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The current and potential influence of urban agriculture on local food systems : a case study of community.. Yarbrough, Gary 2012-12-31

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Dr. David Brownstein – Geog 419: Research in Environmental Geography References:  Alastair, I. (2005). Learning in sustainable agriculture: Food miles and missing objects. Environmental Values, 14(2), 163-183. Retrieved from 02  Anstay, B. (2012, Feb 25). Interview by G. S. Yarbrough  Broadway, M. J. and Broadway, J. M. (2011), Green Dreams: Promoting Urban Agriculture and the Availability of Locally Produced Food in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area. Focus on Geography, 54: 33–41. doi: 10.1111/j.1949- 8535.2010.00023.x  Statistics Canada. Community Highlights for New Westminster. 2007. Web.  Chisholm, A. (2008). Growing bridges: Community gardens and civic governments. (Master's thesis, Royal Roads University) Retrieved from  Deelstra, T., & Girardet, H. (2000). Urban agriculture and sustainable cities. Manuscript submitted for publication, Penn State University, Retrieved from  Feenstra, G. (1997). Local food systems and sustainable communities. American Journal of Alternative Agriculture, 12 , pp 28-36 doi:10.1017/S0889189300007165  Havaligi, N. (2011). Contribution of urban agriculture to food security, biodiversity conservation and reducing agricultural carbon footprint . Climate Change Management, (1), 99-112. Retrieved from  Hohenschau, D. L. (2005). Community food security and the landscape of cities. (Master's thesis, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada) Retrieved from  Iverson, M. A. (2010). Assessing urban brownfields for community gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia. (Master's thesis, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada) Retrieved from  Jacobsen, C. (2006). Planning for farmers markets and sustainable food systems. (Master's thesis, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada) Retrieved from  Lam, S. O. (2007). Urban agriculture in Kingston: Present and future potential for re- localization and sustainability. (Master's thesis, Queen's University, Canada) Retrieved from  Mador, R., & Jayatilaka, D. Provincial Health Services Authority, (2011). Promoting healthy eating and sustainable local food in bc. Retrieved from website:  Mendes, W. City of Vancouver, Food Policy, Social Planning Department. (2004). Creating a Just and Sustainable Food System for the City of Vancouver.  Metro Vancouver, Agriculture Committee. (2010). Agenda Retrieved from  Metro Vancouver, Agriculture Committee. (2011). Agenda Retrieved from   Morris, D. H. (2009). One thousand friends of food: Strategies for the implementation of local food policy in new york city. (Master's thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Retrieved from  Roehr, D., & Kunigk, I. (2009). Metro Vancouver: Designing for urban food production. Berkeyly Planning Journal, 22, 60-70. Retrieved from  Schmidhuber, J., & Tubiello, F. (2007). Global food security under climate change. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the United States of America, 104(50), Retrieved from  Vancouver Food Policy Council, Serecon Consulting. (2009). Food Secure Vancouver  Baseline Report. Vancouver: Serecon Management Consulting. 


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