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Nursing research : synthesis projects 2012

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During the final semester of the undergraduate nursing program, students participate in project work with practice-based nurse leaders. Nurse faculty are available for project support as needed. Every summer, UBC SON sends out invitations to the practice community to sponsor an 18-week (Sept-Feb) student project. Students' interests are matched to available projects, and whenever possible, students work in teams of 3-6 on diverse projects that include everything from the development of teaching materials, website resources and new policies and protocols to participation in funded clinical research programs and systems-wide quality assurance initiatives. The model of the synthesis project course (N344) is practice-academic collaboratives (PAC). The PAC philosophy is: By working together on practice-based projects, students, faculty and practice partners will build stronger, more meaningful relationships. Through project work and enhanced relationships, capacity will grow to mobilize knowledge and ensure better, evidence- informed practice. Synthesis projects have been an eye-opening experience for students--showing them what nurses are capable of doing--how nurses can make significant differences with respect to safer, quality healthcare delivery. Students have learned the importance of effective leadership and teamwork; the necessity of building and maintaining respectful relationships; and the promise of critical inquiry--translating evidence into practice that matters. Practice partners and SON faculty have been impressed and proud of students' synthesis of knowledge gained--recognizing that these students are our future nursing generation. -Maura MacPhee, RN, PhD Associate Professor & N344 Course Leader UBC Nursing Student Journal, Vol.1, Issue 1. 7 Nursing Research – Synthesis Projects


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