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Complementary alternative medicine practice guideline Verhoeff, Jordan; Zizzy-Mustatia, Tanner; Ross, Brenda 2014

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JORDAN VERHOEFF (UBC SN) TANNER ZIZZY-MUSTATIA (UBC SN) BRENDA ROSS (PROJECT LEAD)   COMPLEMENTARY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE PRACTICE GUIDELINE:  BACKGROUND:   ?CAMEO is a research program that transforms complementary medicine research into user friendly information that can be shared with patients and health professionals.?  PURPOSE:   ? CAMEO agency had found a void of research based information to help health care practitioners facilitate shared decision making regarding complementary and alternative medicines for cancer patients.   ? They set out to establish a Best Practice Guideline (BGP).  THE BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINE(BPG)  ?A document that provides practice recommendations for health care providers to support people living with Cancer and their families to make decisions about the use of complementary or alternative medicine(CAM) informed by the best available research evidence, and respecting their personal values, beliefs and preferences.? OUR ROLE:  ? To assure competence in both research and CAMEO we had to complete two online courses. ? Tri-Council Tutorial Online Research Course  ? This course discussed research methods, research ethics and conflicts surrounding research in Canada both current and historic.  ? Supporting Safe and Informed CAM and Cancer Decisions Course.  ? An education program for health care providers working with oncology patients.   OUR ROLE CONTINUED.      We? ?Researched for comparable best practice guidelines.  ?Created evidence appraisal tables of research used to create the BGP  ?Drafted a letter of invitation for stakeholders (people who stand the gain or be impacted by the BPG) across Canada to review and evaluate the BPG ?Established an online fluid survey for stakeholders to review and evaluate the BPG. ?Creation of a PowerPoint summarizing the BPG.  ?Researched a best practice guideline assessment framework for stakeholders to use to evaluate the BPG. ?Travelled to Victoria.    Dissemination of Knowledge?All The Way to Victoria.  ? We travelled to the Victoria Cancer Agency representing the CAMEO Agency. ? We researched for the nursing staff current alternative and complementary therapies being utilized by current patients with cancer at the facility. ? We facilitated and assisted the nursing staff at the Victoria Cancer Agency in using the documentation of evidence review tool found in the BPG.  THE BPG ONWARDS.  ? Stakeholders from across the country have been contacted and will be appraising the BPG utilizing the tools we implemented and the fluid survey we have established.  ? The BPG will be reviewed and improved by the CAMEO team based upon the feedback received from the stakeholders. ? The BPG will be published and begin its implementation and put into practice at varying agencies.  SPECIAL THANKS: ? We would like to thank Brenda Ross our project lead from the CAMEO office for working with us throughout the project and accommodating our education needs and often hectic schedules.  ? Another special thanks goes to all staff at the CAMEO who supported us in various ways with our project and our learning.  


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