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Role of Schaunard in La Boheme : Composer: Giacomo Puccini English, David Landon 2007

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ROLE OF SCHAUNARD IN LA BOHEME COMPOSER: GIACOMO PUCCINI by DAVID LANDON ENGLISH B.Mus., University of British Columbia, 2005 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (Opera) THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA March 2007 © David Landon English, 2007 ABSTRACT The thesis for the Master of Music degree in Opera consists of the performance of a major role in one full opera production in the first or second year. My major role in one full opera production was Schaunard performed in La Boheme on February 8 t h and 10 t h of 2007. La Boheme Director: Nancy Hermiston Conductor: Neil Varon February 8, 9,10, 2007, 8 pm February 11, 2007, 3 pm Presented by the UBC Opera Ensemble and UBC Symphony Orchestra in cooperation with O R I G I N A L L I T H O G R A P H S , ~.£yjkj>€? E T C H I N G S A N D W O O D C U T S BY R Y E U R O P E A N M A S T E R S We i n v i t e y o u to v is i t o u r a r t e x h i b i t in t he f o y e r o f t h e C h a n C e n t r e d u r i n g t h e i n t e r m i s s i o n . S i t u a t e d on V a n c o u v e r ' s p r e s t i g i o u s G a l l e r y Row, C h a l i - R o s s o A r t G a l l e r y o f f e r s m u s e u m q u a l i t y , o r i g i n a l l i t h o g r a p h s , e t c h i n g s a n d w o o d c u t s c r e a t e d by Marc C h a g a l l , S a l v a d o r D a l i , Joan M i r o , Pab lo Picasso a n d o t h e r s w i t h e a c h w o r k a c c o m p a n i e d by m e t i c u l o u s d o c u m e n t a t i o n . P r o f e s s i o n a l a d v i c e a n d i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t a r t i n v e s t m e n t a n d m a n a g e m e n t is a v a i l a b l e as w e l l . "// / create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head almost nothing. " - Chagall 0 "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. " - Picasso 2 2 5 0 G R A N V I L L E ST. , V A N C O U V E R - 6 0 4 . 7 3 3 . 3 5 9 4 - W W W . C H A I . I R O S S O . C O M D I D Y O U K N O W . UBC Opera Ensemble hires professional conductors, designers, and directors for its productions? UBC Opera graduates can be heard on stages all over the world, from the Met in New York to our own Vancouver Opera? ?^You can help support the UBC Opera Ensemble by making a donation to the David Spencer Endowment Encouragement Fund, a fund created to support the young artists of UBC? For more information or to make a gift, call 604.822.8246 UBC Opera Ensemble UBC M U S I C La Boheme Music by Giacomo Puccini Libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica after the novel by Henry Murger Director, Nancy Hermiston Conductor, Neil Varon featuring UBC Opera Ensemble and UBC Symphony Orchestra There will be one 20-minute intermission Chan Shun Concert Hall February 8, 9,10,11, 2007 This production is made possible by generous assistance of the Chan Endowment Fund of the University o f British Columbia and the David Spencer Endowment Encouragement Fund Synopsis Act I. In the four bohemians' garret. Marcello is painting while Rodolfo gazes out of the window. As they have no fire, they use the manuscript of Rodolfo's drama for fuel. Colline, the philosopher, enters shivering and disgrunded at not having been able to pawn some books. Schaunard, the musician of the group, arrives with food, wood, wine, and money, and he explains the source of his riches — a job with an English gendeman. Nobody listens, but they fall ravenously upon the food, which is removed by Schaunard, leaving only the wine. While they drink, Benoit, the landlord, arrives to collect the rent. They natter him and give him wine. In his drunkenness, he recites his amorous adventures, but when he also declares he is married, they thrust him from the room in comic moral indignation. The rent money is divided for a carousal in the Quartier Latin. The other Bohemians go out, but Rodolfo remains alone in order to work. Some one knocks, and Mimi , whose candle has been snuffed out, asks Rodolfo to light it. She departs, but returns in a few minutes, saying she has forgotten her key. Both candles are extinguished; they stumble in the dark, and Rodolfo finds the key, which he pockets. They relate the story of their varied experiences in the two arias. ("Che gelida manina — What a cold little hand"; and "Si , mi chiamano M i m i — Yes, they call me Mimi.") The waiting friends call Rodolfo impatiently. He wishes to remain at home with M i m i , but she decides to accompany him. Departing they sing of their love. (Duet, Rodolfo and Mimi : " O soave fanciulla — O h gende maiden") Act II. Quartier Latin. A great crowd on the street, sellers praise their wares. (Chorus: "Aranci, datteri! Caldi i marroni — Oranges, dates! Hot chestnuts."). The friends repair to Cafe Momus. While they eat, Musetta, formerly beloved of Marcello, arrives with her rich government minister admirer Alcindoro. She tries to attract Marcello's attention with a risque song (Song, Musetta: "Quando me'n vo — When I go along"), and succeeds after many efforts. To get rid of Alcindoro, she feigns suffering from a tight shoe and sends him to the shoemaker. During the ensemble, Musetta and Marcello fall into each other's arms and reconcile. The friends wish to pay the bill, but to their consternation find Schaunard's riches gone; the sly Musetta has the entire bill charged to Alcindoro. Marcello and Colline carry Musetta out on their arms amid the applause of the spectators. When all have gone, Alcindoro arrives with the shoe seeking Musetta. The waiter hands him the bill, and horror-stricken at the amount he sinks upon a chair. A C T III. At the toll gate. Peddlers come to the city. Mimi , coughing violentiy, wishes to speak to Marcello, who resides in a little tavern near the barrier where he paints signs for the innkeeper. She tells him of her hard life with Rodolfo, who has abandoned her that night. (Mimi: " O buon Marcello, aiuto! — O h , good Marcello, help me!") Marcello tells her that Rodolfo is sleeping at the inn. He has just awakened and is seeking Marcello, and M i m i conceals herself. Rodolfo first claims he left M i m i because of her coquettishness, but finally lets on that he fears she is consumed with a deadly illness and should be comforted by a wealthier suitor. Marcello, out of charity for Mimi , endeavours to silence him, but she has already heard all; she is discovered by her coughing. Marcello joins Musetta, Rodolfo and M i m i are about to separate (Mimi: "Donde lieta usci — From here she happily left"), but are finally reconciled. Musetta approaches with Marcello, who is jealous. They depart after a fierce quarrel. (Quartet: Mimi , Rodolfo, Musetta, Marcello: "Addio dolce svegliare alia mattina! — Goodbye, sweet awakening in the morning!") Act IV. Back in the garret. Marcello and Rodolfo are seemingly at work, though they are primarily bemoaning the loss of their respective beloveds. (Duet: " O M i m i , tu piu non torni" — O M i m i , will you not return?) Schaunard and Colline arrive with a very frugal dinner. They parody a plentiful banquet, dance and sing. Musetta appears and says that M i m i is back, but she's very weakened by her illness, and all assist the dying girl. Musetta and Marcello depart to sell Musetta's earrings to get money for medicine; while Colline and Schaunard leave to pawn Colline's coat (Colline: "Vecchia zimarra — O l d coat") M i m i and Rodolfo, left alone, recall their past happiness. (Duet, M i m i and Rodolfo: "Sono andati? — Have they gone?") The others return, and while Musetta prays aloud, M i m i dies. Schaunard checks on M i m i and sadly says that she's dead, Rodolfo is horrified, cries out Mimi's name and starts sobbing. Neil Varon Nei l Varon's conducting career spans almost 30 years and several continents. Born in New York in 1950, Varon studied piano, composition, and conduct-ing at the Juilliard School. Prior to joining the Eastman faculty in 2002, he held positions at Diisseldorf Opera, the Istanbul Opera, the Vienna Cham-ber Opera, the joint theaters of Krefeld and Monchengiadbach (Germany), the Bremen Opera, and the Niirnberg Opera. Varon has been a frequent guest in Asia. He conducted the Korean Sym-phony in Seoul, the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony in Tokyo, and the Kyushu Philharmonic in Fukuoka. In 1991 and 1992 he led the Tokyo Philharmonic in a series of performances of The Magic Flute for the Mozart Festival in Japan. After completing his second term as general music director of Gelsenkirch-en in 1996, Varon concentrated on international guest performances for the next several years. In 1996, he performed in both Japan and Korea, with the Chamber Orchestra of Kanazawa, the orchestra of the Toho Gakuen Acad-emy (Toyama), and the Suwon Philharmonic, Korea. He also led perform-ances with the Frankfurter Chamber Orchestra in the Giuseppe Verdi Hall in Milan, Italy, and conducted a series of performances with the Norddeut-sche Philharmonie in Rostock, Germany. In 1997, he traveled to the U.S. to conduct a new production of Humperdinck's lesser-known opera Die Konigskinder at the Sarasota Opera. In 1999, Varon made his Swedish debut in Malmo, performing Puccini's Turandot to great critical acclaim. In addition, Varon has conducted in numerous theaters such as the Ham-burg State Opera, the Niirnberg Opera, Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Stuttgart Opera, the Berlin Staatsoper, and the New York City Opera, as well as performing with the Haydn Orchester in Bolzano, Italy, the Conservatory Orchestra at the Toho Gakuen Conservatory in Tokyo, and the Philhar-monia Hungarica. He directed the German premiere of Un Re in Ascolta by Luciano Berio in Diisseldorf, and the world premiere of Erinys by Volker David Kirchner in Wuppertal. Varon continues to appear as guest conduc-tor for operas, symphonies, and music festivals throughout Europe and Asia. His concerts have been broadcast by the Westdeutsche Rundfunk, RIAS Berlin, R T L Luxembourg, and the Bayerische Rundfunk. The C a s t Mimi Musetta Rodolf Marcello Schaunard Colline Parpignol Benoit Alcindoro Sergent Cast A Feb. 8 & 10 Jennifer Schinzel Teiya Kasahara (Feb 8 & 9) Ricarido Gimena Andrew Jameson David English Scott Brooks Mark Pepe Ed Moran Stephan van Eeden Michael Mackinnon Cas tB Feb. 9 & 11 Whitney-Leigh Sloan Simone Osborne (Feb 10 & 11) Brian Kwangmin Lee John Conlon* (Feb 9) Andrew Greenwood (Feb 11) Brent Calis Jeremy Bowes Kevin Lee Dana Sharp Mark Pepe David Locke Norton * Spacious.Residential .Suites * AHordfthie Rates * Oonvc'niefK.Do\vmo\vn Location * Short or Extended Sta> unset inn & Suites** U<OiSc-d in i>nvnrm'vn Va.ocouvcA scenic West tn<L Sunset inn 8c Suites is within-casy. walking disiance of the beach, English B;nvSranii?y l\irk stid Robson Srreer. We oft'ec appftiri.tcd suites with fuily-c-qmppi-d kitchens, sepanue bediooniiand'living iwotns. private h.i\aiv,ks, k<-.i*. guuxt parking and m-Sy cxapTtanal service..Com? hmx*e to the Snnsciliih Suites. Cdli &r i>k!$ us vntine toti'iy! 1111 BURNABY STREET VANCOUVER, B C 1 - 8 0 0 - 7 8 6 - 1 9 9 7 www.sunsetinn.com The C a s t Mimi Musetta Rodolf Marcello Schaunard Colline Parpignol Benoit Alcindoro Sergent Cast A Feb. 8 & 10 Jennifer Schinzel Teiya Kasahara (Feb 8 & 9) Ricarido Gimena Andrew Jameson David English Scott Brooks Mark Pepe Ed Moran Stephan van Eeden Michael Mackinnon CastB Feb. 9 & 11 Whitney-Leigh Sloan Simone Osborne (Feb 10 & 11) Brian Kwangmin Lee John Conlon* (Feb 9) Andrew Greenwood (Feb 11) Brent Calis Jeremy Bowes Kevin Lee Dana Sharp Mark Pepe David Locke Norton 1 Spacious Resident ia l Suites ' Affordable Rates 1 C o n v e n i e n t D o w m o w n L o c a t i o n • Shor t o r Ex tended Stay J0&k ike Lj&mmrfa& Jf-l- ! - < " « ' d m D ™ i * n Vancouver'* s c c « * W t I:.IK1 Sunset Inn & Suites is w i t h i n eas, S /'^-S^Ss? wa lk ing distant* dt the beach, English Bay, . S r a i i t i ' Park und Robson Sneer. W e offer w e i l -T t f \ C p 4 appointed suites with fiifly-eqiapped kitchens, separate bedroom* and l iv ing rooms, private U II J V I balconies, Ira: gated parking and truly exceptional service. C o m e home to the Sunset Inn 6f Inn & Suites v S n t t « . dis <»• not us s»,w 1 1 1 1 BURNABY STREET V A N C O U V E R , B C 1 - 8 0 0 - 7 8 6 - 1 9 9 7 www.sunsetinn. The Chorus Soprano Leah Alfred Katie Dwernychuk Lisa-Dawn Kilthau Madeline Hannan-Leith Jessica Lacoursiere G ina McLellan Melanie McTaggart Merryn Myrtle Diana Oros-Wilder Teresa Sedlmair N i Shi Rachel Stewart Jessica Turje Alto Linda Baird* Er in Fisher Margot LeVae Rose-Ellen Nichols Sonya Nyby Lindsay Renner-Wallace Madeline Lucy Smith Tenor Jason Cook Adam Fisher Paul Alexander Just Kev in Lee Mark Pepe Joseph Spitale Stephan van Eeden Baritone Connor Beaton D J Calhoun Nei l Craighead Adam D a Ros Seth Drabinsky Mike Nyby David Locke-Norton Michael MacKinnon E d Moran Dana Sharp Iain Taylor Brendan Alan Thrasher Children's Chorus Kevin Asperin Shannon Chan-Kent* ** Katherine Dela Cruz Hiather Darnel-Kadonaga Joelle Dyck Robin Eder-Warren Rachel Fenlon** Chloe Hurst** Caroline Jang** Jason Andrew K l i e m Olivia Kur th Ellis Mingie Stephanie Nakagawa** Teresa Sedlmair** Tamar Simon Rachel Stephens Joelle Tarn Maya Tenzer Alexander Toope Alicia Woynarski** Amelia Zemtseff** * Appearing Courtesy of the Canadian Actors Equity Association **Member o f U B C Opera Ensemble The UBC Symphony Orchestra Concert Mistress Fiona Haughton Violin I Hyunah K i m Janna Sailor Terri Surette Y u n Jung Lucy Chang Ewa Sas Michelle Gao Llowyn Ball Sherry Chuang Janice L i n Evan Hesketh Violin II * Er in van Kooten Aida Boiesan Rebecca L i n Samuel Tsui Hyunah Cho Isabelle Mousseau Sufan Y i u Emily Terrell Abraham Wong Puya Firouzbakhsh Myles Shepherd Viola *Vanessa Hellinga Katya Woloshyn John Kastelic Steven L i n Kate Parnell Jennie L i n Jeffrey Chow Michelle Hillier Cello * Benjamin Goheen Jenny K i m Zachary Benjamin Mi -Kyung K i m Daniel York Karen Davidson (Bass Grace Harvey Clarinet) Double Bass Bassoons * Alexandre Ritter *Marc de Gues Conrad G o o d Salina K u o Sandy Chen Horns A m y Chang *Nick Anderson Lutes Julie Wilhelm *Laura McCal lum Grahame D i x o n Chris Hutchinson Heather Graves Terry L i m (Piccolo) Trumpets Oboes *Vince Vohradsky *Katrina Bligh Maria Alfaro Dan Shook Bryan Allsopp Erica Scheurkogel Trombones Clarinets *Carey McCaffery *Michelle Goddard Eric Nor th Nonna Aroutiounian Aaron Hawn The Production Team Director Production Manager Nancy Hermiston Jeremy Baxter Conductor Technical Director Nei l Varon Kei th Smith Musical Director Richard E p p Set Design Julie Martens Lighting Design Jeremy Baxter Stage Manager Melania Radelicki Assistant Stage Managers Melissa Eyes Dan Emde Assistant Conductor John van Deursen Choral Director John Arsenault Opera Coaches Richard Epp, David Boothroyd, Michael Onwood Lighting Operator Marijka Brusse Properties Supervisor Lynn Burton Properties Assistants Basha Ladovsky, Lauchlin Johnston, Yang-Sup Surtitles John Arsenault Makeup Carmen Garcia, N e l Volrich, D J Calhoun Hairdressing and Wigs Elke Englicht Heads of Wardrobe Gina McLellan, Rose-Ellen Nichols Tuba A v i Jacobus Harp Joy Yeh Percussion *Queenie Wong Nicholas Jacques Annabelle Ip Jennifer Sator Michael McDia rmid Assistant Conductor John van Deursen Teaching Assistant Alexandre Ritter Librarian Abraham Wong Stage Manager Michelle Hillier *Principal Wardrobe Assistant Lisa-Dawn Kilthau Stage Crew Adrianne Searcy Set Carpenters Harry Vanderschee, Larry Walski, Rob Lewis L i z Baca, El ia Ki rby Set Painters Skai Fowler U B C scenic paint class Productions Assistants Lindsay Renner Wallace E d Moran, Adam Fisher Michael MacKinnon Dana Sharp, Whitney Sloan, U B C Opera Ensemble Publicity Emma Lancaster For the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC Carl Armstrong Wendy Atkinson Donna Caedo David S. Collins Rich Hamakawa Joyce Hinton Sid Kat2 Beng Khoo Flora Lew Rachel Lowry Cameron McGill Scott Miller Jay O'Keeffe Andrew Riter Nadia Roberts Owen Schellenberger Laura Lee Shalevich Francis Sykora Dayna Szyndrowski Kristen Wong Jowen Yeo Events & Concessions Coordinator Programming Manager Ticket Office Manager Development Coordinator Production Clerk Associate Managing Director Programming & Administration Managing Director Operations Clerk Financial Coordinator Marketing & Programming Coordinator Associate Managing Director, Facilities and Operations Head Stage Technician Head Audio Technician Head Lighting Technician Events & Front of House Coordinator Assistant Technical Director Financial & Programming Clerk Ticket Office Supervisor Programming & Communications Assistant Coordinator Reception/Clerk (Mat Replacement) System Administrator Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, University of British Columbia 6265 Crescent Road, Vancouver, B C Canada V6T 1Z1 www.chancentre.com THE DANCE SHOP Wide selection of Shoes, Bodywear, and Gift items avilable for all levels and Budgets 1089 W E S T B R O A D W A Y , V A N C O U V E R B C 604-733-6116 1061 M A R I N E D R . N . V A N C O U V E R B C 604-985-4316 E-MAIL:sales@thedanceshop.ca www.thedanceshop.ca YOUR SOURCE FOR THE LATEST IN DANCE! This production was made possible by the generous assistance of: ••maim fymset J^lnn & Suites 1/ Acknowledgements and Special Thanks The David Spencer Endowment Encouragement Fund The Chan Family Dr. Irving Guttman Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation Vancouver Opera Association The UBC School of Music Faculty and Staff Theatre at UBC Arts Club Theatre Company Vancouver Playhouse Waterfront Theatre Valerie Moffat Vancouver Opera Guild Friends of the UBC Opera Ensemble Staff of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Parvin Mirhady Jesse Read Raffle Prize and Silent Auction donors: Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa Bard on the Beach Chapters Bookstore Chloe Hurst David Boothroyd Diane Farris Gallery Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Airport Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Harbour Cruises Ltd. Miss Coquette Clothing Boutique Nancy Hermiston Pan Asian Grill Probus Women's Club Red Door Richard Epp The Barefoot Contessa UBC Botanical Garden Vancouver Opera Association Vancouver Symphony Orchestra UPCOMING: Johannes-Passion (St. John Passion) ByJ. S. Bach April 7 and 9 at 7:30pm Old Auditorium More information: 604.822.5574 About the UBC Opera Ensemble The University of British Columbia Opera Ensemble was founded in 1995, with the appointment of Canadian lyric coloratura N a n c y He rmi s ton as Head of the Voice and Opera divisions. Beginning with a core of seven performers, Ms. Hermiston has built the program to a 70-member company, performing two productions at U B C every season and touring the Czech Republic and Germany for the last seven summers. The Ensemble's mission is to educate young opera singers and to provide performance opportunities for them, thus preparing them for an international career. As well, it seeks to provide a platform for new operatic and music theatre works. Past main season productions have included Ee Nosge di Figaro, Manon, Eugene Onegin, Robert Ward's The Crucible, and many more. The Ensemble also performed with Ben Heppner in a special concert at the Chan Centre, broadcast on C B C Radio. The Ensemble's mainstage productions for the 2006/07 season are The Gondoliers (Dec. 14-17) and one of the favourite operas of all time— Puccini's Ca Boheme (Feb. 8-11). In the summer of 2005, the Ensemble traveled to the Czech Republic to a critically acclaimed production of Mozart's Cost fan Tutte, which was performed in the Prague Estates Theatre, location of the premiere of Mozart's Don Giovanni. In addition, the Ensemble has mounted productions at the Usti nad Labem City Theatre as well as in neighboring cities. Ms. Hermiston was also invited to return to the Czech Republic in September 2001 to direct the European premier of The Crucible, and was accompanied by select students, past and present, who appeared in the production. The U B C Opera Ensemble has also performed in the Czech Republic for dignitaries at the Canadian Embassy. U B C is also very involved with professional companies in Vancouver. Last year they started a cooperative effort with the Vancouver Opera on Naomi's Road, an opera about the Japanese internment in B C , commissioned for touring to schools. Following a sold out set of performances of " A Merry O l d Evening of Opera" at Bard on the Beach last Summer, members of the Ensemble, reunited with Christopher Gaze for a concert with the Vancouver Symphony. This past summer the Ensemble performed in productions of Mozart's Don Giovanni and Ee Notfge di Figaro in the Czech Republic. After their European tour the Ensemble returned to the West Ben Fesdval in Ontario for their third production at the Festival performing Gilbert and Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore. Their main fundraising event of the year will be their annual Masked Ball, held on the stage of The Chan Centre March 1, 2007. The funds they raise from this event will assist in costs for their upcoming productions and for their students to study and perform in Europe in the summer. The monies raised will assist in the further development of young artists who will go on to represent UBC in national and international careers. A fjundraising event for the UBC Opera Ensemble March \, 8 pm, on itage at the Chan Centre Memorable cuisine, dancing to the Dal Richards Orchestra and entertainment by the UBC Opera Ensemble. Tickets: $150, includes a tax receipt tor $100. Call 604-822- 5574 RUftg Buy-Sell 'Consign .Repairs Appraisals • Accessories Lessons A c o u s t i c a n d E l e c t r i c • N e w a n d U s e d C o r t • E p i p h o n e • G & L • G i b s o n H a g s t r o m . J a y T u r s e r • L a r r i v e e M a r t i n • M i k e K e l l y • N a t i o n a l R a i m u n d o • R a m i r e z . S e a g u l l S i m o n & P a t r i c k • T a k a m i n e • Y a m a h a Y o r k v i l l e 604 222-1717 www.rufusguitarshop.com 2621 Alma Street, Vancouver V6R 3S1 More for you on our UBC stages . . . February 14 @ 8 UBC University Singers Valentine's Day Concert The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Brahms' Liebeslieder Waltzes and other songs of the heart Friday March 2, 8:00 pm, Recital Hall (Music Building) Borealis String Quartet with guest pianist Rena Sharon The Borealis, quartet-in-resi-dence at UBC, has just received, on a one year loan, four rare instruments by 18th Century Italian makers, from the Chi Mei Museum in Tainan, Taiwan. The Borealis will give these instruments their Vancouver and Canadian debut on March 2nd Ravel String Quartet Schafer String Quartet No. 3 Shostakovich Piano Quartet Sunday March 4, 4:00 pm Pacific Spirit Concerts - Faculty Artists Series Roelof Oostwoud, tenor and Sara Davis Buechner, piano Schubert Winterreise, Op. 89, D.911 Saturday March 17, 8:00 pm School of Music Celebrates 10 Years at the Chan Centre Almost 10 years to the day of the Chan Centre's inaugural concert we present an all Beethoven event to mark the anniversary Egmont Overture, "Choral Fantasy", and Symphony No. 9 Jane Coop, piano soloist; student and alumni vocal soloists; UBC Choirs; UBC Symphony Orchestra RICHARD STRAUSS STRAUSS r auf naxos Glorious tragedy and delectable comedy... performed simultaneously! March 3, 6, 8, 10, 2007 Queen Elizabeth Theatre All performances 7:30pm In German with English Surtitles V A N C O U V E R VO Ticket Centre LwJSiire" vancouveropera.ca » K i « « ™ « H » i . * » K t n . 604.683.0222 M I S S I O N H I L L family EllaM 


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