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Quality improvement : screening tools Hearn, Allana; Li, Moses; Kirkpatrick, Kaitlin 2014

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Allana Hearn, Moses Li, Kaitlin Kirkpatrick  ? We worked with Downtown Community Health Centre to streamline and update various screening tools  ? Researched health promotion, benefits and consequences of screening in vulnerable populations and health literacy ? Created clinician and patient educational tools ? Presented to Quality Improvement Committee at DCHC  ? Screening as health promotion strategy  ? Benefits and Risks   ? Efficacy  ? Sensitivity vs specificity  ? Outcome measures   Patient ? Provide education, facilitate informed consent  ? Provide patient with resources within the community   ? Consideration of health literacy Concise delivery of evidence-based facts    Clinician ? Provide up to date information on current standards  ? Provide answers for common patient questions  ? Implications for nursing practice and workload     ? Controversy of universal screening   ? Lack of evidence showing screening significantly reduces outcomes  ? Lack of evidence that is generalizable to the DTES      ? Lack of evidence showing screening significantly reduces mortality   ? Burden of treatment  ? Trauma-informed care   ? Who and when to screen ? Standardizing Framingham screening throughout clinic  ? Ensuring proper documentation of BP measurements and follow-up protocol   ? Discussing lifestyle education through a harm reduction lens   ? Use of ?cardiovascular age? as a way to engage patients   ? Want to provide common terminology used in lab results report   ? Inform who and when screening should/should not take place  ? Hysterectomy  ? Following HPV vaccine  ? Not sexually active   ? Way to promote screening within the DCHC through monthly campaigns  ? Used national and provincial health promotion days/weeks to guide planning ? Use pre-existing social marketing campaigns to enhance chosen screening months  ? Hope to implement calendar within DCHC in the near future  ? Next steps ? creating/gathering resources and generating staff awareness ? Framework can be applied to future topics of interest ? Colorectal cancer ? Breast cancer   ? Working on algorithm for workflow ? Need staff input and feedback  


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