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Various nutrient content on fish intake in pregnant women Wu, Brian Mar 8, 2008

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VARI OUS NUTRI ENT CONTENT ON FI SH I NTAKE I N PREGNANT WOMEN UBC Depar t ment of Nut r i t i on BRI AN WU Mar ch 8, 2008  Out l i ne 1. Ov er v i ew a) Bac k gr ound b) Res ear c h c) Ques t i on  2. Met hods 3. Fi ndi ngs 4. Summar y ( c omment s , f ut ur e di r ec t i on)  I nt r oduc t i on • Heal t h- r el at ed i mpor t anc e of n- 3 f at t y ac i ds : 1. Ant i i nf l ammat or y agent  2. Neur ol ogi c al heal t h  I nt r oduct i on and My Res ear c h Quest i on  • Fi s h i s an abundant s our c e of nut r i ent s i nc l ude: a.n-3 fatty acids  a.Fat soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E,) a.Water soluble vitamin (B12, folate) a.Amino acids (cysteine, arginine) a.Iron a. Choline  Li mi t at i on of c ur r ent s t udi es on n- 3 ad f i s h i nt ak e • Onl y f oc us ed on n- 3 as t he onl y f ac t or t hat c ont r i but e t o such benef i t s • Ot her s t udi es on i ndi v i dual nut r i ent s s uc h as c hol i ne show s i mi l ar heal t h benef i t s • Nev er i nv es t i gat e whet her t hes e heal t h benef i t s ar e  Res ear c h Ques t i ons • Do peopl f i s h i nt hi gh i nt nut r i ent n- 3 f at t  e wi t h hi gh ak e hav e ak e of s ot her t han y ac i ds ?  • Ar e t he heal t benef i t s of f i nt ak e c ont r i by s i ngl e nut  h i sh but ed r i ent  Met hods Subj ec t s and Des i gn: Low Meat I nt ake Low Fi sh I nt ake  Gr oup 1  Hi gh Meat I nt ake Gr oup 2  Hi gh Gr oup 3 Gr oup 4 Fi sh I nt ake - Compare the differences intake of chosen nutrients among these 4 groups  St at i s t i c al Anal y s i s -  Tuk ey ’ s mul t i pl e c ompar i s on t es t was us ed t o det ec t s i gni f i c ant di f f er enc es i n i nt ak e of c hos en nut r i ent s among women gr ouped by f i s h i nt ak e.  Nut r i ent s t hat di f f er ed among t he 4 gr oups (low fish, low meat)  (low fish, (high fish, (high fish, high meat) low meat) high meat)  EPA (g)  0.04  0.05  0.15  0.16  DHA (g)  0.07  0.08  0.27  0.32  Arginine (g)  2.35  3.36  3.24  4.05  Cysteine (g)  0.89  0.73  0.69  0.86  Vit-D (mg)  206.69  253.41  317.36  336.81  Vit-B12 (mcg)  4.28  4.59  5.84  6.76  Total Choline (mg)  298.74  353.36  483.22  492.83  Di s c us s i on/ Comme nt s - Compar ed t o gr oup 1 and 2 wi t h gr oup 3 and 4 gener al l y hav e a hi gher i nt ak e of acids t he1.n-3 f olfatty l owi ng:(EPA, DHA) 2.Arginine 3.Vitamin D, B12 4.Choline  Di scussi on/ Commen t - n- 3 f at t y ac i ds ar e not t he onl y nut r i ent s - Rec al l : Ot her nut r i ent s al s o hav e ant i i nf l ammat or y ef f ect - Chol i ne i nt ak e i s as s oc i at ed wi t h neur ol ogi c al devel opment  Di s c us s i on/ Comm ent • Answer s t o my r es ear c h quest i ons: 1. Do peopl e wi t h hi gh f i s h i nt ake al so hav e hi gh i nt ake of nut r i ent s ot her t han n- 3 f at t y aci ds? A: YES 2. Ar e t he heal t h benef i t s of f i sh onl y cont r i but ed by n- 3 f at t y ac i ds ? A: ehhh…mos t  Conc l us i on - Ot her t han n- 3: - Fi sh i nt ake al so cor r el at es t o hi gh i nt ake of chol i ne, vi t ami n B12, D, ar gi ni ne - The heal t h benef i t s of hi gh f i sh i nt ake may be mul t i pl e f act or i al  THANKS TO… • Dr . I nni s f or t he oppor t uni t y • Rus s el l f or c ont i nui ng gui danc e • Mohammad f or s ome of t he t ec hni c al hel p • Li z z y and Mi c hel l e f or t he power poi nt !  


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