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Taking patient experience measures to action : a review of best practices Hind, Lauren; Hill, Damien; Ngo, Stephanie


Undergraduate nursing students conducted a literature review focusing on current research on best practices to improve patient experience. The literature review was conducted from two perspectives: (1) evidenced-based strategies utilized in Canada and abroad to generally improve patient experience, and (2) specific examples of patient experience improvement interventions that have been implemented in acute care environments. The literature review yielded best practice improvement tools and guidelines from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) as well as research about the use of Experience-Based Co-Design from the National Health Service in the UK. The students presented the results of their literature review to key stakeholders from PHSA, BC Women’s Hospital, and BC Children’s Hospital, linking examples of best practices to key dimensions of care in the 2005, 2008, and 2011/2012 surveys. To further assist with integrating the survey results into current practices and operations, the students provided consultative services to unit level managers by contacting them to determine their program-specific needs for disseminating results to staff and planning for action. The students offered to develop program-specific tools as requested, such as graphs, slides, speaking notes, customized reports, and trended results.

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