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An investigation in sustainable lighting at Koerner’s Pub Parhar, Balpreet; Rambo, Connor; Anwer, Amro; Lyuh, Justin 2014-11-27

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UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Student Report       An Investigation in Sustainable Lighting Lighting at Koerner’s PubBalpreet Parhar, Connor Rambo, Amro Anwer, Justin LyuhUniversity of British ColumbiaApplied Science 261November 27, 2014         Disclaimer: UBC SEEDS provides students with the opportunity to share the findings of their studies, as well as their opinions, conclusions and recommendations with the UBC community. The reader should bear in mind that this is a student project/report and is not an official document of UBC. Furthermore readers should bear in mind that these reports may not reflect the current status of activities at UBC. We urge you to contact the research persons mentioned in a report or the SEEDS Coordinator about the current status of the subject matter of a project/report.AN INVESTIGATION INTO SUSTAINABLE LIGHTING AT KOERNER’S PUBSource: <>Submitted by Balpreet Parhar, Connor Rambo, Amro Anwer, Justin LyuhApplied Science 261 Section T1CThe University of British ColumbiaNovember 27, 2014ABSTRACTThe following report investigates how Koerner’s Pub, one of UBC’s most famous pubs situated right in the heart of campus, can become more energy sustainable through the type of lighting used in the common area. The Pub already uses the very common incandescent light bulbs as their main lighting source in the common area, but this report will delve into whether the Pub should switch to the more sustainable, yet less common CFL or LED lighting. The analysis and comparison of the three technologies in question, namely incandescent, CFL, and LED lighting, will take the form of a triple bottom line assessment.This triple bottom line assessment will measure the social, environmental, and economic impact of each of the three lighting methods. The primary research for the investigation was gathered through a personal tour of Koerner’s Pub and its energy utilities provided by our stakeholder Mr. Tim Yu. On the other hand, all secondary research was obtained through various websites, peer-reviewed papers, and books. The cumulative social appraisal conducted shows that in terms of social sustainability, LED lighting is the best out of the three options. The environmental assessment prefers the use of LEDs due to their lack of any environmentally hazardous elements and their decreased amount of waste produced in the long term. The last area of study in this triple bottom line assessment, the economical assessment, concludes that LEDs are the most cost -efficient form of lighting that can be utilized by Koerner’s Pub. In conclusion, the study shows that LEDs are indeed the most sustainable form of lighting and would be the most advantageous lighting option for Koerner’s Pub. iiTABLE OF CONTENTSABSTRACT iiLIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS ivGLOSSARY v1.0 INTRODUCTION 12.0 METHODOLOGY 23.0 ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 43.1 Incandescent Light Bulb 43.2 Compact Fluorescent Lamp 53.3 Light Emitting Diode 53.4 Cumulative Analysis 64.0 SOCIAL ANALYSIS 74.1 Incandescent Light Bulb 74.2 Compact Fluorescent Lamp 84.3 Light Emitting Diode 84.4 Cumulative Analysis 95.0 ECONOMIC ANALYSIS 105.1 Incandescent Light Bulb 105.2 Compact Fluorescent Lamp 105.3 Light Emitting Diode 115.4 Cumulative Analysis 126.0 CONCLUSION 15LIST OF REFERENCES 16iiiLIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS  Figure 1 : Cost of Lighting up to 50k Hours 13  Table 1 : Economic Analysis of Lighting 12                iv GLOSSARYcurrent the flow of electric charge, often carried through a wireelectron holes the conceptual opposite of an electron, attracts electrons Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression a multiple item questionnaire used to provide an indication of depression lumens the SI unit of luminous flux, equal to the amount of light emitted per secondphotons a particle representing a quantum of light with zero masstungsten the chemical element used to make electric light filamentultraviolet light a form of radiated energy not visible by the human eyewattage a measure of electrical power, calculated as energy per secondv1 INTRO'U&TION 2n thH6HptHmEHr of 125achHl Carson¶s Silent Spring hit thHshHlYHs of EookstorHs arounG                             thH8nitHG6tatHs:ith thatthHZ hHHls of thHmoGHrn HnYironmHntal moYHmHnt ZHrHsHt into motion                               6incHthat 6HptHmEHr in 12 anGup till toGaysciHntistsrHsHarchHrsanGHnginHHrs from all arounG                               thHZ orlGhaYHcontriEutHGto this moYHmHnt anGsomHhaYHHYHnGHGicatHGthHir carHHrs to making thH                                 Z orlGa morHsustainaElHplacH, n morHrHcHnt yHarsthH8niYHrsity of % ritish ColumEia has proYHGto                                 EH a lHaGHr in thH sustainaEility moYHmHnt Z ith its many ongoing anG futurH proM Hcts 7his inYHstigation rHport Z ill EHlooking into . oHrnHr¶s 3uEEnHrgyonHof thHongoing                           sustainaEility proM Hcts taking placHon 8% C campus7hHissuHat hanGZ as to finGa Z ay to makH                                   HnHrgy usagHin thHpuE morHHfficiHnt Z hilHaEiGing Ey thHsustainaEility initiatiYHat8% C7husthH                                 purposHof this proM Hct Z as to comHup Z ith a rathHr simplHanGcost HfficiHnt solution that Z ill solYH                                     this issuHEy HithHr coming up Z ith nHZ tHchnologiHs or morHsustainaElHaltHrnatiYHs to alrHaGy                             H[isting tHchnologiHs:ith somHEackgrounGinformation aEout thHfunctionalitiHs anGZ orkspacH                     rHgulations at . oHrnHr¶s 3uE anGa pHrsonal tour of thHplacHEoth proYiGHGEy our stakHholGHr 0r                                 7im <uanGsomHinitial rHsHarch into HnHrgy usagHZHGHciGHGto tacklHthHlighting aspHct ofHnHrgy                                   usagH in . oHrnHr¶s 3uE  7hHproposHGsolution that Z ill EHthHfocus of this inYHstigation papHr is to rHplacHthH                               currHntly HmployHGincanGHscHnt light EulEs in thHmain customHr arHa Z ith thHcompact fluorHscHnt                           lamps C) Lor Light Emitting ' ioGHLE' EulEs7hHthrHHtHchnologiHs in TuHstion hHrHZ ill EH                               comparHGusing thHtriplHEottom linH7% LassHssmHnt mHthoGology7his assHssmHnt incluGHs                       inYHstigating thHsocialHnYironmHntalanGHconomic aspHcts Hach tHchnologyZ hilst focusing morH                       on thHHnYironmHntal anGHconomic aspHcts7hrough ZHighing thHGiffHrHnt inGicators of HYHry 7% L                           catHgory a GHtailHGanalysis of HYHry proposHGsolution Z ill EHproGucHGanGthHn comparHGin orGHr to                                 proGucH a YiaElH solution that is in accorGancH Z ith 8% C¶s sustainaEility initiatiYH    G 0 (T+ O'OLO* < , n orGHr to accuratHly assHss anGGraZ conclusions rHgarGing thHlighting situation at . oHrnHr¶s                           3uEour group consultHGYarious forms of rHsourcHs7hHsHrHsourcHs aiGHGin thHanalysis of thH                               socialHnYironmHntalanGHconomic impacts of thHproposHGlighting solutions2ur rHsourcHs arH                         sHparatHG into tZ o Gistinctions primary anG sHconGary rHsourcHs  3rimary 6ourcH 2n 2ctoEHr 2nG201our group YisitHG. oHrnHr¶s 3uE7hHstakHholGHr0r7im <u lHGa                               group of 8% C stuGHnts on a tour of thHfacility2n thHtourusHful information Z as accruHGaEout thH                                     typHof lighting usHGrough numEHr of lighting fi[turHs that Z ill EHchangHGsi]Hof thHfacilityanG                                   hours of opHration 7his information Z as usHG primarily in thH analysis of thH Hconomic assHssmHnt  6HconGary 6ourcHs 7hHEulk of information utilisHGfor this inYHstigation Z as acTuirHGusing thH8% C liErary anG                             othHr onlinHsourcHs such as * ooglH6cholar anGElsHYiHr EnginHHring 9illagH7hHinYHstigation                         procHss H[ploitHGYarious scholarly M ournalsrHportsHncyclopHGiasanGmanufacturHr GatashHHts                   7ogHthHrthHsHconGary sourcHs proYiGHGa strong EasHof knoZ lHGgHto EHusHGfor analysis7o                               furthHr GHscriEH thH usH of sourcHs in Hach sHction rHfHr to thH list EHloZ 6ocial   scholarly M ournals rHports EnYironmHntal  scholarly M ournals HncyclopHGias manufacturHr GatashHHts Economic  rHports HncyclopHGias manufacturHr GatashHHts     , nGicators 2ur group usHGtriplHEottom linHinGicators to GissHct thHEoth thHprimary anGsHconGary                             rHsourcHs7hHinGicators GHscriEHthHmHthoGof analysis for Hach triplHEottom linHsHctionA                             nonH[haustiYH list of inGicators usHG can EH founG EHloZ  6ocial   ❖ HHalth EHnHfits anG ha]arGs ❖ ' Hcoration capaEility EnYironmHntal   ❖ EnHrgy consumption ❖ 0atHrial composition ❖ 3roGuct lifHspan  5HcyclaEility Economic   ❖ 3ricH of thH proGuct ❖ 0aintHnancH costs ❖ 3oZHr consumption              (N9IRON0 (NTAL ANAL<SIS 7hHscopHof this analysis Z ill consist of thHinitial purchasHof thHlight EulE up until thH                                     rHcycling or Gisposal of thHEulE7hHimpact of any procHss outsiGHof this scopHsuch as proGuction                                   Z ill not EHconsiGHrHGEach light EulEas pHr thHtriplHEottom linHanalysisZ ill EHanalysHGusing thH                                     folloZ ing catHgoriHsHnHrgy consumptionmatHrial composition anGproGuct lifHspan anGrHcyclaEility                     , n rHgarGs to HnHrgy consumptionincanGHscHntC) LanGLE' light EulEs Z ith roughly thHsamHlight                               output Z ill EH H[aminHG  1 IQ F aQ G eV F eQ W  LigK W  %ulb , ncanGHscHnt light EulEs arHtypically founGin thH0Z att YariHtythis Z ill EHusHGas a                               rHfHrHncHfor light output7hHsHlights haYHthHhighHst wattage pHr lumen7his is EHcausH                             incanGHscHnt EulE tHchnology is YHry inHfficiHnt as most of thHHnHrgy is lost GuHto hHat across thH                                   filamHnt , ncanGHscHnt light EulEs contain a tungsten filamHnthoZHYHrthHEulE is consiGHrHG                       complHtHly nonto[ic to humans:hilHthHHffHcts of tungstHn on thHHnYironmHnt arHnot Z HllGHfinHG                               somHstuGiHs shoZ that ³thHprHsHncHof tungstHn in soil rHsults in thHGHath of cHrtain EactHriarHG                                   Z orms anGplants´6trigul2005' HspitHthisincanGHscHnt EulEs contain thHloZHst prHsHncHof                           ha]arGous matHrials Z hHn comparHG to C) Ls anG LE' s 7hHaYHragHincanGHscHnt light EulE lasts for aEout 1000 hoursZ hich is far loZ Hr than C) Ls                               anGLE' s Lim2013AGGitionallythHrHis no longHr a rHcycling program for incanGHscHnt EulEsso                               GHaGEulEs arHthroZ n aZ ay in thHtrash7hHrHlatiYHly short lifHspan of thHincanGHscHnt light EulE Z ill                                   rHsult in grHatHr Z astH accumulation in thH lanGfill     &R P S aF W  FluR reV F eQ W  LaP S   A 131Z att C) L can proGucHthHsamHamount of light as a 0Z att incanGHscHnt EulE % C                                 HyGronG7hat isthHC) L is appro[imatHly 5 pHr cHnt morHHfficiHnt than thHincanGHscHnt light                                 As a rHsult of this improYHGtHchnologyfar lHss hHat is HmittHGfrom thHEulE7his can haYHnHgatiYH                                     HffHct on HnHrgy saYings in colGHnYironmHntsas morHHnHrgy is usHGto compHnsatHfor lack of                                 hHating ³EfficiHnt lighting HTuals highHr hHat Eills´200ConYHrsHlythHsHlights may haYHa                           positiYHHffHct in Z arm HnYironmHntsas thHlights Z ill not Hmit much hHat anGas a rHsultput lHss                                     strain on thH cooling systHm  C) L lights contain 2milligrams of mHrcury pHr EulE % C HyGronG7his can EHGamaging                               to thHHnYironmHnt if thHconcHntratHGmHrcury comHs in contact Z ith plants anGanimals Yia air or                                 Z atHr pollution7his can HYHn affHct humans inGirHctlyfor H[amplHconsumption of fish occupying                           Z atHr pollutHG Ey mHrcury 15' C nG  7hHaYHragHC) L lasts for 10000 hoursEHforHnHHGing rHplacHmHnt Lim20137his is a                             grHat improYHmHnt oYHr incanGHscHnt lightsas thHC) L Z ill only rHTuirHrHplacHmHnt oncHfor HYHry                             tHn incanGHscHnt EulEs) urthHrmorHthHC) L also has manGatory rHcycling programs7his translatHs                         into far lHss Z astH sincH fHZHr EulEs Z ill EH usHG anG most of thH matHrials Z ill EH rHcyclHG   LigK W  (P iW W iQ g 'iR G eV   A 12 Z att LE' light EulE can proGucHas much light as a 0Z att incanGHscHnt EulE7his                                 EulE is significantly morHHfficiHnt than thHincanGHscHnt light anGslightly morHHfficiHnt than thHC) L                               As thHmostHnHrgyHfficiHnt light EulEthHLE' rHsults in thHgrHatHstGHcrHasHinHnHrgy consumption                                 Z hich lHaGs to a grHat GHcrHasH in carEon Gio[iGH Hmissions LE' s contain somHpotHntially to[ic HlHmHntshoZHYHrthHy arHgHnHrally prHsHnt in                       concHntrations EHloZ fHGHrally rHgulatHGlHYHls 86' HpartmHnt of EnHrgynGLE' lights fall                          EHtZHHn incanGHscHnt lights anGC) Ls in tHrms of potHntialHnYironmHntal impacts1onHthHlHssthHsH                         EulEs haYHa manGatory rHcycling program to HnsurHthHsHha]arGous mHtals Go not pollutHthH                             HnYironmHnt 7hHaYHragHLE' lasts for 50000 hours EHforHrHTuiring rHplacHmHnt Lim20137his is far                             longHr than thHincanGHscHnt light anGC) L6imilarly to thHC) LfHZHr EulEs Z ill EHusHGanGmost of                                     thH light EulE matHrials Z ill EH rHcyclHG   &uP ulaW iYe AQ al\V iV  , n tHrms of HnHrgy consumptionLE' light EulEs arHthHmost HfficiHnt6incHHlHctricity                           gHnHration is not HntirHly clHanany rHGuction in HnHrgy usHGZ ill rHGucHcarEon Gio[iGHHmissions                             5HgarGing thHmatHrial compositionthHLE' Z as outpHrformHGEy thHincanGHscHnt light EulEas                           LE' s contain loZ concHntrations of HnYironmHntally ha]arGous HlHmHnts7hHYarious rHcycling                     programssuch as thHonHs managHGEy % C HyGroHnsurHthat LE' s haYHminimal impact on thH                                 HnYironmHnt upon GisposalLastlythHLE' has incrHGiEly long lifHtimHanGas a rHsult proGucHs lHss                               Z astHthan incanGHscHnt anGC) L lights7hHcumulatiYHHnYironmHntal analysis has lHGus to                           choosHLE' light EulEs as thHmost HnYironmHntally friHnGly anGsustainaElHof our thrHH                           lighting options        SO&IAL ANAL<SIS 7hHsocial analysisas pHr our triplHEottom linHanalysisZ ill EHlooking at hHalth anG                               safHty risks anGthHmHstylHof thHEulEsLight EulEs may not sHHm to haYHan impact on social                                   intHractionshoZHYHr thHy haYHsignificant impact on pHoplH¶s hHalth through EulE raGiation                       intHrnal matHrials anGinGirHctly through its GHcoration capaEilitythHsHfactors can improYH                       pHoplH¶s Hmotion anGEHhaYiour7hHprHsHntation of thHlight EulEs anGhoZ thHy fit into thH                               thHmHof . oHrnHr¶s 3uE is also YHry important. oHrnHr¶s offHrs a uniTuHatmosphHrHanGit is                               YHry important that nHZ  anG rHturning customHrs fHHl comfortaElH  1  IQ F aQ G eV F eQ W  LigK W  %ulb As mHntionHGHarliHrincanGHscHnt light EulEs carry tungstHn filamHnts insiGH7hHsH                     tungstHn filamHnts can EHhHalth ha]arGs to humans Z ith GirHct H[posurH0Hmory anGsHnsory                           GHficitsanGincrHasHGmortality GuHto lung cancHr haYHrHsultHGfrom thHusHof high tHnsilH                               strHngth tungstHn :ittHn0L6hHpparG35	:ittHn% L2012hoZHYHrincanGHscHnt                             light EulEs haYHEHnHfits as Z HllLight gHnHratHGfrom incanGHscHnt light EulEs Z as aElHto                             achiHYHa final scorHon thHHamilton Rating Scale for DepressionH56' of 50Z hich mHans                               it no longHr mHHts thHcritHria for maM or GHprHssiYHGisorGHr <HrHYanianAnGHrson* rota 	                           % ray1AnothHr aGYantagHof thHincanGHscHnt light EulE is that thHy haYHa traGitional                             GHsign that Erings thHYintagHthHmHto its surrounGing HnYironmHnt' uring our 3[3                         prHsHntation0r7im<u statHGthat hHprHfHrs a traGitional incanGHscHnt light EulE GHsign GuHto                               thHir aEility aGG to thH YintagH stylH of thH . oHrnHr¶s 3uE     &R P S aF W  FluR reV F eQ W  LaP S  Compact fluorHscHnt lamps arHknoZ n to EHmorHHfficiHntproGucing arounGthHsamH                         luminancHas incanGHscHntanGusing lHss poZHrCompact fluorHscHnt lamps contain YHry small                         amount of mHrcuryEut Z hHn humans arHH[posHGit can causHpotHntial harm0Hrcury has                             harmful HffHcts on thHimmunHsystHm anGis also associatHGZ ith forgHtfulnHssGHprHssion                         GroZ sinHsshHaGachHloss of HnHrgy anGothHr Yarious symptoms 1aEi6201C) Ls also                           proGucHultraYiolHt raysthHsamHraGiation proGucHGfrom thHsunZ hich can harm C) L usHrs                             Z ho might haYHskin proElHmsAnGthHsH89rays arHthHrHsult of mHrcury prHsHnt in thHC) Ls                                   0HasurHmHnts of 89 Hmissions from thHsHEulEs founGsignificant lHYHls mHrcuryZ hich                       appHarHGto comHfrom cracks in thHcoatings of thHEulEs 0ironaYa7HaGM iargyrou0                             6imon05afailoYich0H20127hHsocial analysis is Z hHrHC) L falls off Z hHn comparing                             to thHincanGHscHnts anGthHLE' s7hHy contain YHry ha]arGous matHrials in thHm anGusing                             thHm coulGpotHntially harm pHoplHthat rHTuirHintHnsiYHskin carH7hHrHsHHms to EHharGly any                               hHalth EHnHfits Z hHn in usHAlsoC) Ls Gon¶t haYHthHGHsign 0r7im <u prHfHrrHGas it is                                   alZ ays comHs in a form of curly light EulEso its GHsign capaEility falls short Z hHn comparing to                                   othHr light EulEs    LigK W  (P iW W iQ g 'iR G e E[posurHto LE' s has EHHn founGto offHr somHhHalth EHnHfits anGothHr social gains                             3rHcisHwavelength light HmittHGfrom LE' s alloZ s thHm to EHa YaluaElHrHsourcHfor HYHryGay                             mHGical applications. nislHy- 2012' uHto thHir capaEility to proGucHwavelengths that can                           affHct pHoplH¶s Erain actiYity GirHctlyLE' s can sHrYHas an aiGto onH¶s slHHp. nislHy-                                 2012An H[pHrimHntal stuGy has shoZ n that aGultsspHcifically sHnior aGultssuffHr from slHHp                           GisorGHrs that may EHcausHGEy aEsorEing an aEnormal amount of artificial light throughout thH                             GayLE' lightas thHstuGy GiscoYHrHGcan proYiGHthHoptimum amount of light anG                             Z aYHlHngths to hHlp rHsolYHsuch slHHp GisorGHrs. nislHy- 20127his mHans a hHalthiHr anG                             morH positiYH HffHct on customHrs of thH puE Although it may EHknoZ n for many rHasons. oHrnHr¶s 3uE is EHst knoZ n for offHring its                               customHrs a YintagHfHHl anGatmosphHrH, ncanGHscHnt EulEs hHlp in proYiGing this atmosphHrH                         anGsoproYHYaluaElHto thHpuE' HspitHthatLE' s haYHthHaEility to mimic such                               incanGHscHnt light EulE GHsignoffHring thHsamHTuality of atmosphHrHfor a potHntially hHalthiHr                           form of light) or H[amplH) Hit ElHctric * 16HriHs LoZHsnGis a LE' light EulE GHsignHG                                 to look anGfHHl likHthHtraGition light EulEZ hich can YHry ZHll EHthHpHrfHct LE' suEstitutHto                                     incanGHscHnt light EulEs anG satisfy . oHrnHr¶s 3uE¶s GHcoratiYH nHHGs at thH samH timH   &uP ulaW iYe AQ al\V iV  , n tHrms of social impactLE' s arHthHEHst option for . oHrnHr¶s 3uE, t GoHs not contain                                 any ha]arGous matHrial unlikHincanGHscHnt light EulEsanGC) LsEoth of Z hich contain                         tungstHn anGmHrcury rHspHctiYHly, n aGGitionLE' s can EHa contriEutor to pHoplH¶s hHalth Ey                             proYiGing thHm a YHry prHcisHZ aYHlHngth of light anGan optimal amount of light upon H[posurH                               LE' light EulEs also haYHthHpotHntial to offHr thHsamHatmosphHrHas incanGHscHnts Z hich is                               important to maintain thHpuE¶s atmosphHrH7husthHsocial analysis concluGHs that LE' s arH                           thH EHst option out of thH thrHH EasHG on thH social inGicators chosHn anG usHG for thH analysis    (&ONO0 I& ANAL<SIS 7hHfinal componHnt of thHtriplHEottom linHinYHstigation is thHHconomic analysis) or a                             EusinHssthHmonHtary running costs arHYital to its succHssAs a rHsultthis stuGy Z ill inYHstigatHthH                                   initialongoinganGcumulatiYHcosts associatHGZ ith Hach potHntial solutionincluGing thHprHsHnt                         incanGHscHnt light EulEs usHGat . oHrnHr¶s 3uE7hHrHZ ill EHH[aminations upon thHproGuction of                             light anG associatHG HfficiHnciHs proGuct costs anG H[pHctHG proGuct lifHspan     1 IQ F aQ G eV F eQ W  LigK W  %ulb 7hHmost common light EulE in usHtoGay is thHtraGitional incanGHscHnt light EulE 81E3                             2010, ncanGHscHnts function Ey using an HlHctric current to hHat up a tungstHn filamHnt2ncHthH                               filamHnt rHachHs a spHcific tHmpHraturHlight is proGucHG7o maintain lightthHincanGHscHnt EulE                           must maintain thHtungstHn at a high tHmpHraturHas a rHsultthHrHarHlargHhHat lossHs that makHthH                                     EulE inHfficiHnt as comparHGto othHr tHchnologiHsLunau2013' uHto thHrHlatiYHly high Z attagHof                               0: rHTuirHGEy an incanGHscHntHnHrgy costs oYHr thHlong tHrm can EHoYHrZ hHlminghoZHYHr                             sincHincanGHscHnts usHsimplHtHchnologiHsthHy arHH[trHmHly chHap pHr unit Z hHn comparHGto                           LE' s, t is not uncommon to sHHincanGHscHnt EulEs for lHss than 1AftHr aEout 1200 hoursan                                   incanGHscHnt Z ill Eurn out thHtungstHn filamHntanGno longHr EHcapaElHto proYiGHlight³Lighting                               lifHspan Ey thH numEHrs´ 2012 ) inally it is Z orth noting that thH EulEs proGucH 5000 lumHns    &R P S aF W  FluR reV F eQ W  LaP S  Compact fluorHscHnt lampalso knoZ n as thHC) L or HnHrgy saYHr EulEis thHfirst altHrnatiYH                               unGHr inYHstigation7o proGucHlightC) Ls usHcurrHnt to H[citHmHrcury HlHctrons to a highHrHnHrgy                               statHAs thHsHHlHctrons rHturn to thHir original HnHrgy statHthHy rHlHasHultraviolet light7hH                             ultraYiolHt light is conYHrtHGto YisiElHlight Z hHn it passHs through thHfluorHscHnt coating on thHEulE                                  ³Compact fluorHscHnt lamps C) Ls´2011* HnHrally C) Ls arHalmost si[ timHsmorHHfficiHnt than                           incanGHscHnts, n orGHr to proGucHthHsamHluminancHas an incanGHscHntC) Ls rHTuirHroughly 1                             Z atts, n tHrms of costC) Ls arHslightly morHH[pHnsiYHthan incanGHscHntsoftHn ranging EHtZHHn                             28nlikHincanGHscHnt light EulEsC) L light EulEs haYHhunGrHGs of HlHctrical componHnts                         rHsulting in a grHatHr possiEilitiHs for failurHhoZHYHra consumHr canH[pHct 10000 hours of Z orking                               functionality EHforH any ErHakGoZ n ³Lighting lifHspan Ey thH numEHrs´ 2012    LigK W  (P iW W iQ g 'iR G e Light Hmitting GioGHsor LE' sarHoftHn consiGHrHGthHmost HfficiHnt lighting solution in                           markHt toGay2YHr thHlast 5 yHarsLE' s haYHsHHn a pricHGHcrHasHof 5GuHto tHchnological                                   aGYancHs in thHinGustry % C HyGronGLightHmittingGioGHs usHelectron holes to attractHlHctrons                               upon contactthHrHis a rHlHasHof lighting Hmitting photons% y changing thHGistancHs EHtZHHn thH                               HlHctrons anGthHcorrHsponGing holHsaGiffHrHnt colour or intHnsity can EHproGucHGHolonak2000                             7his alloZ s for grHatHr customi]ation for manufacturHrs7o furthHr HnticHconsumHrsLE' s haYHthH                           loZ Hst Z attagHranging from 10: thHsHZ attagHs Z ill proGucHthHsamHnumEHr of lumHns as a                                 0: incanGHscHnt7o furthHr supplHmHnt thHsaYingsLE' s can haYHlifHspans in H[cHss of 50000                               hours ³Lighting lifHspan Ey thHnumEHrs´20128nfortunatHlyintHgrating all thHsHfHaturHs into a                           light EulE comHas a cost, n tHrms of markHt YaluHLE' s arHthHmostH[pHnsiYHoption initially Z ith                                     thHir chHapHst YariHty founG at roughly 15           &uP ulaW iYe AQ al\V iV  , n orGHr to comparHincanGHscHntsC) LsanGLE' sthHrHnHHGs to EHa cumulatiYHanalysis of                               thHinitial costas ZHll as thHongoing maintHnancHcosts0orHoYHrthHHconomical calculations arH                             GonHin thHµ6pHcifications¶sHction of thHtaElH7hHsHcalculations arHcomputHGfor 50000 hours                             appro[imatHly 11 yHars at 12 hours of usH a Gay 7o furthHr GHscriEHthHGata formulatHGin thHtaElHplHasHinspHct µ6upplHmHntary 7aElH                         , nformation¶ founG on pagH 15   127E 7hH YaluHs GHscriEHG in thH taElH EHloZ  arH appro[imatH anG accuratH as of 1oYHmEHr 201 Table 1 : Economic Analysis of Lighting  Incandescent CFL LED Features:    Break protection none none outer casing Environmental concerns none contains mercury none Dimmable yes yes - limited yes - limited Temperature sensitive yes yes no Turning on speed instant several seconds instant     Specifications:    Wattage 60 12-16 6-10 Lumens/Watt* 13 57 100 Lifespan (hr) 1200 10000 50000 # of bulbs for 50k hrs* 42 5 1      Energy consumed (50k hrs)* 3000 kWh 700 kWh 400 kWh Energy cost* $6000 $1400 $800 Cost per bulb $0.60 $2.00 $20.00 Net cost for 50k hrs* $6500 $1600 $1200  7aElH 1  Economical Analysis of Lighting GisplayHG aEoYH shoZ s thH fHaturHs anG Yarious costs associatHG Z ith thH potHntial lighting options at . oHrnHr¶s 3uE   Figure 1 : Cost of Lighting up to 50k Hours  ) igurH 1  Cost of Lighting up to 50k Hours GisplayHG aEoYH shoZ s costs associatHG at Hach timH intHrYal HYHntually summing to 50k hours of usH     ❖ Initial is thH cost consiGHrs thH pricH for 20 EulEs ❖ Ongoing Maintenance is thH proGuct cost associatHG to maintain 20 light fi[turHs oYHr 50k hours ❖ Ongoing Energy is thH HnHrgy cost associatHG to maintain 20 light fi[turHs oYHr 50k hours ❖ Long Term is thH total cost oYHr 50k hours  6upplHmHntary 7aElH , nformation  LumHns:att    A common EasH of 00 lumHns Z as usHG  Common LumHns  0Han :attagH   LumHns:att  of EulEs for 50k hrs   A common EasH of 50000 hours Z as usHG Common Hours  LifHspan    of EulEs for 50k hrs EnHrgy consumHG 50k hrs   A common EasH of 50000 hours Z as usHG Common Hours  0Han :attagH   EnHrgy consumHG 50k hrs  EnHrgy cost   A common EasH of 20 EulEs Z as usHG A common EasH of 010 k:h Z as usHG Common % ulEs  EnHrgy ConsumHG  Common k:h   EnHrgy cost 1Ht cost for 50k hrs  A common EasH of 20 EulEs Z as usHG   of EulEs for 50k hrs  Common % ulEs  EnHrgy cost   1Ht cost for 50k hrs     &ON&LUSION 2ur stakHholGHr0r7im <u informHGus at thHEHginning stagHs of our inYHstigation that rHnt                               for . oHrnHr¶s 3uE incluGHs utilitiHs so thHrHZ as no financial incHntiYH6oZHsHt out to finGa loZ                                     costyHt HffHctiYHsolution to thHtask at hanGAftHr carHful analysis anGcomparison of C) LsLE'                                 EulEs anG incanGHscHnt light EulEs a conclusion has EHHn rHachHG  , n rHgarGs to thHsocial aspHctLE' light EulEs haYHEHHn founGto not contain any Eiologically                                 ha]arGous matHrials anGon H[posurHmight haYHsomHEHnHficial HffHcts to onH¶s slHHp anGmHntality                             in thHlong runAs for thHHnYironmHntal aspHctLE' s proGucHlHss oYHrall Z astHthan C) Ls anG                                 incanGHscHnts in thHlong runLast Eut not lHastHconomicallyLE' s haYHa chHapHr nHt cost for fifty                                   thousanGhours of usHthan its tZ o countHrpartsHHncHthHconclusion that this inYHstigation rHport has                               lHGus to EHliHYHis that LE' lighting is morHsociallyHconomicallyanGHnYironmHntally sustainaElH                             than C) L anGincanGHscHnt lighting anGcan thHrHforHEHprHsHntHGas thHEHst YiaElHlighting option                               that can EH implHmHntHG at . oHrnHr¶s 3uE            LIST OF R(F(R(N&(S  Aucott 0 0cLinGHn 0 	 :inka 0 2003 5HlHasH of mHrcury from ErokHn fluorHscHnt  EulEs - 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