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Sport, power, and architecture: the Vancouver velodrome Carel, Sonya 1998

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SPORT, P O W E R , A N D A R C H I T E C T U R E : THE VANCOUVER VELODROME by SONYA C A R E L B.Sc,  The University of Alberta,  1995  A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL F U L F I L L M E N T O F  T H E REQUIREMENTS FOR T H E DEGREE OF M A S T E R OF ARCHITECTURE in T H E F A C U L T Y OF G R A D U A T E STUDIES School  of  Architecture  T H E UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH C O L U M B I A August  1998  © Sonya Carel,  1998  In  presenting  degree at the  this  thesis  in  University of  partial  fulfilment  of  the  requirements  British Columbia, I agree that the  for  an advanced  Library shall make it  freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of  this thesis for  department  or  by  his  or  scholarly purposes may be granted her  representatives.  It  is  by the head of  understood  that  copying  my or  publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission.  Department of rW"  H vTFg.T<jRg-  The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada  Date  DE-6 (2/88)  K m .  g.\jofc  ABSTRACT M y thesis began with an investigation into the history of the stadium and a questioning of how the stadium has been influenced and shaped by different  power  structures  throughout  time.  From this foundation  of research  I developed a design for The Vancouver Velodrome. The site chosen for The Vancouver Velodrome is located on the North slope of Burnaby Mountain in Vancouver and is currently being used as a concrete factory.  The site is bordered on the south by the Barnet Highway  and to the north by a cliff which leads down to railway lines that run along the shore of the Burrard Inlet.  The geographical location of the site from the  natural slope separates it from the mountain and marks it as an isolated site. It was my desire then to re-establish a sense of unity within the landscape. The velodrome was not to be an isolated object, to be held out as separated from the landscape.  Rather, it was to act as a connector which joins  together the mountain, the site, and the ocean. Unlike the stadium precedents which were often founded upon ideological concerns, the velodrome was founded by the sense of power dictated by its environs, rather than that imposed on it by other structures. The velodrome design was therefore more significant elements included a 100 like depression,  highway retaining wall, a bowl-  and a large retaining wall on the north side of the site which  supported the cliff face. entry  ft.  influenced by the landscape, the  procession.  The highway retaining wall was used to create an  The depression contained nicely the large space required  and the banked contours then helped to brace the bleachers and embraced the building in general.  The northern wall dictated the long axis for the  velodrome and the bridge which connected it to the mountain slope, which also served to support the roof  structure.  The overall design manifests the notion of a building not 'within' landscape but rather one which ' i s ' part of the landscape; traverse and in  which people  inhabit.  ii  the  on which people  T A B L E OF CONTENTS  Abstract  ii  List of Figures  iv  Acknowlegement  v  Thesis Design  1-16  iii  LIST OF FIGURES  Site Photos  1  Conceptual Site Collage  2  Conceptual Development  3  Athletes' Level (Ground Plan)  4  Spectators' Level (Upper Plan)  5  Longitudinal Section  6  Cross Section  7  Site Section (Longitudinal)  8  Site Section (Cross)  9  Roof Details  10-11  Interior Collages (Solo Gymnast, Rhythmic Gymnasts)  .  .  Interior Collages (Along the Strightaway, Around the Curve)  . .  . 1 2 .  . 1 3  Model Photos (Looking Southeast, Entry From Road, Looking East).  .  14  Model Photos (Plan View, Looking Southwest, Looking Northwest).  .  15  Perspective of Front Entry Foyer  16  i v  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  I would like to greatly thank my thesis committee  chair, Dr. Jerzy  Wojtowicz and directed studies mentor Dr. Deborah Weiner for their unparalelled  support  and guidance  education at U . B . C . in general.  throughout  And  thesis  Thanks are also extended  members, Bruce Carscadden and Douglas valued  my  and during my to thesis  committee  Watts for their time, patience,  and  comments.  to all my peers (you know who you are) who have helped me through the  years at this school, I am forever indebted for your kindness,  spirit, and  friendship.  Of course, none of this would have been possible and  husband, Peter—to  continues  whom I owe  without my team mate  everything. For he has  been and  to be that remaining sliver of sanity which sustains me in the sea of  chaos.  v  -  X ~  •Q  cu '£  > -—>  - -H  GO  3  s  o o  •a  o  CQ O  »  e  -5 XI  13  < 1 o  CD  M  £  cu  s O C  a  o o  J  I  o 4—t  o  X3 CU  a, Q c 5o o o  i o y U o u CG  J  — '  oo O £  §1  o-  <  |  "> u  p  E  1  cu  4-1  O d cd  • tH  re OH  Conceptual Site Collage  2  3  4  5  cn co  i a  LU  o Q  LU >  LU > o  O  LU >  o  LU Q_ & LU G_  10  CT)  LU Q  11  Interior Collage: Around the Curve  13  14  15  16  


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