a word. This information is used to assign an associated grade level to the document.  Step 1: Assess existing materials  + Patient Education Material Development Process Step 2: Write Plain Language Draft ? The content for the patient education materials was provided by laboratory services. This content was then developed into user-friendly documents and a plain language review was conducted ? Plain language review: Editing documents to create simple, easy to understand sentences with common language; free from abstract concepts and medical jargon. ? Resources utilized include:  -MS Word Flesh-Kincaid Reading Level  -Gunning Fog Readability Index  -FHA Checklist for Writing Patient Education Materials  -Providence Health Care Plain Words Watch List  -Plain English Lexicon  + Patient Education Material Development Process Step 2: Plain Language Draft - Example Before:    After:  + Patient Education Material Development Process Step 3: Obtain Feedback from Clinical Team ? Materials were reviewed with the project supervisor, Clinical Practice Consultant for Professional Practice and Integration at Fraser Health.  ? Feedback was provided regarding formatting, phrasing, readability and universal applicability.   + Patient Education Material Development Process Step 4: Obtain Content Approval from     Relevant Disciplines and Stakeholders ? All developed materials were sent to laboratory services for review for content appropriateness and accuracy of information.   ? Permission was obtained to utilize Fraser Health Authority patient education template.   ? Feedback was given and implemented into final draft. + Patient Education Material Development Process Step 5: Insert Content into FHA Patient     Education Template + Patient Education Material Development Process Step 6: Submit to Patient Education  Material Catalogue ? The following documents have been submitted for final review and will be uploaded to the Fraser Health Authority Patient Education Catalogue and submitted for translation: -How to collect a midstream urine sample: Female -How to collect a midstream urine sample: Male -Urine sample collection for infants -Instructions for a fasting blood test -Instructions for a lipid profile blood test -How to collect a stool sample: Stool for occult blood -How to collect a stool sample: Stool for C&S and O&P -How to collect a 24 hour urine sample -How to collect a sputum sample -Common questions for lab procedures -Instructions for phlebotomy -Instructions for ECG ? The documents have been approved for Fraser Health, and are awaiting approval for other BC health authorities. Average Reading Level:            Grade 5.7 


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