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Compendium of sexual education material for aboriginal youth Brugger, Hayley; Ohman, Hannah; Mudaliar, Veena 2014

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        COMPENDIUM OF SEXUAL EDUCATION MATERIAL FOR ABORIGINAL YOUTH  Hayley Brugger, Hannah Ohman & Veena Mudaliar    What is the Project?  ? BC Women?s Hospital is developing a website ( to provide information/resources for Aboriginal girls aged 10-18  ? This project was developed to identify sexual health resources that can be used on the Ask Auntie website  What did we do?  Steps of our project: 1) Developed a rating scale 2) Developed a criteria descriptions sheet 3) Developed a resource database 4) Located Sexual Health Resources 5) Rated Sexual Health Resources  6) Completed a final report  Step 1: Rating Scale ? Developed a rating scale to evaluate sexual health resources  ? Rating Scale had narrative section which included: ? Title, Source, Country, type of resource, topic, description, publication year, target audience, accessibility & overall synopsis ? Rating scale had 7 sections ? Content ? Cultural Appropriateness ? Creativity ? Visual Appearance ? Evaluation ? Accessibility ? Referencing  Step 2: Criteria Descriptions Sheet ? A description sheet was developed to explain the sections of the rating scale ? For example: What is meant by Positive Images?  ? Positive images: use of images around aboriginal culture are positive and accurate.  ? Includes information and an example of how the grading scale works   ? This sheet will help make the rating scale usable  for others in the future  Step 3: Resource Database  ? An excel file was created in order to  easily search and compare the ranked resources   Step 4: Locating Sexual Health Resources ? Divided the search for resources into 3 countries ? United States of America ? Canada ? Australia ? Searched for sexual health resource for aboriginal females aged 10-18 ? Example: STIS, healthy relationships, contraception, etc. ? Searched for variety of types of resources ? Videos, Pamphlets, Fact Sheets, etc.  ? Exclusion Criteria ? Any resources that were created for males only ? Any resources with restricted access   Step 5: Rated Sexual Health Resources ? Collected up to 20 resources per country and rated them with the rating scale developed and inputted data into excel file   ? Here?s an Example of a rated resource?   Example of Rated Resource Top Resources ? These are the top three rated resources we found for each country Canada ? 1) A website titled Native Youth Sexual Health Network that was created by an indigenous organization for and by indigenous youth. Provides information around sexual health and links to further resources on these topics.   ? 2) A video developed by the Union of Ontario Indians HIV/AIDS Program that discusses puberty, human sexuality, sexual orientation, bullying and First Nation teachings.   ? 3)An information package and series of pamphlets developed by Chee Mamuk that provides information targeted towards Aboriginal women on healthy sexuality, HIV, STIs, Hepatitis C and condom use.   United States ? 1)The American resource Birth Control Explorer is an online fact sheet with images created by Stay Teen and the national campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancies. It is an interactive, fun and easy to use guide for birth control options geared to teen girls. Clicking on an image brings up a short description of how that method of birth control works. Although, not specifically for the aboriginal community this fact sheet could easily be modified to include aboriginal language, values and culture.  ? 2) The American resource What is Love? is an online video created by the American Sexual Health Association and discusses teen relationships. It is an innovative and interesting video of teens discussing what love in a relationship should and should not be. This video is not specifically for the aboriginal community, but discusses healthy relationships in a realistic manner. The content of the video could be modified to include aboriginal language, values and culture.  ? 3)The American resource Fact or fiction- senseless acts is an online video created by The video discusses whether male condoms decrease sensitivity during sex. A healthcare provider gives her opinion on the topic as well as provides suggestions about condom use. This video is geared to teen girls. Although, not specifically for the aboriginal community this video could be modified to include aboriginal language, values and culture.  Australia  ? 1) The website for Snake Condoms. The website states they are Australia's first and only Indigenous-friendly, socially marketed condom brand. The website also includes information about various aspects of sexual health, including drug and alcohol use.   ? 2) Comic titled Condoman and Lubelicious developed by Queensland Health. This is an interesting comic that touches on many aspects of sexual health for Aboriginal Australian youth. This comic is a follow-up to the popular initial comic Condoman. The Condoman franchise includes various sexual health resources for Aboriginal youth.  ?   ? 3)Comic titled Grand Final developed by Hunter New England Local Health District. This is an interesting comic that touches on many aspects of sexual health for Aboriginal Australian youth. Includes sections on the effects of cheating in a relationship, the implications of things posted on Facebook, the difficulties of being a single parent.   Step 6: Completed a Final Report ?Wrote a final report that incorporated: ? Purpose of project ? Steps of the project ? Strengths & Weaknesses of the resources found ? Strengths & Weaknesses of the project ? Future direction Strengths & Weaknesses of the Resources ? Strengths ? All resources are available online and easily accessible to most people ? Print ordering for most resources is free (within Canada) ? A variety of resource types were identified ie. videos, pamphlets, and maps ? Most resources attempted to target youth by being innovative and visually appealing  ? Weaknesses  ? Interactive resources such as games are minimal ? STI resources are more plentiful than other aspects of sexual health  ? Not many resources that are both female-specific and aboriginal-specific ? Most resources are targeted towards older youth and not many are appropriate for the 10-12 age range ? Most resources were not evaluated for how well they were adopted by communities  Strengths & Weaknesses of the Project ? Strengths ? Evaluated multiple aspects of a comprehensive sexual health resource ? Allows for multiple resources to be easily compared on a variety of criteria ? An extensive list of useful resources were identified that cover many sexual health topics  ? Weaknesses ? The rating scale scored non-Aboriginal resources low due to their non-Aboriginal content even though they were good sexual health resources ? Resources were rated individually which may result in some rater bias  ? The rating scale did not allow for enough variation to effectively discriminate between resources (most resources received high scores) ? Online resources may not be available long-term therefore the resources rated may become inaccessible in the future  Future Direction ? Not many resources that were both female specific and Aboriginal specific  ? We recommend adapting the resources to incorporate both female and Aboriginal sexual health needs into one resource.   ? The criteria identified within this rating scale can be a useful tool for future development of resources aimed at Aboriginal girls.   ? Due to time constraints, only easily accessible resources were rated. ?  More resources could be found by accessing a greater variety of organizations and by searching offline.  Future Direction cont.  ? If this rating scale is going to be used in the future to rate additional resources, further adaptation of the rating scale may be useful.   ? There is a focus of sexual health resources on STIs and condom use.  ? We recommend future resource development address other topics of sexual health, such as body image, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and domestic violence.  ? Recommend more youth involvement in the development of sexual health resources.  


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