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Faculty interview Oliffe, John 2012-05-04

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        What is your nursing background?  I spent just on 20 years in acute care nursing the vast majority as a clinical  nurse  specialist  in  the  emergency  room.  I  began  teaching clinically and decided to do an MEd to better understand how people learn. I later became interested in research – so I did a PhD  to develop a skill set for doing that independently. How did you become interested in nursing research? I  always  liked  people,  and  thought  nursing  would  afford  me  an opportunity to help people who were genuinely in need. My research is similarly driven by the lofty goal of wanting to make a difference to people’s well-being and leaving a legacy that others can continue. What is your current research project? I am involved in 6 projects as the principal investigator. These include men’s depression, extending the role of prostate cancer support groups in  health  promotion  and  the  development  of  an  on-line  smoking cessation resource for dads who smoke. While my research program is in men’s health I have focused on including the men’s partners, family and  friends  to  better  understand  men’s  health  issues  and  how we might effectively intervene to advance their well-being. Any  advice  for  undergraduate  nursing  students  interested  in  research? You are in a very successful school in terms of our research success and capacity to mentor. There is a wide array of topics researched by the faculty (http://www.nursing.ubc.ca/  researchindex.aspx  ) and we are always looking for help with our projects. Indeed there are lots of job opportunities  and  internships  available  –  and  I  strongly  encourage students  to  connect  with  faculty  to  explore  the  possibilities  round developing research skills  with  the guidance  of  our  highly  talented researchers. UBC Nursing Student Journal, Vol.1, Issue 1. 5 Faculty Interview John Oliffe - Associate Director of Research


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