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Graduate recital Rijavec, Mireille Christine 1998

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GRADUATE RECITAL by MIREILLE CHRISTINE RIJAVEC B.Mus., C a r l e t o n  U n i v e r s i t y , 1996  THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC (VOICE) in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School o f Music)  We accept t h i s t h e s i s as conforming to the required  standard  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA A p r i l 1998 ©  Mireille Christine  Rijavec  In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment  of the  requirements for an advanced  degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department  or by his  or  her  representatives.  It  is  understood  that  copying or  publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission.  Department The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada  DE-6 (2/88)  /KiteUie TRljavec mezzo-sopzano Soma Kim piano  A P K t L 20lh. 1998 UBC School of Music Recital Hall  - organ  1. 2. 3.  fulfillment  Patrick Cardy Alba Aspects ol Rain Twilight  This recital is in partial I Voice) ilex ice.  Autuinn  :  of the  1936  Muster's  For my f alhcr on his Birthday - April 20(h. Four Slovenian Art Songs - M . I.ipo^ek 1. I'risi'l tas jc krog Bo/iea 2. Melanholija 3. Prva pomlad 4. Pesem Ajsc  Two Polish Folk Songs - F. Chopin 1. Hulanka 2. Nai/ec/ony  I n I cr m i s s ion  of  Frauenliebc unil Lcben - R. Schumann 1. Sett ich ihn peschen 2. Er. dcr llcrrlichslc von Allen 3. Ich Kami's nichl fassen. nichl glauhcn 4. Dcr Ring 5. Hcllt inir. ihr Schwcstcrn 6. Susscr Ficund. clu blickesl 7. An incincm flcr/.cn. an inciner Biust X. Nun liasl du mir den crslen Scbemei/ gelhan  Sonia Kim  Alius from Magnijicat 1. Esurientcs implcvit bonis - J.S. Bach 2. Suscepit Israel - C.I'.E. Bach  PROGRAMME  Music  2.  Er,  der Herrliehste von Allen He, the most magnificent of all men. How gentle he is, how good! Tender lips, bright eyes, A clear mind and firm courage.  Everything else is dark and colorless A l l around me, My sisters; games I no longer wish lo share, Bui would rather weep quietly in my lillle Since firsl I saw him I have seemed lo be blind.  chamber;  Suscepit Israel - C . P . E . Bach He hath helped his servant Israel. Forget not then His mercy. This promise He gave us, spoken lo our lathers, lo Abraham and to his seed.  Magnificat implcvit bonis - J.S. Bach tilled the hungry with good things, rich hath sent empty away.  Fratitnlicbe und Lehen - K. Schumann 1. Scit ich ihn geschen Since first 1 saw him I have seemed to be blind; Wherever I look I see only him; As in a waking dream His image hovers before me, Emerging from deepest darkness Ever more brightly.  2.  Arias from 1. Ksiiricnti's He hath and the  Ich  It seemed to mc as if he had said: "I am forever yours," It seemed to me as if I were still dreaming. After all. it can never be so.  kann's nicht fassen, nicht glauben 1 can't grasp it, can't believe it, A dream has beguiled me; How could he, from amongst all the others. Have exalted and blessed poor mc?  Then I shall rcjoincc and weep. Blissful, blissful I will be. Even if my heart should breakBreak, oh heart, what docs it matter?  Only the worthiest one of all Shall exalt your choice. And I will bless this sublime woman Many a thousand times.  Do not listen to my silent. Devoted to your happiness alone; You shall never know me, a lowly maid. You noble star of glory.  Go, go your way. Only let inc gaze at your radiance. Ga/c at it in humility. To be hut blissful and sad.  Jusl as there in ihc deep blue distance Bright and; magnificent yonder star. So docs he shine in my sky. Bright and magnificent, distant and sublime.  Ring  Schwestern Help me, sisters, Kindly adorn me. Serve me today in my joy. Busily braid About my forehead The wreath of blossoming myrtle.  mir, ihr  I want to serve him, live for him. Belong to him completely, Give myself to him and find Myself transfigured in his radiance.  You ring on my finger, Only then you taught me, Opened my eyes To life's infinite, deep value.  My dream had come to its end, The peaceful, lovely dream of childhood, I found myself alone, lost In bleak, infinite space.  You ring on my finger. My golden little ring, 1 press you devoutly to my lips, To my heart.  Helft  Der  0 let me die in my dream, Cradled on his breast, Let me sip the bliss of death, Amidst tears of infinite joy.  How fearful my heart is, how blissful. If only I had the words to say it; Come and hide your face here upon my breast. I shall whisper all my joys into your car.  Susser Freund, du b l i c k e s t Sweet friend, you look al mc in wonder; You cannot understand how I can weep. Let the unfamiliar adornment of ihcsc moist pearls Tremble joyfully bright in my eyes.  Scatter flowers, oh sisters. Scatter flowers before him, Bring him budding roses. But you, sisters I greet with sadness As I joyfully depart from your niidsl.  My beloved, You have entered my life. Do you give me your radiance, my sun? Let mc in worship And in humility Bow before my master.  Help me. sisters, Help mc banish A foolish tearfulness; So that with bright eyes I may receive him. Htm. the well lo all joyousncss.  When will) contentment Anil joy in my heart I lay embraced by my beloved, Mc slill called. With longing heart. Impatiently for this very day.  8.  7.  hast du mir den ersten Schemerz gethan Now for the first time you have caused me pain, But it struck its mark. You sleep, you hard, pitylcss man The sleep of death. The forsaken one stares around hcrselfThe world is empty; I have loved and I have lived. I am alive no longer.  meinem tlcrzen, an meincr Brust On my heart, on my breast. You my bliss, you my joy! Happiness is love. Love is happiness, I've said it and won't take it back. I considered myself raplurous But now I am happier than ever. Only she who nurses, only she who loves The child to whom she gives nourishment; Only a mother knows What il mcas to love and to be happy. Oh how I pity the man Who will never feel a mother's joy! You dear, dear angel, you, You look at mc and you smile. On my heart, on my breast, You my bliss, you my joy! Nun  An  Here by my bed there is room for the cradle. Where it may quietly conceal my lovely dream; The morning will come when the dream awakens. And from it your likeness shall smile at mc!  Do you now understand the tears that I can shed. Should you not sec them, you beloved man? Stay near to my heart, feci its beat. So that I may press you ever more closely to mc!  2.  Narzeczony The wind in the bushes whispers 'Too late, loo late my horse! Too late, dark-bowed boy, you ride over ihe meadows. Can you not sec, over the forest, lhat swarm of crows? How they fly up, and circle and swoop down over Ihe forest again?' - 'Where are you, where arc you, my lovely girl? Why aren't you running to mcel mc?' - 'How, how could she meet you when she lies in her grave?' - 'Oh, let me go! I am overwhelmed, let me sec her! Did her beautiful eyes turn in my direction al ihe end? When she hears my call and my lament over her head, perhaps she will rise from her coffin and return to life.  Two Polish Folk Songs - F. Chopin 1. Hulanka Lass! Serving-wench! For God's sake, slop! While you carelessly laugh, you're pouring mead over my jerkin! I'll not forgive - I'll kiss you! Such eyes, such eyebrows! Such liny feet, and such while leeth - my blood's on fire! Hey brother, why arc you dreaming? The devil take your sorrows! Drink away your misery! Only the devil deserves this world! Drunken legs will lead you astray, but would this really mailer ? When you're woken by your wife's screams you'll find your way home! Drink, or we'll come To blows. Hurry, girl, come on, help smooth things over, pour us the mead!  You, my world!  I silently withdraw into myself. The veil is falling; There I have yuu ami my lost happiness.  2.  1 want lo reach out lo you. Because I am trembling and 1 want lo stay. I want lo express my pain but I cannot. I cannot Id go of your sad lace.  Melanholija Here with you, 1 am silent, without words. The silence covering my heart like a black raincoat. I want lo capture your ga/c. Why, why. would I give il back?  The entire world is sworn to sadness Despite its pale bride, I come alive.  These are wintery. winlcry times Not Ih roads are snowed under Through the window I look al the village I could almost count the small snowflakcs  The water at (he mill has slowed The brook lias been hushed It bides itself under the ice, but its jet glows through.  Fields are frosted over Cold and twilight arrive on the country The hills arc lull of snow The evening roads arc arduous.  our Slovenian Art Songs - M . Liposek PriScI c:is je krog Hofica With Christinas comes a new arrival Mountains arc cloaked in while The fox approaches the yards Rabbits make paths on the snow  Prva pomlad tlcy kittens! Now you climb quickly on the outstretched boughs When not so long ago. They were covered with frost. When, hawihornc, did you gather your blossoms'? Snowflakcs imitate intricate white lace. Is it already time to take off my fur cap? And girls, what is waking in you? What inflames your eyes? What begins to bloom in your breast? Sh! Wc cannot tell you!  I'esem A j & l rom this dark room 1 look on wonderful mountains. You often told mc about them. And you wanted them with mc. with mc to once again experience them with inc. :  I sec my longings in the stone walls. My thoughts arc playing wilh ihc white peaks. Break (he chains of humanity and Let us free on the road to the sun! The inebriating air, the sun's ardor. And the heavenly peace sluns. Maybe, maybe. Everything will he bcaufiful again. Twilight covers Ihc earth. No more mountains, no more luminous dreams. Only a dark room and a sentient mind Which call on my thoughts to stop! Slop  


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