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COMPOSITIONS by HEATHER JEAN HARTY  B.Mus., UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, 1999  A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (Composition)  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA OCTOBER 2007  © HEATHER JEAN HARTY, 2007  ABSTRACT The thesis for the Master of Music degree in Composition consists of live performances of original works composed during graduate study. I have written approximately an hour of music for various media. Included in this submission are the following works: The Fir Woods (SATB choir), Night Cycles (chamber ensemble), Days (chamber ensemble), Stick, Stock, Stone (SSA choir), AirAmeva  (concert band), and Stanzas from 'The Phnce's Progress' (song cycle).  While some of these works have had multiple performances, the most significant performance date for each piece is, respectively: April 16, 2005, April 4, 2005, January 30, 2007, February 19, 2007, June 29, 2007, and November 19, 2007.  TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract  ii  Table of Contents  ii"  THE FIR WOODS  1  NIGHT CYC LES  14  DAYS  33  STICK, STOCK, STONE  64  AIR AM EVA  75  STANZAS FROM T H E PRINCE'S PROGRESS'  100  Heather Harty  The Fir Woods text by C.G.D. Roberts (1860-1943)  for SATB choir  copyright 2005  THE FIR WOODS Roberts, Charles G. D. (1860-1943) T h e wash of endless waves is in their tops, Endlessly swaying, and the long winds stream Athwart them from the far-off shores of dream. Through the stirred branches filtering, faintly drops Mystic dream-dust of isle, and palm, and cave, Coral and sapphire, realms of rose, that s e e m More radiant than ever earthly gleam Revealed of fairy m e a d or haunted wave. A cloud of gold, a cleft of blue p r o f o u n d , T h e s e are my gates of wonder, surged about By tumult of tossed bough and rocking crest: T h e vision lures. T h e spirit spurns her bound, S p r e a d s her unprisoned wing, and drifts from out This green and humming gloom that wraps my rest.  source: Library and Archives C a n a d a . P o e m is in the public domain.  The Fir Woods for SATB choir with soprano soloist  Heather Harty (b.1976) text by C.G.D. Roberts  J=100  With a sense of mystery p  Soprano  Alto  Tenor  p  ~ mp  n rin  oradtiaBy move embouchum torn "00" to "os"  shh •  end  -  less  c. 2005  waves-  shh  3  The Fir Wbods  swaynng,  sway''-  ing end-less - ly  sway  -  ing_  mp  sway  -  ing  sway  -  ing end - less - fy_  end-less - ly sway - ing,  mp  r  i4 r  r  sway  -  sway  i  r  gradually move embouchurefrom"oo"to"ee"  shh  J  ing,  sway - ing,  end-less - ly  sway - ing,  sway - ing,  ing,  sway - ing,  end-less - ly  sway - ing,  sway - ing,  m  and  the  long winds  and  the  long winds  25^ mp  4* end  -  less,  end - less - ly  sway  A -  ing_ %  the  long  winds  stream  p  thwart  them  from  the  them  from  the  pococresc.  A -  thwart  P pococresc.  stream,.  the  long  winds  stream _  thwart  them  from  the  126-150, dancing  far  off  shores  of  dream..  4  The Fir Woods  5  The Fir Woods  6  The Fir Woods  7  The Fir Woods  8  The Fir Woods  9  The Fir Woods  The Fir Woods  11  The Fir Woods  114  •-fl  ™P r  tr  These  are  my  gates  mf  r pr i r  of  won -  der,  bout  surged  By  r ir  r  turn - ult  of  toss'd  3t— won  -  der,  surged  a - bout  won -  der,  der,  surged  a  -  bout_  surged _  toss'd  bough _  toss'd——  bough  Sop. solo  Tempo primo mp Spreads  P  mp  Spreads  mp Spreads  her  r  her..  un  pris - oned  T  1  rr  spreads  wing,  n  un-prisoned  r  wing,  r  1  r  spreads  her  wing,  Spreads  her  wing and drifts from  out_  P  J Spreads  her  un -  pris  oned  wing,_  J  J  J  and drifts from  her_  'r=P  out_  12  The Fir Woods  13  Heather Harty  Night Cycles chamber work for flute, percussion and viola 1. Comet's End 2. Circle Moon  copyright 2005  NIGHT C Y C L E S 1 .Comet's End Heather Harty b.1976 Moderato (J.=c. 80)  Flute VP Temple Blocks PPP pizz.i Viola PP  Fl.  T. Bl.  Via.  Fl.  m  m *  —  ~  T. Bl.  •  -  f  Via.  c.2005  f «f  comet's end  23 FI.  i (  T. Bl.  flf k  Tl '  a  r  f  i  1  K  C  '  '  J  .  E — r =  Via  A.  A  »—  FI.  —  T. Bl.  Via.  31.  FI.  mp T. Bl.  mp pizz. Via.  35.  . 11- ^  ^  FI.  H  ^  1  l  "  'r  l  1  m*  i  i  r  h  'III  •  i  *  k  =»  T. Bl.  i?  Via. 1  1  r  tf  ¥  r  LJ"—1  16  comet's end  comet's end  18  comet's end  19  comet's end 85. Fl.  T. Bl.  •  0  mf Via.  Fl.  |J J J  B r  T. Bl.  Via.  "  1  * ULf  =>,  i  v cresc. 1  i  •-  =-f-  i rP3r r i  J  J  f M1 *  3  Fl.  T. Bl.  mf Via.  mf  Fl.  T. Bl.  Via.  Stan H  r*  I  0  0  P—I 0  V  V  'p  1  1  r"  0  n =^  1  B  20  comet's end  He  103 Fl.  T. Bl. cresc. Via. cresc. 107  f  Fl.  if  subitop  T. Bl.  Via. subitop  F  cresc. 0  subitop  .if >  P  |«rjr  2. Circle Moon Andante (J=c. 82) Flute  in  i  Vibraphone  m  EE*  Viola  Fl.  Via.  Fl.  Vib.  Via.  f9  Fl.  Vib.  mm r  r  r  22  circle moon 26  Fl.  m  IJIBT^I  Vib.  n j ^ - t T i *  r ^ r — n  II J I*TP  3  P  32  Fl.  r  T  n  mp  Vib.  r  I,)  ! ! j ^ J L 'r r  J  "T  r  n  O  " r J - ' f  arco EE*  Via.  P  Fl.  Vib.  Via.  rt^—i  Fl.  Vib.  —r  *  *\  i\—i—•—j—  —  r  sofa, espressm  Via. cresc.  23  circle moon  50  it? ri? ft IT -  Fl.  * Via.  -  >  7  r - T - i  >  p  5 3  ft  -  Fl.  Via.  —S Fl.  4m4  —  *i  ^  1  -4  1  PI Vib.  1  ft*  r  i3 Via.  59  i  £  ^  Fl.  Vib.  u^r.—  —- I,  T  r - "i  r  25  circle moon  26  circle moon  79 -E Fl.  Vib.  Via.  82  £  tig  Fi.  Vib.  Via.  m U M M ^  J r  |  l  r!  circle moon 89  ff  Fl.  , f f f > t  fT  mp  -  J Ml J„_  J  Vib.  i l ^ IIH J  J  J  J J  J  r  mp  Via.  fl 93  Fl.  Vib.  Via.  e  97  r  fe ! ft  e  1  Fl.  2 [ « JuJ 7a^ nJ J i r r r ^ = = -r rr J  Vib.  r - i r , r  J  J J is itJ •» J  J  1  4  y  s  ¥  r  1  4  >  r  j " V J J j_  j  r —  L  r " r  ^  Via.  •9-  m  Fl.  Vib.  r f  r f  f r  f r  Via.  28  circle moon  circle moon 115 r*  #  Fl.  r  f  T•  r  mf Vib.  f  r  P  F  r  fcr Via.  Fl.  Vib.  1*7"  II'l  II  r  It} J  |  nrrr  1 , = !n J  J J  i •ft  M*  9  |  i  fr 1= ^  :  i  Pt \1 7  1  Via.  Fl.  Via.  30  circle moon  31  circle moon  Heather Harty  D a y s text: Days by Joseph Campbell (1879- 1944)  chamber work for soprano, B-flat clarinet / bass clarinet, violin, and piano  dedicated to Colleen Athparia and the members of Ensemble Resonance  copyright 2006  Days 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.  Heather Harty (b. 1976) text: Joseph Campbell (1879-1944)* Days (I) One is a black valley Interlude: the fallow time One is a moon One is a cloud of gulls Days (II)  The days of my life Come and go. One is a black valley, Rising to blue goat-parks On the crowns of distant hills. I hear the falling of water And the whisper of ferns' tongues, And, still more, I hear The silence. One is a moon, Distorted, cold A window without light. The rain pits the rock-face. The beeches cast their deadness Into the sea. One is a cloud of gulls Over a plough. The sun-married air Is filled with their wings and their crying. Slowly, slowly, The lea breaks In deep furrows of red. The days of my life Come and go. Performance notes: 1. Five piano strings are to be prepared with medium sized metal paperclips, placed on the following pitches, given in ascending order: the lowest D#, E, G, G#, and B (these pitches are held down throughout the opening of the fourth movement). The paperclips should be hung so that they are loosely suspended and not clipped onto the string. 2. In the fifth movement, there is an optional tambourine part to be played by the soprano. *Copyright held by Prof. Brendan Kennelly of Dublin, Ireland. Permission received by personal letter dated 12/Sept/2005.  rit. J P  ' da;fS  o  my  P  Ls  J Hfp  [*T7~r—r= r r  m  r  r.nme.  nd  go.  1 11  II  Concert Pitch  One is a black valley  Soprano  Clarinet in Bl>  Violin molto rubalo  Piano  J-.i-rTjjiJ-i  p  -  ^  1  -  1  1  p  mm  3  e =1-—  con  p, dolce  Sop. One  Bt-Cl. P  Vln.  Pno.  0  0  is  a  0black  -  Days II  Days II  38  Days II  Days II  Days II  64 Sop. still  more,  I  hear.  The  sil  -  ence.  BI.C1.  m  flautando  Vln.  i i Pno.  67 Sop. And,  still  more,  I  hear_  The  sil  -  ence..  BbCl.  with mute, arco  Vln.  PP  Pno.  /TN  full score concert pitch  III  the fallow time for bass clarinet and piano  Days III poco a poco accel.  (quasi cadenza)  "f r f 5  65 =  poco a poco accel. •  - a tempo  mp  •5'  mp  IS  TT-  XT-  continuetohold into next movement  IV One is a Moon 76 Soprano  Clarinet in Bi>  Violin  %—t  k Piano  p  Held down from previous ending: §  3  sop.  cl.  li 7 ^  -  |  P  n—IT 1  1  One  -  *  I J  r  - 1| j  ~- --j  J 1  Ah  i  1  &  vl.  1 &  -  i 1  ./ ?—1—1—!—  -i—i—i—i— r  1  pno.  -|sr3  •r^f^^^B  * ^ 2 = =  2006  =2  i  1  46  Days: IV  Days: IV  accel.  34  sop.  i—  cl. C  K  l  |  ^  J  —  —  i  \ ,  vl.  1  mp  a  r  A |  t  J  *  —  *  —  \=\ j  —*•—il*  i  1  —  *—  -  ft pno. b  t  f  *t  T  f  T  mp  39  J=  c.96  sop. with  light.  cl. subitop  V  5  pax.  V  su/ fa.vto  ^  pax.  vl.  pno.  f  f  P  49  Days: IV 41 sop.  cl.  mf  area  r  vl.  f  i  f f  ,  i  mf  f  pno.  T  r f  T mf  45 sop.  cl.  vl. mp  pno.  mp  bzpz  f t  1  51  52  Full Score Concert Pitch  One is a Cloud With energy ( M . M . J. =c. 138) Soprano One. fist  shake  Tambourine  f^-  r fp  Clarinet in Bl> fp Violin  jjjjjj'jjjjjjjjijjjjjjijjjjjj^  n i  >  T r " ^ • ra -m -a ~a ~a  r~a -a ~a ra -a -a ~aTTI  ~a ~a -a i  - I •a i ~ i —a ~a3 -a " J I  -  Sop. Ah.  Tamb.  •*  BI.C1.  *  ff  1  4 — f.i  pizz-  Vln.  4>'  i jh  ii m i l  a-"n~n~i~a~ar~a  1  j i mill » I T . jjjj.*jaj  J  cwco  1 *f  *r  a  -  Sop.  Tamb.  BI.C1.  Vln.  55  Days V: One is a Cloud  16  mp  poco r#.  Sop. gul Is  Tamb.  BbCl.  plough.  T  t  T  It"  tfTTp  r "tf ^  P  •—  />«z.  Vln.  :  r r — f Pno.  f  .2-  £  (plough-like)  •«•  Days V: One is a Cloud  Days V: One is a Cloud  58  Days V: One is a Cloud  59  Days V: One is a Cloud  (55 .  Jr <tp-—r^—r g"~~ " L a R  '  -  j =  -  g> L -r = J r JP-^P J 1 J $ ifrL  ' ±=± The  wings  J  J  1  J  "fey  CiJLLl4''Lj' #=1r  4-^1  r  fjr> 1 1 J  r  igft 5  =;  >,  >  y  =  fr  r-  f  f  »!  sun  -  mar-ried  air  4-rCJ ;  was  =6P  ;-"lr«T]  1 J I M  f  '  f  =  68  4^  filled  r with  "i  their  wings  and  their  ^  7  r  cry  i r f  -  -  r  ing.  *  1  Days V: One is a Cloud  Days V: One is a Cloud poco rit. al fine  semprep  The  'Jt  lea  breaks.  in  deep.  at  .2-  J-J.  87  fur  -  rows.  of  red..  very freely  9_  ****  J7\  full score concert pitch  VI Days (ID very freely, intimately J =c..63 P  Soprano  Bass Clarinet P /7S  Come  and  The  go,  S7s  days.  of  Come  life.  my  and  The  go.  f7s i 5  calando  days  of  my.  life  Come  and  go,  63  Heather Harty  Stick, Stock, Stone for SSA choir  copyright 2007  Stick, Stock, Stone T h e text for Stick, Stock, Stone is c o m p r i s e d of the following f r a g m e n t s , t a k e n from m e d i e v a l n u r s e r y r h y m e s : 1. M y m o t h e r s a i d that I n e v e r s h o u l d P l a y with the g y p s i e s in t h e w o o d , T h e w o o d w a s dark, t h e g r a s s w a s g r e e n , In c a m e Sally with a t a m b o u r i n e . I w e n t to t h e s e a , n o s h i p to g e t a c r o s s , I p a i d ten shillings for a blind white h o r s e , I up o n his back, a n d w a s off in a crack, Sally tell m y m o t h e r I will n e v e r c o m e b a c k . 2. Stick, stock, s t o n e d e a d , Blind m a n can't s e e . E v e r y k n a v e will h a v e a s l a v e , Y o u or I m u s t b e (s)he.  source: public domain  Stick, Stock, Stone Heather Harty b. 1976  With excitement  (MM.  J = c. 144-152) PP —  mp  Soprano >  >  nev - er, Mezzo I  nev - er,  I  nev - er,  nev - er,  I  nev - er,  nev - er,  I  nev - er,  nev - er,  nev - er,  1  nev  nev  P Alto 1  H#  :  lm «r  :  I  —  er,  er,  |  M  • JJ-  ••  J  J  shouId,  should,  oli  Sa I - ly,  m  J  oh  Sal - ly,  oh  Sal - ly,  oh  Sal - ly,  oh  Sal - ly,  oh  Sal - ly,  .  pp  my  my  inp  >  >  nev - er,  my  M moth - er,  my  moth - er,  moth - er,  my  moth  my  mp  moth  er  said  nev  that  moth  -  er  said  that  I  nev  -  er  moth  -  er  said  that  I  nev  -  er  er  said  that  er  should,  my  should.  M  moth  nev  2007  should  er  nev  er  should  stick, stock, stone  stick, stock, stone  0 legato  18  subitop  Stick,  stock,.  stone  dead,  Blind  man  Blind  man, blind man  Blind  man, blind  subitop  cant  M Stick,  stock,  stone  dead,  subitop  mm > >  > tarn bour ine,  Stick,  stock,  stone,  dead  man  22  Ev'  -  ry  knave  will  ev'  -  ry  knave  will  ry  knave  will  have  a  slave.  have  a  slave,  have  a  M  —0— see,  cant  see  Ev'  slave.  25  You  or  M  I  must  *0  0  be  You  or  I  must  be  You  or  1  must  nev  28  she.  she  er,  nev - er,  I  nev - er,  1  nev - er,  1  mf  i I.  went  to the sea,  no  ship  went  to the sea,  no  ship  to  get  a - cross,  I  mf M to  get  a - cross,  I  mf  nev - er,  I  nev - er,  I  nev - er,  I  nev - er,  I  nev er, nev er  68  stick, stock, stone  i 31  ten  shit - lings  for  a  ten  shil - lings  for  a  blind  white  horse,  white  horse,  M  should,  oh  blind  oh  Sal - ly,  oh  Sal  33  up  on  his  back,  and  was  off  in  a  crack,.  up  on  his  back,  and  was  off  in  a  crack,.  my  moth  M  moth  er,  er,  my  moth  er,  oh  Sal  -  ly,  35.  M  I  Sal - ly  tell my moth - er  1 will  nev - er come  back,.  Sal - ly  tell my moth - er  I will  nev - er come  back,.  subitop  Sal - ly  tell my moth-er  I  will  nev - er come  back,  tell her that I'm  0  subitop  tell her that I'm  tell her that I'm subitop  tell her that I'm  tell her that  I'm  Stick,  stock,  M Stick,  stock,  mp  m sing-ing, tell her that I'm  tell her that I'm  that I'm  Stick,  stock,  69  stick, stock, stone 42  dead.  blind  man  Blind  man  can't  M dead,  m  blind  >  man  can't  see,  PP *  —  #  Blind  dead,.  man,  blind  >  man  see,  can't  I  45  I  nev - er know,  nev - er  know,  nev - er know  ev' - ry  why  knave  will  ev' - ry  knave  will  ev' - ry  knave  will  mf  PP M nev  nev - er,  I  -  nev - er,  why  know  er  1  nev - er, nev - er know  why  48  have  a  slave,  have >  >  >  r  r  r  a  M  51  have  a  slave,  have  a  slave,  u>  >  >  In  came  Sal  tarn - bour - ine,  have a  slave,.  slave.  u tam-bour  ine,  Oh,  > In  in came Sal  1'  >  ly  with  a  ly  > came Sal - ly,  >  -  -  >  tam - bour - ine  >  >  M Sal - ly,  oh Sal - ly,  Sal - ly with a  oh  Sal - ly  with a,  with  a  tam - bour - ine,  tam-bour-  tam - bour - ine,  70  stick, stock, stone  54  Ev'  u  M ine,  tam - bour - ine,  tell  my  moth - er  that  1  > > nev - er,  play,  I  -  ry  knave  will  pU  7  nev-er,  I  7  P  nev-er,  I  nev - er, nev - er,  nev - er,  57  have  a slave,  You or  r  M nev - er,  be  she.  my.  U  7  oh tell her, my  moth-er,  I'm sing-ing,  p LT  7  tell her  > >  I'm sing-ing:  > > "> >  > > tell my moth-er.  play.  nev - er should  61  must  p[j p  7  I nev-er, nev-er, should,  I  tell her that I  that I  f '"r moth - er  said  that I  nev - er  play with the gyp - sies  shouid_  in  r  the  »P  wood,  the  / M  3=3 Stick,  nev-er,  I  stock,  nev-er,  stone  I  nev-er,  dead.  blind man  I nev-er, nev-er should,  65.  can't  oh Sal-ly,  oh  Sal - ly,  oh Sal - ly,  £36 wood  was  dark,  the  r  r  r  knave  will  grass  was  green,  in  came  Sal - ly with  a  slave,  You  or  I  must  Sal - ly  tell  my moth - er  I  a  M Ev'  -  moth-er,  ry  my moth-er,  have  my  moth - er, oh  Sal - ly,  will  71  stick, stock, stone  72  stick, stock, stone 79  f ev' -  f f ry knave.  will  ev' - ry knave  y  M Oh,  r  r  ev'  ry  have a  knave  have  will  slave,  a  slave,  ry  knave  ± knave,  ev'-ry  83  knave,  ev'-ry  knave  will,  IjD Grand finale - have fun!  ev'  will  f  M  have a slave  tanvbour-ine, tanvbour - ine, tam-bou, tam-bou, tam-bour - ine,  chih-ka chih-ka-ta-  87  chih-ka-ta-chih-ka-ta-chih - ka.  chih-ka - ta-cha,  ine,  tarn - bour  tam-bour-ine, 3  M  m tarn - bour - ine,  > cha!  chih-ka-ta cha!  tarn - bour - ine,  > chih-ka-ta - cha!  chih-ka - ta-chih-ka - ta  -  chih-ka, chih-ka,  > cha!  chih - ka  M  > chih-ka-ta-cha!  > chih-ka-ta-chih-ka-ta - cha!  chibka-ta-chih-ka-ta - cha!  tarn  -  bour  73  stick, stock, stone  74  Heather Harty  Air Ameva for concert band Instrumentation 1 8 2 8 2 4 2 2  Piccolo Flute Oboe B-flat Clarinet B-flat Bass Clarinet E-flat Alto Saxophone B-flat Tenor Saxophone E-flat Baritone Saxophone  8 6 2 2 1 1 1 1  B-flat Trumpet trombone Baritone Tuba Upright Bass Percussion 1 Percussion 2 Percussion 3  Percussion Timpani, Bass Drum, Tubular Bells, Glockenspiel, Wind Chimes, Crotales, Suspended Cymbal, Tambourine, Triangle, Tom-toms, Snare, Xylophone  copyright 2006  75  Air Ameva  Concert Score  Heather Hartj b. 1976 Tempo commodo (J = c. 76)  TuHutor Bens rVrctumon 2  t  77  Air Ameva  Air Ameva  rgj Moderate ( J = c . 8 4 )  79  Air Ameva  Air Ameva  Air Ameva  83  Air Ameva  Air Ameva  86  Air Ameva  Air Ameva  88  Air Ameva  Air Ameva  [ID  Moderate (J = c.84) tap  i  > Bi "*" P  _frrr> - g  «B^= r*  ^— r y> r  1  u^P r  r  = FfV= t  uirr =^4N r .U4T r  nUj  trip  ~it&~l  • r  PP  ^  j  r  1  B»p  "  :>  !>  1  r  fr-r-  —u-^_  t  i. PP  it&Fl—=—  i.  ^  t>  !>  i>  Air Ameva  91  Air Ameva  Air Ameva  sempref  Air Ameva  95 /  Air Ameva  Air Ameva  97  Air Ameva  Heather Harty  Stanzas from  The Prince's Progress text: The Prince's Progress by Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)  songs for soprano and piano  copyright 2007  Stanzas from The Prince's Progress (1866) text by Christina Rossetti  I.  By her head lilies arid rosebuds grow. The lilies droop, will the rosebuds blow? The silver slim lilies hang the head low; Their stream is scanty; their sunshine rare; Let the sun blaze out, and let the stream flow, They will blossom and wax fair.  II.  "Up, up, up," sad glad voices swelled: "So the tree falls and lies as it's felled. Be thy bands loosed, O sleeper, long held In sweet sleep whose end is not sweet. Be the slackness girt and the softness quelled And the slowness fleet."  III.  Dim the changes of day to night, Of night scarce dark to day not bright. Still his road wound towards the right, Still he went, and still he went, Till one night he spied a light, In his discontent.  IV.  Oh a moon face in a shadowy place, And a light touch and a winsome grace, And a thrilling tender voice which says: "Safe from waters that seek the sea Cold waters by rugged ways Safe with me."  V.  Above his head a tangle glows of wine-red roses, blushes, snows, Closed buds and buds that unclose, Leaves, and moss, and prickles too; His hand shook as he plucked a rose, And the rose dropped dew.  source: public domain  I "By  her  h e a d lilies a n d  r o s e b u d s grow;  Heather Harty b.1976 J=  Voice  63-69, tempo commodo  |Jj>i>« T  -  i  -4^  5---  I  By her  7j p  Piano  air sfp err  head  i  r  ^  lil  j ni  • rf-t Pr  r con  J~TU  - A — ' J '  i|J  ^  } J ; H ies  LP and  ^•pr P_Pr p">  r . - R  /W.  poco erase, e/ poco accelr  rose  ^ 9  -  Prrf  The  grow.  lil - ies  droop,  will  the  rose  - buds  poco cresc. et poco accel.  f fr  a fem/ra  blow?  i  buds  will.  the rose - buds  blow?  dolce  * p P P_f r mf  r  T-T=  2007  102  12  mp  J The  sil  ver  8™-  >>M,Lr g.,r c.f  J —hang  slim.  •  -f  —p —  •  £  the  i  15  **  low;  head.  *  p.  \>v 1  Their stream  is  scan - ty.  L ~  a  »r  T  i  = P N trr  -Ft  1  i  18.  »  »—|--—«—»  Their  7  P_T r  M  sun - shine  r  Let  rare;  the  sun  blaze out,  r  Meno mosso al fine  nr. 21  and  let the  stream  flow.  They  will  blos-som  and wax  fair.  r r n. **r  /TN ~M~  "XT"  1  II "Up, up, up,  •I  Moderate ( J = c. 104)  Voice  T  =*  * delicato  p  Piano  . Pf mrp  pedal lightly  f\  m  -  for J  T—r—f—r—  -p  f  P  = —  —(9  H  J  "Up,  »—  —  up,  up,"  sad.  f=tf voic - es  swelled:.  "So  3*  the  tree  falls.  1=1 £ = = = 1 104  13  and  lies  as  ~  »  its  felled.  Z  17  "Up,  up,  up,"  PP •9-  21  mf  5E "Up,  up,  up,"  "So  the  tree  falls.  7»f .1  25  Allegro (M.M.  T  r  J  and  Lj>l> 1 J ffi* J  v  ^  '  r  J  j  19 ] 1 J as  lies  1  J  *  jq  "*~J  138)  J | « its  felled.  p=F=fi  T~  ^  iM  J — ^ — j — J — •4-4-.  J =c.  f  f  TPS f105  49  mf  i  Be  thy  bands  loosed.  53  long  held  in  sweet  sleep  whose  •  r ir  m end  is  not.  0-  i ii  57  sweet..  Be  0  the  slack  0-  61  girt  and  the  soft  -  ness  quelled.  -  ness  /7\  65  And  the  Tempo Primo  slow  /Ts  /TS  * BJJ > P /Ts •a  69  acce/. a ./we  fleet.".  accel. a fine  0  r  .M ^f :  =  m  =JE|  te  f  /Ts  109  110  114  115  /  a tempo  58  ityp  Ah,  poco meno mosso al fine  Dim.  the  Performance note: At this point, the soprano walks behind the piano; facing the audience still, but from the far side of the piano. The pianist depresses the damper pedal for the duration of the movement.  IV Oh a moon face in a shadowy place, so, completely alone  PPP Soprano rf* I>"|;  Ah,  Ah  mm,.  Oh  (m),  a  mp  J  z:~J  w moon  face  j J  7  J  mm,  Ah,.  I  *  J^gE Oh  Ah,  a  =3=^ moon  in  face.  a  shad  ow  -  y  place,  poco accel.  1'  And  a  touch.  light-  Ah,  mf  and  a  win - some  grace,  And  a  mp  tr-p—E thrill  - ing  § 5 ten  -  der  voice  which  says:  arioso, alone (mood in contrast to text), with more motion  9  mp  "Safe  from  wa - ters  that  seek  the sea,  Ah,.  mf  te  Cold  wa - ters  by  rug  Safe  ged ways,  unprotected, exposed  with  me.'  P  te  Ah,  Ah,.  mf 1—i "Safe  from  wa - ters  •  r  that  seek  [  '  r  the  1 7  3 J  Ah,  sea,  te  Cold.  =  #ttei  [  Safe.  r  wa - ters  by  ' J  4  with  rug  -  ged  ways,  *< 7  me.  4  Safe.  with  ** 7  me.  P _  j^r r Safe.  with  me.".  Soprano returns to stage center for final movement  121  Above his head a tangle glows  J= 46, far away, stars  s.  2.  i  S S  y  1 11 B  i  r  1  ^  '==  i  i  : f > I >  pp "=  |2  ,•  * — i — * — i  *  r  —  f  J  1  .„...—  f~~f  i  *smaller noteheads: bell tones, always p  1 — ir  7  1  1  f f 1i  r  'H J  2.  jn  p"""  —"i  r = J  snows,.  124  


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