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Corridor Redesign of Chancellor Boulevard Adria, Daniel; Andruk, Mark; Keshavarz, Behrad; Klemets, Aaron; Loewen, Benjamin; Wright, Geoffrey 2018-04-09

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UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Sustainability Program Student Research Report Corridor Redesign of Chancellor Boulevard - Team 19Daniel Adria, Mark Andruk, Behrad Keshavarz, Aaron Klemets, Benjamin Loewen, Geoffrey Wright University of British Columbia CIVL 445 Themes: Transportation, Community, Land April 9, 2018 Disclaimer: “UBC SEEDS Sustainability Program provides students with the opportunity to share the findings of their studies, as well as their opinions, conclusions and recommendations with the UBC community. The reader should bear in mind that this is a student research project/report and is not an official document of UBC. Furthermore, readers should bear in mind that these reports may not reflect the current status of activities at UBC. We urge you to contact the research persons mentioned in a report or the SEEDS Sustainability Program representative about the current status of the subject matter of a project/report”. 12  Using Figure 7, a catchment area of 700,000 m2 was identified. Rainfall data, obtained from a Government of Canada weather collection station located at UBC, shows that the max rainfall intensity for the 5-year flow is 13.2 mm/hr. This results in a design flow of 6.1 L/s. A runoff coefficient was determined to be 0.13 to account for the mostly dense forested area within the catchment.    Figure 8: Rainfall vs Return Year Distribution Canyon Creek, which begins at the drainage low point, runs north to the shoreline (refer to  Figure 2: Trail and Creek Map). This creek may begin on the south side of the boulevard, but this was unable to be confirmed on site. The creek may have been buried in a culvert under the road, therefore ground penetrating radar or other explorative options should be considered. The creek is currently not fish bearing, however Metro Vancouver’s goal is to rejuvenate creeks in the greater Vancouver area.  y	=	8.9124ln(x)	- 1.1538R²	=	0.99485051015202530354045501 10 100Rainfall	(mm/day)Return	YearRainfall	vs	Return	YearRainfallLog.		(Rainfall)To Spanish TrailTo Tasmania Cres/Chancellor BlvdTo Spanish TrailTo Pioneer TrailTo Canyon /Chancellor TrailTo Pioneer TrailTo Salish TrailBus PadBus PadPainted IslandPainted IslandSeperated Parallel ParkingPainted MedianProtected Median CrossingPedestrian and Bike UnderpassNew Hamber IntersectionSurface MaterialsPattern MaterialAsphaltConcreteGrassGravelPatterned ConcreteNote: Asphalt ha been left blank but only areas inside of road or pathbounds are asphalt. All areas outside of the Road ROW will be leftas the natural parkland or will be landscaped with grass.N15+51.600+000.000+100.000+200.000+300.000+400.000+500.000+600.000+700.000+800.000+900.001+000.001+100.001+200.001+300.001+400.001+500.000+10.000+20.000+30.000+40.000+50.000+60.000+70.000+80.000+90.001+10.001+20.001+30.001+40.001+50.001+60.001+70.001+80.001+90.002+10.002+20.002+30.002+40.002+50.002+60.002+70.002+80.002+90.003+10.003+20.003+30.003+40.003+50.003+60.003+70.003+80.003+90.004+10.004+20.004+30.004+40.004+50.004+60.004+70.004+80.004+90.005+10.005+20.005+30.005+40.005+50.005+60.005+70.005+80.005+90.006+10.006+20.006 + 3 0 . 0 06+40.006+50.006+60.006 + 7 0 . 0 06+80.006+90.007+10.007+20.007+30.007+40.007+50.007+60.007+70.007+80.007+90.008+10.008+20.008+30.008+40.008+50.008+60.008+70.008+80.008+90.009+10.009+20.009+30.009+40.009+50.009+60.009+70.009+80.009+90.0010+10.0010+20.0010+30.0010+40.0010+50.0010+60.0010+70.0010+80.0010+90.0011+10.0011+20.0011+30.0011+40.0011+50.0011+60.0011+70.0011+80.0011+90.0012+10.0012+20.0012+30.0012+40.0012+50.0012+60.0012+70.0012+80.0012+90.0013+10.0013+20.0013+30.0013+40.0013+50.0013+60.0013+70.0013+80.0013+90.0014+10.0014+20.0014+30.0014+40.0014+50.0014+60.0014+70.0014+80.0014+90.0015+10.0015+20.0015+30.0015+40.0015+50.00N3.81m3.3m3.55m1.5m2.32m3.3m1.54m3.3m1.5m3.4m4.58m1.45mR22.94mR15.51mR12.22mR20.11mR18.76mPatterned ConcreteRoll-over MedianRegular AsphaltGreen AsphaltGreen AsphaltGreenAsphaltGreen AsphaltGreen AsphaltGreen AsphaltGreen AsphaltRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltPatterned ConcreteRoll-over MedianRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltPatterned ConcreteRoll-over MedianExisting Grass MedianExisting Grass MedianRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltRegular AsphaltExtant of Intersection DetailExtant of Intersection DetailExtant of Intersection DetailLimit of Curb Geometry ChangesR28.69m4.86m9.39m1.92m7.69mR0.38mR0.78mR0.4m6.5m6.45mR14.95mR2.53m1.94m1.01m21.25m7m7.46m3.95mSchool Grounds1.71m0.5mCompany name:Created by:Phone:Date: 25/02/2018Printed from Grundfos Product Centre [2017.09.058]H[m]012345678910111213Q [l/s]0 10 20 30 40 50 60eta[%]0102030405060708090100SL1., 3*400 V, 50HzQ = 48 l/sH = 5.572 mLiquid temperature during operation = 20 °CEta pump = 65.6 %Eta pump+motor = 57.3 %P[kW]012345NPSH[m]0246810P1P2P1 = 4.565 kWP2 = 3.99 kWNPSH = 3 m1105377588801252204132572630DN10004XM16110260220984Description ValueGeneral information:Product name: SL1. No: 98624701EAN number: 5711498435490Technical:Actual calculated flow: 48 l/sMax flow: 63.6 l/sResulting head of the pump: 5.572 mHead max: 12 mType of impeller: S-TUBEMaximum particle size: 100 mmPrimary shaft seal: SIC/SICSecondary shaft seal: CARBON/CERAMICSApprovals on nameplate: CE, EN12050-1Curve tolerance: ISO9906:2012 3B2Cooling jacket: without cooling jacketMaterials:Pump housing: Cast iron (EN-GJL-250)EN-GJL-250Impeller: Cast iron (EN-GJL-250)EN-GJL-250Motor: EN-GJL-250Installation:Maximum ambient temperature: 40 °CFlange standard: DINPump inlet: 150Pump outlet: 100Pressure rating: PN 10Maximum installation depth: 20 mInst dry/wet: SUBMERGEDInstallation: VerticalFrame range: CLiquid:Pumped liquid: WaterMaximum liquid temperature: 40 °CLiquid temperature during operation: 20 °CDensity: 1000 kg/m³Kinematic viscosity: 1 mm2/sElectrical data:Power input - P1: 4.8 kWRated power - P2: 4 kWMains frequency: 50 HzRated voltage: 3 x 380-415 VVoltage tolerance: +10/-10 %Max starts per. hour: 20Rated current: 10.1-10.1 ARequested voltage: 400 VRated current at this voltage: 10.1 AStarting current: 65 ACos phi - power factor: 0.72Cos phi - p.f. at 3/4 load: 0.63Cos phi - p.f. at 1/2 load: 0.50Rated speed: 1464 rpmMotor efficiency at full load: 87.4 %7/13Company name:Created by:Phone:Date: 25/02/2018Printed from Grundfos Product Centre [2017.09.058]98624701 SL1. 50 HzNote! All units are in [mm] unless others are stated.Disclaimer: This simplified dimensional drawing does not show all details.1105377588801252204132572630DN10004XM1611026022098410/13Company name:Created by:Phone:Date: 25/02/2018Printed from Grundfos Product Centre [2017.09.058]Product number: 98624701Type: SL1. 48 l/s (154815)H total: 5.572 m ( +0%)Power P1: 4.565 kWPower P2 required in the dutypoint:3.99 kWMax starts per hour: 20NPSH required: 2.997 mEta pump: 65.6 %Eta motor: 87.4 %Eta total: 57.3 %Best eta pump: 66.7 % =Eta in best efficiencypointBest eta pump+motor: 58.3 % =Eta in best efficiencypointNom. Motor Speed: 1464 rpmEnergy consumption: 4094 kWh/YearPrice + energy costs: On request  /10YearsPhase: 3Voltage: 380-415Frequency: 50 HzCurrent (rated): 10.1-10.1 AType of impeller: S-TUBESize, pump outlet: 100Pressure stage, pipe connection: PN 10Maximum installation depth: 20 mstarting method: star/deltaMax starts per hour: 20Enclosure class (IEC 34-5): IP68Insulation class (IEC 85): HEx-protection: noNet weigth: 150 kgMax. particle size: 100 mmInstallation and Input Sizing ResultsPump Curve Dimensional Drawing: 11105377588801252204132572630DN10004XM16110260220984H[m]012345678910111213Q [l/s]0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60eta[%]0102030405060708090100SL1., 3*400 V, 50HzQ = 48 l/sH = 5.572 mLiquid temperature during operation = 20 °CEta pump = 65.6 %Eta pump+motor = 57.3 %P[kW]024NPSH[m]0510P1P2P1 = 4.565 kWP2 = 3.99 kWNPSH = 3 m13/13


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