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Effects of Intravenous Lidocaine Infusions on Pain and Opioid Consumption after Pediatric Scoliosis Correction… Lee, Michelle; Yeung, Shanna 2016-03-30

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Effects of Intravenous Lidocaine Infusions on Pain and Opioid Consumption after Pediatric Scoliosis Correction Surgery Michelle Lee, Shanna Yeung Faculty of Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada »  Background: Scoliosis, a spine deformity, most commonly affects adolescents. Patients undergoing scoliosis correction surgery experience severe post-operative pain. [1] »  Problem: Pain is typically controlled with high doses of intravenous (IV) opioids. » Can cause side effects including nausea and respiratory depression. [2] » Decreasing opioid consumption, while sufficiently numbing pain, might improve patient recovery.  »  Potential solution: Administration of IV lidocaine has been shown to reduce post-surgical opioid consumption in adults, without causing major adverse effects. [3] »  In adult patients undergoing abdominal, orthopedic, cardiac, or ambulatory surgery »  10/16 studies showed significant reduction (ranged from 33%-85%) of opioid consumption with lidocaine infusion. »  6 studies showed significant reduction of pain scores with lidocaine infusion. Introduction »  To investigate whether lidocaine infusions are beneficial to pain management after pediatric scoliosis correction surgery. Specifically, 1.  Reduced opioid consumption by 35% [3] 2.  Reduced pain score, measured by Color Analogue Scale, by 1 unit. Study Aim »  We expect lidocaine infusions to decrease post- surgical pain severity and opioid consumption by about 35%.  [1] Global Spine J. 2013; 3(1):7-14 [2] Pain Physician. 2008; 11(2 Suppl):S105-20. [3] Drugs 2010; 70(9):1149-63 [4] Proc Intern Symp Ped Pain. 2015;P2-23 References Methods »  Dr. Matthias Görges, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, UBC Acknowledgment »  Recruit 60 adolescents (12-18yrs) undergoing posterior spine surgery »  Obtain research ethics board approval, written consent and age-appropriate assent »  Randomize into three groups 1.  No lidocaine infusion 2.  Lidocaine infusion during surgery 3.  Lidocaine infusion continued till 24hrs after surgery »  Recorded Measurements »  Opioid consumption  »  Sum of continuous IV and patient controlled analgesia (PCA) »  Report in 12-hours interval, for 72hrs »  Measure pain score using color analogue scale (CAS)  »  Obtain in 2-hours interval (if awake), for 72hrs Expected Results Preliminary Results [4] »  A retrospective case-matched study on the effect of IV lidocaine in children undergone idiopathic scoliosis correction surgery. [4] »  24 patients (Aged 16.4 ± 1.9 years) »  12 received IV lidocaine Infusion during surgery »  12 matched controls »  Post-Operative morphine utilization was measured every 2 hrs for 48hrs. »  Morphine consumption in lidocaine group was reduced by 19%. »  No significant differences in times to: a)  Documented first stand  b)  Urinary catheter removal c)  Discharge from hospital Fig 1.  Post-Operative Morphine Utilization [4] 60 patients 1.5 mg/kg Lidocaine intravenously  1.5 mg/kg Lidocaine intravenously  Obtain consent  & assent 20 patients 20 patients 20 patients Randomize Pain is measured using VAC: Postoperative opioid  consumption measured: 0 24 48 72 hrs Lidocaine Infusion:  2-2.5mg/kg/h Surgery Lidocaine Infusion:  2-2.5mg/kg/h Hours after surgery: 12 36 60 0 12 24 36 48 60 72 hrs Surgery Surgery Data Analysis: Plot as box plots and compared using pair-wise Wilcoxon rank-sum test.  


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