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Mikhail Bulgakov and his works Galichenko, Nicholas Vladimirovich 1965

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MIKHAIL BULGAKOV AND HIS WORKS  by  NICK GALICHENKO  THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OP THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS IN THE DEPARTMENT of SLAVONIC STUDIES  We accept t h i s t h e s i s as conforming t o the r e q u i r e d standard  THE UNIVERSLTY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA April,  1965.  In the  requirements  British  for  Columbia,  available  for  mission for purposes his  presenting  I  agree  extensive  without  this  thesis  my w r i t t e n  Department  of  in partial  degree at  the L i b r a r y  study,  copying of  I  this  the U n i v e r s i t y shall  May 10,1965  make i t  f u r t h e r agree thesis  It for  is  understood  for  that  financial  gain s h a l l  permission*  ^  •  Columbia,  of  of freely per-  scholarly  that,copying  Slavonic Studies/ Russian,  P  fulfilment  by the Head o f my Department  The U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h Vancouver 8 Canada Date  that  r e f e r e n c e and  may be g r a n t e d  of  thesis  an advanced  representatives.  cation  this  or or  not be  by publi-  allowed  ABSTRACT  The scholarly purpose of t h i s thesis i s to i l l u s t r a t e the p o s i t i o n occupied by Mikhail Afqnasyevich Bulgakov (189119 +0) i n Soviet satire p a r t i c u l a r l y and i n Russian l i t e r a t u r e 1  as a whole, since the dilemma i n which the author under anal y s i s found himself, was  shared by Soviet authors of diverse  backgrounds and l i t e r a r y ideas. Early princedom Russia, the Kievan State and the ent i r e pre-Petrine epoch with i t s archaic structure, enrooted convervatism  and primitivism did not regard l i t e r a t u r e ,  grammer and education as valuable assets to the Russian citizen.  Of greater importance was defence against invading  hordes of nomads, the search for food for d a i l y l i f e and the observance of ancient orders, s o c i a l customs, superstitions and firm b e l i e f i n the old f a i t h . It was Peter the Great's r e s p o n s i b i l i t y by means of enormous e f f o r t s and the introduction of vigorous, often drastic laws and methods, to smash through the century-old crust of ancient " i c e " covering the Russian land, the Russian soul and mentality. When he began to trim the boyar s beards, some pre1  ferred suicide to humilation, and others death beneath the axe of the state executioner.  It seems that s i m i l a r l y Russian l i t e r a t u r e has a l ways led and leads a path of suffering i n a d i f f i c u l t  de-  fense of i t s l i t e r a r y p r i n c i p l e s against oppressive odds and very l i k e l y w i l l continue to do so i n the future. Such a beginning, t h i s virus i n the body of Russian l i t e r a t u r e - the pushing of various impeding  stakes i n bet-  ween the spokes of c r e a t i v i t y , never was cured by the app l i c a t i o n of any e f f e c t i v e antidotes. Thus was the fate of Russian l i t e r a t u r e decreed, so that within i t may  always be juxtaposed the Pushkins with  the Dantes, the Lermontovs with Martynovs, Bulgakovs and Tarsis  1  with the Khrushchevs, Brezhnevs and t h e i r party suc-  cessors . In the works of each of Russia's l i t e r a r y giants prose writers and poets a l i k e , each paragraph, l i n e and word fought with a Herculeqn w i l l and might i t s way towards l i f e i n the hearts and minds of the people. For t h i s reason tyrants, regardless of bloodlines, fear the growth, significance and active role of l i t e r a t u r e . For this reason Russian l i t e r a t u r e , developing and r e f i n i n g i t s e l f always remained very caustic i n tone, very heavy i n theme and had many enemies everywhere - among the strong of the world, i n the darkest kingdoms of egoists, bureaucrats, secret services and other organs of suspicion, censorship  - 3 -  and  enslavement. Were not a l l the persons sincerely connected with  l i t e r a t u r e condemned as r i o t e r s , rebel-rousers and revolutionaries?  And how many special rules governed and  regulate the printing presses?  still  Where else but i n Russia did  the shameful employment of " z i t s - e d i t o r s " e x i s t , whose duty i t was to s i t out j a i l terms for their employers - editors and publishers of newspapers and journals - who were sentenced by rule of other men,  not law?  F i n a l l y , what mountains of l i t e r a r y works were censored and what number of t h e i r authors defamed? It may be deduced, that over twenty-five percent of a l l l i t e r a r y workers i n Russian l i t e r a t u r e perished either p h y s i c a l l y or morally and died one of these deaths. Such "attention" paid to l i t e r a t u r e by i t s oppressors could not help but leaveatraee on i t s h i s t o r y . It i s u n l i k e l y that our evaluation of Russian l i t e r a ture as one baptized i n storm and f i r e i s incorrect. very elements continue to temper i t today.  Why  These  else would  the c h a r a c t e r i s t i c genres l i k e "laughter through tears", "notes from penal and mental i n s i t u t i o n s " (imaginary and factual) and "dreamt p r e v a i l i n i t ? What indeed did the Russian l i t e r a r y figure character-  - h -  i s t i c a l l y represent?  He was the object of suppression,  c r i t i c i s m , censorship, and other extreme measures. had the writer to be on a l e r t for?  What  Dangerous intrigue i n the co  the case of Pushkin, ill-fame for Bulgakov and death f o r Pasternak. In Soviet times, a l l of these "pleasures" awaited each writer and poet i f he could not reconcile himself with and "thank" from the bottom of his heart h i s hateful overlords, the rulers of the bodies and souls of the Russian people. In completing a major thesis on M.Bulgakov, i t was necessary f i r s t of a l l to keep i n mind a great Russian l i terature, whose image may be likened to a Sorrowful Beauty, who presents before the peoples of the world- her magnificent exterior and mature personality, while mourning for the people of her own land. yet  I wish to c a l l her by the ancient  appropriate a p e l l a t i o n - "a mourner of the Russian soul". In contrast to French l i t e r a t u r e - a coquettish being,  and German l i t e r a t u r e - a home economist, Russian l i t e r a t u r e despite the presence of Krylov, Chekhov, Gorbunov and l a t e r Zoschenko - always bore the stamp of "laughter through tears". Mikhail Bulgakov i n the history of Russian l i t e r a t u r e was at one and the same time a part of i t s heritage and an educational, scandalous embarrassment f o r the Soviet govern-  -  ment.  5 -  But f o r Russia i t s e l f , M i k h a i l Bulgakov was one  those rare people who  give impetus and v i t a l i t y to a n a t i o n -  a l l i t e r a t u r e that w i l l l i v e  i  of  forever.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  This t h e s i s has been w r i t t e n under the highlyi n s p i r i n g s u p e r v i s i o n o f professor V". Revutsky, whose c r i t i c i s m and cooperation throughout the course o f t h i s i n v e s t i g a t i o n was i n v a l u a b l e .  I s i n c e r e l y thank Mr.Revut-  sky f o r h i s a t t e n t i o n . In a d d i t i o n , I thank the Department Head, Dr. J.O. S t . C l a i r - S o b e l l , and members o f the Faculty o f Slavonic Studies f o r t h e i r combined assistance at the U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h Columbia.  i n my years o f study  TABLE  O F  CONTENTS  CTpaHHga BHorpa$HMecKaH  1  CnpaBKa  2  n e p e n e H IlpoH3BefleHHtt M . E y j i r a K O B a  rJIABA 1 P y c c K a a J l H T e p a T y p a B npe^y^^eBOJiJiiouHOHHbiH I l e p H O ^  4  r^aBa l ' l  PyccKoe  OdmecTBO 20-x T O ^ O B  12  111  TjiaBa  Odman r i o j i H T H H e c K a a CHTyaijHH B B nocjiepeBOjnouHOHHHHM I l e p H O ^  r^aBa  POCCHH  14  IV 16  IIojioKeHHe H a yKpaHHe r^aBa V PeBOJiioijHOHHHe T^aBa  20  DTanti  VI A H a j i H 3 OTj;ejrbHHx n p o H 3 B e ^ e H H M M . E y j i r a K O B a rioBecTr. "PoKOBHe  flHua"  JibHBoraa^a  24 24 28  Ho.13 nOXOX^eHHH ^HMHKOBa  30  KHTattcKaa  36  5OM  HCTOPHH  31  n&eca  "JJfm T y p C u H u x "  38  nbeca  "Eer"  47  nteca  "BarpoBHft  '!-3KH3HI>  Tocno^HHa  OCTPOB"  ne M o j i b e p d "  62 83  ii riocjie^HHe Rem  JIHK  IlyniKHHa  KHXOT  Ilteca  3aK^KHeHHe  "HBaH BacH/nbeBHH"  H  Appendix  BHBO,H  CTpaHHua 91 97 101  106  113  Footnotes Bibiliography  116  M. ByJirAKOB H ErO TBOP^ECTBO  BHorpafl)HHecKafl  onpaBKa B y j r r a K O B p o ^ H a c a 3/15  M i i x a H ^ ArfaHacbeBHM B  K H e B e , Ha  anaj;eMHH.  ynpaHHe, y-mncn  cpe^He-yMefjHoro KHeBCKHft  B  ro^y,  3 a T e u BepHyjica  CMOJieHCKOfi r y d e p H H H .  n e p B t r H MaaeHfeKHH p a < s c K a 3 . nncaTe^bCTBOM, d p o c H B  ymeji  oMHrpauuro  ra3eTe  H  KHJI  H  ceae  KneB  H  B  ro^y  B 1921  B  1919  3aHHJicfl  rosy, pery-  ro^y B y j r r a K O B  EepjmHe, co-sTpy^HHMaa  "HaKaHyHe".  p e n o p T e p o i i H cpejibeTOHHCTOM  »Mop  B 1920  Me^HUHHy.  padoTaji  BepHyBmHCB B M o c K B y  TOJIOX^HX  B  B  npaKTHKOtt.  JIHPHBIM B  OH  rOfly.  B jiHTepaType M. E y j i r a K O B H&H&n BHCTynaTb HanacaB  B  ByjrraKOB nocTynHa  ro^a /1916-1917/ p a d o T a / i 3eMCKHM B p a n e M  3 & H H M & J I C H HaCTHOJi  ro^a  no oKOHMaHHH  Me^HIJHHCKHfi CbaKyJIbTeT, KOTOpfclH  OKOHMKJI C OTJHMHeM B 1916  HHKOJIBCKOM,  KHeBcKott r u M H a 3 H H •  3aBe,neHHfl B 1909  yHHBepCHTeT Ha  JlBa  B  1891  KHeBCKofi ^ y x o B H O t t  ceiibe npocpeccopa  EyjiraKOB  Man  xypHa/roB  OTOTO  6OHJIHCI»  uojiofloro  B 1923  By/rraKOB p a d o T a j i  ro^y,  B pa3HHx r a 3 e i a x . ByjiraKOBa,  Tan  aBTopa He o c o d e H H O  KSK  MTHTCH  Pe^aKTopa  anajiH,  MTO  coBeTCKHMH  neH3opaMH.  TaKHM o f j p a 3 0 M , c o B e T C K a n  n a p T H H H a a u;eH3ypa  HBHJiacb  B  - 2 XJIH  M.  By^traKOBa n e p B o f l n p e r a ^ o f i H a n y T H K c e p i . e 3 H o f l  jiHTepaType. M.  By^traKOBa O T H O C H T  SoJibffloro j n m n a a o H a .  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O H  nncaTe^eM ^HTepaTypu  KpafiHero npaBoro $ ^ a H r a coBpeiieHHott H BiipB3HTejieM n p a B o 6 y p x y a 3 H H X  cjioeB  CMHTaeTCH pyccKoft coBeTCKoro  odmecTBa. riepeneHb npoH3Be.geHHfi M.  MTO  EyjiraKOBa.  " 3 a n H C K H H a M a H x e T a x " . 1 9 2 3 r . JKypHaji " P O C C H H " KpHTHMeCKHe ^aHHHe OTCyTCTByWT.  "Pc-KOBBie H f t n a " .  3 -  1925  r.  "He^pa".  AjiiMaHax  " ^ n a B o ^ H a ^ a " . 1925 r . C d o p H H K paecica30B. / " K H T a f i c K a a K c T o p H a " , "ROU HO.13", "iIOXOSCfleHHH MHMHKOBa"/.  "Beaaa T B a p ^ H a " . "Ran T y p r j H H H x " .  1925 r . P o M a H . H y p H a j i  "POCCHH".  1926 r . I l e p B a a H3BecTHaa n t e c a .  "3oftKHHa K B a p T H p a " .  1926  r . Koue^Ha.  "Ber". 1927 r. I l b e c a . "BarpoBHM  OCTPOB".  1928 r . nteca.  "EHSHB  T o c n o f l H H a Re M o j i t e p a " . 1933 Kaa noBecTb.  "Kac5ajia  CBaToni". / " M o a t e p " / . I l o c T a B ^ e H a B 1936 r .  r.  BHorpad)HHec-  HanncaHO  B 1930  r.  "riocaej5HHe . H H H " . /"nyniKHH /. 1935 r . £ p a M a . 11  "HBaH BacHJibeBHM .  1935  " B ^ a x e H C T B o " . 1935  r . K o M e f l n a T a K o r o xe  "A^aii H EBa".  r . ^r,paMa.  11  ",HOH  1938'r. CueHHHecKHft  KHXOT".  "BaTyM".  1935  1939  r.  roroJia. B  xaHpa.  BapnaHT•  Ilbeca.  IIpoH3Be^eHHe B y a r a K O B a caMocToaie^bHHM  Kouewa,  r . ^aHTacTHnecKaa  "rioxox^eHHa  npoH3Be^;eHHeM, c/iejtoBaBniHM  ^HHHKOBa"  6uno  xapaKTepaM  A n t e c y " M e p T B t i e Rywvi" a B T o p c o 3 ^ ; a j i c j i e j i y a Porojiro  HHCUeHHpOBKe.  B noc^e^HHe  r o ^ H XH3HH E y a r a K O B  Hanncn  HecKoabKO  onepHHX jiHdpeTTO - " M H H H H H r i o x a p c K H t t " , "^epHoe  Mope",  "JTIeTp B e ^ H K H H ,  poMaH  11  "MacTep  "Tamenh" n o M o n a c c a H y ,  H MaprapHTa".  pOMaH " 3 a n H C K H  He3aKOHHeHHHM  IIOKOHHHKa".  3SHOHMHJ  ocTajica c a T H p H n e c K H f t  rJIABA 1 PyCCKAfl JHTAPATyPA B nPEflPEBOJIPUHOHHaft ITEPTO IIpeflpeBo^ioiiHOHHHK pH30Ba^ca  nepnofl B pyccKott JiHTepaType x a p a K T e H^eHHHX n o 3 H U H 8 .  nepecMOTpoii C T a p u x  n o c j i e peBOJiroijHH rcepeoueHKH  1905 r o j a p e a K i j H a  Hapoj^HOCTH,  no^yMHBmHe iimpoKoe  fjypxya3Hoft,  jreyapHaT.  XHSHH.  HOBHe see P O C T K H  pacnpocTpaneHHe  M. T o p b K o r o , A. 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ByjiraKOBCKan uejieBan yCTaHOBKa HeflBycMucjieHHa; eMy Ha.no n o K a 3 a T b 3pHTejno, MTO c o B e T C K o M n.eH3ypoM''3anpaBJIHIOT ^ y p a M K H . HO OH XOMeT n O K 0 3 a T b OTO T a K MTOfJbl n e p B H M MOXHO fiUJIO B T e p e T b OMKH / x O T H fJH nO.3, SaTOJIOBKOM/ a  * 2 A Appendix Note  -  6 3  -  apyrae caMH n o c T H T J i H d u HacTonmyio cyTb Bemeft. H  "TeHepajibHaa p e n e T H H H f l " n o f l H o c H T C H H e k a K c a T H p a H H e naM^JieT ,zr,axe, a K a K c n j i o u i H o e HJjieBaTejibCTBp Ha,n BceM:. COBeTCKHM TeaTpaJIbHHM CTpOHTeJIbCTBOM. BOT  o neM p a c c K a 3 U B a i o T 3pHTejno:  MoJio^oK-aBTop c nceB^oHHMOM 3K»Jib-BepH H a n n c a j i no cpoHHOMy 3 a K a 3 y ^ H p e K T o p a T e a T p a H ^ e o j i o r H M e c K y r o n b e c y nojr, H a 3 B a H H e M EarpoBtift O C T P O B . Ee H H K T O enie He HHTaji, HO T a K K 3 K O T B e T p a d O T H H K C a B B a JlyKHH, O T KOToporo 3 a B H C H T p a 3 p e m e H H e n o c T a H O B K H , y e 3 x a e T B OTnycK, T O j n i p e K T o p p e m a e T HeMejuieHHO x e ycTpoHTb nojrayio r e H e p a j i b Hyio peneTHUtHK) - B r p H M e , KocTJOMax, c M O H T H P O B K O M H - V naxe My3UKajibHUM conpoBoacieHHeM. Hon cy(|>Jiepa. Bu3uBaKT C a B B y H a cneKTaKJib H noKasuBaioT e M y " E a r p o B u f t OCTPOB", r ^ e B a M nyHHO o d p n c o B U B a e T C H , KaK H a H e o d H TaeMOM o c T p o B e K p a c H O K O x n e CKH^uBaiOT C B o e r o i i a p a , BOK)K)T c "dejiuMH a p a n a M H " - e B p o n e f t u a M H , KaK K p a c H O K O x n x npe^aeT dejiuft BudpaHHHft H M H Boxflb H KaK B KOHqe K O H I J O B OHH 3aXBaTUBaK)T B CBOH p y K H BCK) BJiaCTb H a o c T p o B e . 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O H o d e u i a e T peKOMeHjjaBaTb e e B c e M no^Bejj;oMecTHUM e M y T e a T p a M , a a B T o p a n p e B o 3 H O C H T po H e d e c . O^HaKO, ecJiH jjoBojieH C a B B a , T O p a 3 o p e H a B T o p , p a 3 paxaioiUHficH o c T e p B e H e j i o H THpajj;oft n o a j i p e c y y r H e T a T e j i e f t M0JI0.2.UX T a J i a H T O B . KaKoft npeKpacHoM M o r ^ a d u d u T b faKaH c i o x e T H a H KaHBa CaTHpHHeCKHX ySOpOB. H KaKHM XaJIKHM, ydOTHM BbirjIHflHT ByjiraKOB B OBoeft n b e c e H B M e c T e c Heft. npoTHB $ a K T a He nonpeiui* - c a T H p H H e c K o r o TajiaHTa y B y j i r a K O B a H e T . E c T b cjiroHa, jD;axe d e i u e H a a n e H a , a x a j i o T y n o e : H e n p o H 3 a e T . c  npaB^a, dtiBaeT, H T O jipaMaTypr, He cnpaBjinncb c K O n o J i o x e H H H , KOMneHOHpyeT o c T p o y M H D f t n r p o f t GJIOB. Ho B " B a r p o s o M O c T p o B e " HeT H D T O T O . Cnjiom n o H T H Bee d a H a j i b H o , n j i o c K O , CTepTO H jj;emeBO. 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Bulgakov's autobiography  ero  H  H poMaHOM,  o,zt,HOBpeMeHHO H t)Horpac!)Hefi,  Hccjie^oBaHHeM"  H C T o p H n e c K H M  "Mnxanji  /'&L32-33/  j e MojiBepa"  nsnnerofi  KHHra  "DTa  83 -  nojj;  BeHHOM  roBopHT, MpanHO,  HTO  c ^eByuiKoM, OHa e r o c o d -  npejj;cKa3HBaH Bce-  H B e e 3TH npe.ztcKa3aHHH  onpaB-  .,16 ^HBaiOTCH. "TajiaHT  ByjiraKOBa  jiH3e p a d O T H M o j i B e p a . CBoero H H t i y ,  repoH. ee  JIiojoBHKa, Baiocb  nodopojj;oK  H  ^paMaTypra  A B T O P  xeHy  BparoB.  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Han H e n o n y c T H J i a c b d e 3 n p o c B e T H a a H O M B , T a K a n x e d e 3 n p o c B e T H a a H M e p H a a , KaKOtt d u j i a H O M B B TecpCHMaHCKOM Cany, B O BpeMH X P H C T O B O H M O J I H T B H O Maine.". ^  BbiBon H3 Bcero 0Ka3aHHoro MoxeT JlHTepaTypHoe M U C J I H M U  n p H HenpHMeHHOM  TBopMecKaa nyjiBca  xynoxHHKOB,  HacHJiHH,  ca,  BeJIHKHX  AHnxejio,  nenTeJieK  reHHeB  T O  O T H X  TOKOta,  HecnpaBenJIHBOH  H C T O P H H  nonTBepxnaeT  TBopMecTBa  H  Jl.  M H P O B O T O  neH3ypu  HJIH  H  rndHyT  T O J I C T O T O  TBopMecKoro aTMOccpepe  B  yKa3KH.  H  Bcex  H  npHKa.soM  HoraM  T O  noHeceHHbie  KOMMyHHCTHMecKHM  UK,  H  ceK H  TaKxe  H  C  B. T a p c n c o M  BepHOCTBio MHpoByio H C T H H y  X  xec-  - nyx  Bee, MTO BonpeKH 3TOMy -  p y c c K o M jiHTepaTypoM  MpaKOdecneM,  H H -  KpHTHKOH.  a ceMMac  dbiTB cBofjonHUM.  npyrnx  j i y K a B o r o 1.. .  KepTBbi,  KaK  cppoHTa, e c j i H d u KaKoM  HneojiorHH  HfiKOMneTeHTHOH  c de3ycJiOBHoM  dneHHe  H napTHHHoft  MeJioBeMecTBa n o p y K a M  c M. B y j i r a K O B U M ,  noJixeH  nopuB,  oKpHKa  -  Baxa, M o n a p T a , M a M K O B C K o r o , P y d e H -  KyJIBTypHOro  K O M H T E T , KaKoS  C H H H .  cBodonu.  KJiaBnma  H  ^ocToeBCKoro  CBH3aji  OT  K H C T H  nHKTaTa, nojiHueHcKoro  MHKejiB  dyjjB  cnoBa,  BbirJianejiH d u TBopeHHH  xaJiKO  ycjioBHH  TBopMecKHH  M H C J I B ,  TOJIBKO  J i H T e p a T y p u H ee' n p o r p e c c  TBopMecTBo, pa3BHTHe  TOJIBKO  C H T B  He H a n p a c H H .  B dopBde  c  Ha P O C C H H ,  OHa  pyccKoM  noHBe,  ynoclpeHHOH  pacuBeTeT  nHiuHtiM  iiBeTOM  6yfleT  EH  O,HHOH  H 3 jiynrnHx  6h\Ji BepeH  B  cJie3aMH  H  KPOBBK)  HOBaa c B O f j o n H a a K y j i b T y p a  Mnpe.  B C K X H 3 H B  HaponoB  MnxaHJi  ByjiraKOB.  H. B. rAJTMMEHKO  H  -  113 -  APPENDIX  IA  -  K o k c T p y K i i H H poMaHa H  ByjiraKOB  nbecy  2A  -  "JHH  rto noBony  "Bejian  yjiyHiiiHJi "Bejiyio  TBap^HK)", nepenejiaB  3H6KOH,  ero Ha  TypdHHbix".  OTcyTCTBHH  TeKCTa n b e c b i  aHajiH3 n b e c b i He c j i e n y e T . BaxHHX  T B a p ^ H H " dHJia H e M H o r o  CTaTtH  nOHCHHT£/IbHHM  od  D T O M  3aMeTKaM  "BarpoBuft  O C T P O B " ,  BuiecTO H e r o npHBe^eHbi  cneKTaKjie.  OdpaTHTecb  HCTOMHHKOB H o . . l 3 j l ^ &  K  15.  Tpn  - Ilk FOOTNOTES 1  A. Tolstoy, Sochirtenia (with an introduction by V.R. Scherbina) volume I . Moscow. GIZ, 1 9 5 3 .  2  K.Fedin, Sovremenniki (chapter on "Analysis of Khozhdeniye po Mukam' ) volume VI, Moscow, GIZ, 1951+  3  B. Brainina, Valentin Katayev. Moscow, GIZ, i 9 6 0 , p.88  h  A.Rumiantsev, "The Party and the i n t e l l i g e n t s i a " . Pravda, Moscow, February 2 1 , 1965.  5  M. Bulgakov, The Fatal Eggs and Other S t o r i e s . 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