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Effects of Cadmium on Morphology, Photosynthesis and Protein Profile of Bean Plants Pournia, Farnaz; Mehroke, Jarnail; Singh, Santokh


Cadmium (Cd), a cancer-causing heavy metal ion, concentration in the environment has recently shown a rapid increase mainly as a result of human activity. Since many plants are used as medicine and food, it is crucial to investigate effects of Cd on plant growth and development. This study examines the time course and concentration-dependent effects of Cd on morphology, photosynthesis and protein profiles in hydroponically-grown bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris). High concentrations of Cd (1000 and 100uM) induced leaf wilting and reduced both leaf growth and photosynthesis rate within 24 and 48 hours respectively. Lower concentration of 10 uM Cd showed the wilted morphology after 96 hours. In addition, the Cd-induced changes in protein profiles especially the photosynthesis and stress proteins will be discussed in relation to morphology, leaf growth and photosynthesis in bean plants.

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