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Composition recital George, Linda Margaret 1991

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COMPOSITION RECITALByLINDA MARGARET GEORGEB.Mus.EcL, Daihousie University, Halifax, N.S., 1986A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENTOF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OFMASTER OF MUSICinTHE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIESDepartment of MusicWe accept this thesis as conformingto the requird standardTHE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIAApril 1991Linda Margaret George, 1991In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanceddegree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make itfreely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensivecopying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of mydepartment or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying orpublication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my writtenpermission.(Signature)_______________________________Linda N. GeorgeDepartment of .The University of British ColumbiaVancouver, CanadaDate April 13, 1991DE-6 (2188)C)U)oic 2 HDiDi0o‘iiDi •C H*C 3•2—H332—:zi—ornHo0tn0CflXIEu’c÷r—0—3D&<20Di•H(n0—c+(0cUi0(002—2—00o&<Di*(0(0ID(0 c+ &Di*0(00—ci)0<<*(0*Xi2rnD2XliC)cii0(0—Ifl<HHIn(02ci)ci)—DiDici)to&nIn-•rnXI&0<0o—rnC)ci)*2XIC)•H—0•I30H•XI C 3 C’) I•••I- El)••0••*C 2(YlUiU)t’JIsi0)Isi0)0)Is)0H Di Di 0 -n C) 0 2 H Di 2 H C’)01I’J—THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIASCHOOL OF MUSICRecital HallSaturday, April 13, 19918:00 p.m.GRADUATION RECITAL *LINDA N. GEORGE, CompositionAnd The Seventh Trump Shall Sound ( 1989I RevelationII No—mans—landIII Passage To GloryJennifer Sokowin, trumpetMellow Motion ( 1989Mixt RainRobin Reid, VibraphoneJason Strain, Tenor SaxophoneThree Love Songs C 1990I Dost thou love me, my Beloved ? Text : ElizabethII I have seen thy heart today Barrett BrowningIII Now I sit aloneLynne McMurtry, voiceCameron Friesen, pianoShades Of Autumn ( 1988David Pay, soprano saxophoneBonnie—Jean Tsuji, alto saxophoneJason Strain, tenor saxophoneCohn MacDonald, baritonesaxophone- INTERMISSION —1)-i*&‘-4OnC—C’$ac‘00mmcmoaId,aau•oaz’.a0oaI’‘soa‘acm‘1zw’<o‘aam’saaa.za‘a0—wmma‘100’.•tao‘600oaz’oa—or’omoa‘sa00mold.Id.’0zamco’sma‘iC0rn—azz0—i—rnoar0ooo’.acw.—oazoam—4—amsmzo—4Ø’sId.4am—DO‘<000—Id.maozcmoa.‘sao’sa0aaoa’smz’0%03o.’<o‘s0—‘s0oa3<a—met.,‘a0%‘s’‘‘.oa•‘smmoo00oD‘aSC•BD’s‘S0Id’D’O%000maw,acz’sacwmoa—0owa‘smaa’saa0.0—c‘a’•oxmaScocatm—rn—a’OOD”sO’s‘a’—‘a’sa—OoaDac000tODWa0Cma0—‘s‘ia•‘am‘acaama.z’maz‘a’aCtaoa“aamaamm’a•om0•azoammaaom•‘6‘aczmw.<0‘Stazmo‘sa’0‘ao—aa00zaaa0‘s’bSarnD’aDa‘sz’a0a•0•0m...a0‘szo3-%aC0’srm0‘szaaa0earnaazcooaa0CDO‘S00a•a 0DiCDCDOOQCCDiDicrQr—oz--<-zuCDDioccn‘<c+<r÷&CDDiDiC-t-&ctt-”<C+C++waDT&CD<<tfltYcTznCD-<t-CDCD-t-t-”:’-&Pic+—DiCDCDtftflZCDci-OflDiDco—‘--OOCO(DocICDno—ouo<z<OOT&&<EDCDiDccz—cQ-wCDcuoCD<00CDCD0—DCD0rtDiDiz‘-t-D)o-opi<o:iZ-0D)—Di0-b-sCD<rt-0<Z01QCDT”rt-0C<flDiCD0&+<1Jrj<CnDiiCDzDOCDCDt-0CDHD0CDZ’0&Oc-t-DiCDCD&H,<0c+’<-<zCD1—zizCD--CDz0o0Dit-CDu1CD—onDiCD—Uc-t-CDDCDCD0CDCDCD‘<-D—T)GCD<a&ODiJQ(D‘13SCDCDDi‘1CD’-’n‘jDi&&<CD’1CDCD<0DiO10&-4-‘-<&CDS<0<‘<0&CD&cu‘1&CDD-DC00DQ’10CD&WQfl’-b<CL&&W‘1’1W‘-bCD0-CDcrCic‘<CD0-OPJO-0CCDCDOCDCD‘C0zZCDODiCD—uCD—o<z—>—‘10Qc-t-0.zzCD0S<t&CDDiDi0’(D00zCCD‘1(DQ-<CDCL‘-<‘<<CL<CL<z-—‘•z-(D0-—(1)---3(fl’CD’CTQz&CYCL0CL0-CD‘1‘1CD-‘.)CDzz‘j.0 omN Di 0 CD &—b: DiOCD &coI4 DrDDp l1DYF-40c)LoEa0cUiV-4ru[I’)(NII14ILiILiL4IIII4a4[[[[ )H-I•1LII‘CK:(‘CA-i0E-4t0.00..1NtjN4FL)v+viI+F.1+L+:‘4 L.‘4> > > > 5Ii‘I7 Is)L VI,1=a,IIbibI4IIIIIIIcjFIIc.4’,-rIIc1bIj[1-4.-4.-4.-4.4-4,-4.iS.eQFFIINLFL‘CbbIbbbL!C‘CI.CI0z)DII—I rDDD D rti0 0 0V‘r><V ) •1411*4iJ(I(7A:tF-’= d C CC F’Zrj >41IWliiir[FfLIIfHil11JUftHHwtiihiI—1iIlrlJ.1411111i11J.IlW11ttWt1IItLIJ1{iL1t1[4]1t1tliiiitlrIlH:i;—ttrlld%—tffir1.I11LIL-a-11i_1-IALLLrL(cLU)r1CbLcIL1Lb4I1)7L.Lb1%b4.I1’Ib1•1CbI\r111:LCL(41-ICr0it1—1’ICI’LIc/_x(4t(4iç4A44b<-IL—rclb-C’<i-c-J L1 j 4 Si,—.7‘I I •I1k‘IIIC>01 JDDr+1Dr+DPda)C0CDa)0ai>0004,4,Ca0)H))IQ14)III-40‘-4—40I IIIfCcC“C0)cc)—U,0CDz00Co-‘V)**ICa)2)(()00’zCCUiCDE(UC-JC“0a.C.0aC4’-aa)Wfl_——uJC-J()a)‘-I4>*© -1 I C(PESYORMANCE NOTESKEY CLICKS:This is a percussive sound effect. No harmonic sonoritea are implied.It is to be performed according to the rhythms notated, using the loudestpossible sound. Ex. + + * tEJBLOW AIR AND RATTLE KEYS:Blow air through the instrument without causing the reed to vibrateor produce an actual tone. Random, rapid rattling of the finger keys.Ex______________CARDBOARD BOX WITH BRUSH:The tenor saxophone player playa a cardboard box with a percussionist’ sbrush. The box should be constructed of thick cardboard with a rough surface(a regular small storage—type box should be sufficient), and should be seamlesson the side which the brush will sweep.The method of performance is similar to the way a drummer would use a brushon a snare drum in a soft jazz situation. Using a clockwise circular motion,(ideally making one complete revolution per beat) will produce a percussive‘swish’ effect. The performer may wish to have the open end of the box facingtowards the audience, so that the sound will project in that direction.SUSPF21DED CYMBAL WITh METAL ITTTHG NEEDLE:The soprano saxophone player plays a suspended cymbal where notated, usinga metal knitting needle as a beater.Perform notated rhythms with a ‘swing’ effect.Use a 1 6”—20” ride cymbal. The metal knitting needle should not be too thick orheavy, as the desired effect is a light “ping’ sound.Ex. IflIfl37C.’D)flyC lv() 0r1rv[V 1V[:>[ )1.i.I%-b‘- 1--1’ )-b i )>4 ,.1 I..-bN F4 91 (b—c—c4,r 4)(r>-jI-’ I] 0 hj———a•ca] 4—>-)J-.4-4-+[ )Ir+4LJ4-‘-4--—4j44L)4U+.4—4[+L4_-4-4:cE1E::[,:.4..4--+44*.44-4.•j*44*4-[1-I-Li•1 I.,, ): >-j.-.)‘*v-yiy L>J——-c-C’* Fih)r--\_,‘‘-140--,Er+hiiL[IC,4-)I-) C, pTIi4rr4b4.11•1.f_4.44—4_+-4-4444.-4_4-+_44-4_.C-_1-FInIII-)--V!J1)•r >1—4ThIc)<1Ic)0-vrLD0 c) C(1 )JY ))===.C.C.1.V.)VV))V >>rl* i*j LV•1 $C1V V0(I.](4PJCCCUC-v0 H Ha’r a a a a 0 •1 a a4,V-b84-)‘V-o0J 1 H1-D4I 4 I.4.4.4C--vL7)—\ J.tThV-HJ1Th)jJCs,1r In 78-v -çI> r)4) IIfl, 14 4) 1$b-v-vw V:7-bVa’)NLrCo)I-i-o70Hfr,-Q0 00—I jfrrV 1-vH C çt4—4>H


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