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Emergency RN initiated protocols : a clinical education online module Beaudoin, James; Gill, Jasmine 2014

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 PROJECT TEAM  U B C  N U R S I N G  S T U D E N T S -  J A M E S  B E A U D O I N   &  J A S M I N E  G I L L   M A R Y  V A N  O S C H ,  C L I N I C A L  N U R S E  S P E C I A L I S T ,  F R A S E R  H E A L T H  E M E R G E N C Y  P R O G R A M  C H R I S  M A C G R E G O R ,  C L I N I C A L  N U R S E  E D U C A T O R ,  R C H  E M E R G E N C Y  D E P A R T M E N T ,  F R A S E R  H E A L T H   T O M  G R A D Y ,  L E A D E R ,  O N L I N E  L E A R N I N G  I N I T I A T I V E S ,  F R A S E R  H E A L T H  P R O F E S S I O N A L  P R A C T I C E  A N D  I N T E G R A T I O N  K A R E N  J A N E W A Y ,  E D U C A T I O N  C O N S U L T A N T ,  F R A S E R  H E A L T H   Emergency RN Initiated Protocols: a Clinical Education Online Module Project Background This project was initiated due to the excessive wait times, and in turn, the patient dissatisfaction in Fraser Health Authorities (FHA) Emergency Departments (ED). Since under British Columbia?s Health Professions Act, the Registered Nurses (RN) scope of practice has changed, the College of Registered Nurses of BC has established Standards of Practice: ?Acting without an Order? in response to this change. Since making a decision to carry out an activity without an order requires a different level of knowledge, skill, attitude and judgement (CRNBC, 2008), Fraser Health developed Clinical Decision Support Tools (CDSTs) for  Emergency RN Initiated investigations at triage. This was to ensure that patient safety remained the forefront of all care, while RNs adhered to the standards, conditions and limits set out by the CRNBC. Project Purpose Now that they had the permission to perform nurse initiations without orders and the CDSTs were developed, all they needed was a way to teach/distribute this information to ED nurses?  and that is where we came in?  It was decided that an online learning module would be developed for ED nurses in order to get them familiarized with the CDSTs they would be using in practice?and we were going to be the builders of this online learning module?let the fun begin! What we did? 1. We read the Emergency RN Initiated Protocol and made sense of all the algorithms 2. We met, had telephone conferences and exchanged A LOT of e-mails with Mary, Chris, Tom and Karen 3. We made up multiple choice questions for the quizzes that would be apart of our online module 4. We met with Tom to learn the ins and outs of Moodle, the online course developing program we would be working with 5. We made the course!...and sent it off to Mary and Chris for review 6. We made suggested edits to the course and passed it off to Tom & Karen for the final touches  So here?s a look at our final product? This is the welcome page/intro to the course We put together 9 modules. The first two modules linked 2 already existing online courses. The next 7 modules each had 1-2 algorithms to view and an associated quiz For example, for this ?Abdominal Pain? module, first the student would open and view the abdominal pain algorithm The algorithm would pop-up in a separate window for the student to review and use during the quiz Next the student would do a short quiz (3-5 questions) associated with the particular algorithm they had just reviewed Upon completion of all the modules, they would get a Certificate of Completion, which they must take to their employer! In terms of this project, the next step is to put the final touches on the online learning module so it can go live!   As our time with this project is complete, we are leaving the final touches in the capable hands of our team- Tom, Karen, Mary and Chris 


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