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Common cancer sites : basics and nursing management resources for nurses working in oncology Boyal, Loveneet; Cheng, Cherry; Narsing, Sarena 2014

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N344 Synthesis project Lung Cancer Learning Guide Loveneet Boyal, Cherry Cheng, & Sarena Narsing Project & Team ? Loveneet Boyal, Cherry Cheng & Sarena Narsing ? BC Cancer Agency Leaders: Anne Hughes & Ava Hatcher ? BCCA Vancouver contact: Esther Chow Common cancer sites: Basics and nursing management resources for nurses working in oncology  Project Background BC Cancer Agency nursing leaders have identified that staff nurses would benefit from an educational resource that reviews the basics of the most common cancer sites as well as the appropriate related nursing interventions, in order to increase their knowledge about the different cancer sites.  ? This project aims to develop such an educational resource.  Purpose and Project Goals ? Develop a case scenario based learning module for Lung Cancer for RN?s new to oncology  ? Plan and coordinate the review process with expert colleagues  Overview  ? Researched Lung Cancer patho-physiology, epidemiology, risk factors, diagnosis, and  treatments ? Chart Reviews at the BC Cancer Agency ? Developed a case scenario and questions ? Provided resources for appropriate nursing interventions and care ? Created, formatted and edited module ? Consulted with BC Cancer Agency leaders Resources ? Oncology Nursing textbook ? BC Cancer Agency website & protocols ? Peer-reviewed articles ? Patient archives ? Esther Chow, RN MScN CON(C) ? Education Resource Nurse, BCCA ? Anne Hughes, RN BSN MN CON(C) ? Professional Practice Leader, BCCA ? Ava Hatcher, RN BN CON(C) ? Education Research Nurse, BCCA Outcomes and Deliverables ? Section 2: Introduction to Lung Cancer & Case Study ? Milestones, treatment trajectory, diagnostic processes, & differentiation between the two main types of lung cancer ? Section 3: Lung Cancer Treatments ? Treatments, possible complications, & patient/family education ? Section 4: Lung Cancer Disease Progression and Palliation ? Supporting the patient and family during palliation ? Section 5: Lung Cancer & Psychosocial Issues ? Stigma, shame and guilt   By using a common case study for lung cancer, the learning guide is an easy to use tool that aims to help RN?s new to oncology become more familiar with the complexities involved when caring for patients with lung cancer     


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