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Graduate recital Turnbull, Emma Louise 1997

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GRADUATE RECITAL by EMMA LOUISE TURNBULL B.Mus., Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, 1991 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC (OPERA) in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School of Music) We accept t h i s thesis as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA November 1997 © Emma Louise Turnbull In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. Department The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada Date DE-6 (2/88) m FREDERIC WOOD ~r\ 1 HEATRE p r e s e n t s . hansel aub gretel UBC I i i •':i ? M ' ] " ; :f y"VAckriowledgenierits: ';V.v V ^ ; C -] . : . ••-;. .; i r')' .The Vancouver Playhouse, Th£ : C V ', C : ; V ^ ; , : \ ^ v ; ' ,'UBG.Food Services, Jocelyn Morlock; Curtis.Hunt; >•; WJ5 ••• • \'•<'- Dr.jCeithHamei,.pr. Rob%rtPritchard;D -;Har^Kxebs^ p^ '0''ry-/^'.'--:>'-'::.rr X'u''^- Peter Little, Jane Harrington,;Jack &c£ti,\C;\ •••'] : : - V ' . / V • DouglasCo^ -.' .. .: • C ' FREDERIC WOOD THEATRE presents Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck a co-production with the School of Music Director Nancy Hermiston Conductor Jesse Read By arrangement with CSchirmer, Inc. publisher and copywright owner.. Orchestral arrangement by Stefan Kozinski with permission of Corbett Arts Management Ltd. Recordings or photographs of this production are prohibited. November 13th - 30th, 1996 UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM Engelbert Humperdinck :A Brief Chrronology 1854 Born in Siegberg, Germany. Begins studying the piano at the age of seven. 1868 At the age of 14, first attempts at writing opera, (Claudine Von Villa Bella"), sings in Cathedral choir. 1872 Briefly studies architecture, then turns to music full-time. 1872-76 Attends Cologne Conservatory, specializing in cello, organ and composition. 1876 Enters Royal Music School in Munich. 1880 Travels to Italy. Meets Richard Wagner in Venice. 1881 Spends almost two years in Bayreuth, assisting Wagner on Parsifal. 1883 Travels in France, Spain, North Africa. 1887 Appointed professor at Cologne Conservatory. Active as teacher, critic, and scholar. 1893 HANSEL AND GRETEL has its premiere in Weimar. conducted by Richard Strauss. It was an instant success, produced at 51 theaters within a year. 1897 His opera Koenigskinder was produced with success in Ger-many and abroad. 1900 Appointed member of the German Academy of Arts. Writes song cycles, incidental music for the stage, choral, and chamber music. Late years dogged by ill-health. 1921 Dies in Neu-Strelitz, Germany. 3 U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM The Composer on His Work I remember my very first encounter. I was five, and visiting my grandmother in nearby Bremen, close to the marketsquare. We had arrived late in the evening. There was just enough time for a light meal; then I went to bed, tired. But before I fell asleep, grandmother read me a story from a thin, leatherbound, and obviously well-worn book. The story both charmed me and scared me. That night I recall dreaming of Hansel (I had somehow forgotten Gretel), of the Evil Witch, but above all I dreamt of the Ginger-bread. The dream was so vivid that I felt I could touch and smell the Gingerbread. When I woke up in the morning, I was hungry. *J* *J# *1» *J* •J» *^ »J» #j» I am fond of folktunes. I have listened to them as I travelled through Germany. The more remote the area, the purer the tune. I have heard them sung by old peasants with their craggy voices, and by young children with all the innocence of youth. These common tunes, so straightforward and so honest, seem to me the perfect repository of popular wisdom. I hope to have succeeded in capturing some of that simple charm in my opera. *S* *4* *t* *J* *j» *j» *j* I want to do both : convince the adults and entice the children. Why do we always separate one group from the other ? Why can't we create something so convincing, that it touches, charms, and entertains us all, whether we are young or old ? Grimm's Tales do this; perhaps I can do it too. 4 U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM fcurtel a n b g r e t e l Director Conductor Nancy Hermiston Jesse Read Assistant Conductor Andrew Del Riccio Scenery Designer Costume Designer Lighting Designer Robert Gardiner* Alison Green* Susann Hudson CAST Hansel Emma Turnbull, Jennifer Nicol, Barb Tarry Gretel Mari Hahn, Barb Vogt, Phoebe MacRae Mother KarynWay McClarty**, Adelheid Davis Father Reid Spencer**, Alan Corbishley, Andrew Greenwood Witch Grace Chan, James McLennan (understudy: Karyn Way McClarty) Dew Fairy/Echo Katy Hedalen, Tami Gazzola, (understudy: Jennifer Skidmore) Sandman/Echo Kimberly Webb, Leanne Koch Market Vendors Megan Latham, Jinny Park,Russell Robson Gingerbread Chorus Sabine Sengmeuller, Jinny Park, Jennifer Moss, Stephanie Zee, Ross Jameson, Eli Zagoudakis, Jason Cooke, Saaraa Rayani, Leslie Gray, Kristin Cato, Megan Latham Echoes Stephanie Zee, Jinny Park, Leslie Gray, Megan Latham Angel Puppeteers Jennifer Moss, Jason McManus, Nicole Kelly, Leslie Gray, Wendy Chen, Sabine Sengmueller, Anita Gribble, Celia Chu, Russell Robson, TamerrahVolkovskis, Katy Lai, Andrew Emde, Gillian Thomas, Pryde Foltz. *Members of Associated Designers of Canada **Members of Canadian Actors' Equity Association (There will be one intermission) 6 U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM PRODUCTION Musical Director Technical Director Richard Epp Ian Pratt Assistant Directors Stage Manager Craig Holzschuh, Meaghan Benmore Hussein Janmohamed Assistant Stage Managers Repetiteur Kristin Cato, Celia Chu, Eiko Ogawa Jason McManus, Leslie Gray, Properties Supervisor Nicole Kelly Sherry Milne Costume Supervisor Properties Rosemarie Heselton Andrew Emde Costume Cutters Properties Assistants Jean Driscoll-Bell, Linda Chow Tamerrah Volkovskis, Joven Lin Costume Builders Assistant to the Set Designer Joanne Huang, Kristin Cato, Camille Tseng, Jiu Cheng Ma, Joanna Kee, Owen Schellenberger Tamerrah Volkovskis, Stage Carpenter Andrew Emde, Mavis Tan, Rob Moser Diane Fairey, Jennifer Nosek Scenery Construction Wardrobe Mistress Jay Henrickson, Don Griffiths Courtney Daniel Stage Crew Wardrobe Mistress Assistant Katy Lai, Wendy Chen, Jennifer Gromada Jane Menhenk, Pryde Foltz, Make up Artist Anita Gribble Jill Wyness Sound Designer/Technician Make up Assistants Jared Siegel Mary Wiseman, Kate Newman, Head Electrician Siobhan McCarthy Derek Mack Programme Lighting Design Assistant Jennifer Moss Ibata Noric Hexamer Publicity Light Operator Cheryl McNamara, Elizabeth Baca Jennifer Covert, John Orpe Scenic Artist Box Office Cricket Price* Gerald Vanderwoude, Painters Karen Tong, Leanne Koehn Mary Wiseman, Reva Quan, House Manager Anita Gribble Celeste Alexis Munger Production Manager Business Manager Bob Eberle Margaret Specht 7 U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM Hansel and Gretel: A Plot Synopsis ACT I Peter's house. His children, Hansel and Gretel, are hungry. To distract her little brother, Gretel teaches him to sing and dance. Their mother scolds them for playing instead of working. Now the children must go into the woods to pick strawberries for the evening meal. While they are gone, their father returns from work with a bundle of food under his arm. Learning that the children have gone into the woods, he grows apprehensive and joins his wife in searching for them. ACT II In the forest. While Hansel is looking for strawberries, Gretel sits under a tree singing a folk song. Hansel returns with the berries, and since the children are hungry, they yield to the temptation of eating them. Night begins to fall. The darkness brings terror, for the children are now unable to find their way home. The Sandman comes to put the children to sleep with a lullaby. After they fall asleep, angels descend to provide the children with a protective ring. ACT III The Witch's house. The Dewfairy sprinkles dewdrops on the children. Waking, they find themselves in front of a gingerbread house decorated with gingerbread cookie figures of children. Hansel and Gretel begin to eat morsels of the house. Suddenly the Witch emerges. Her magic keeps the children rooted to the ground. She locks Hansel in a cage and forces Gretel to do housework. The Witch sings a gleeful song about her strange activities. Gretel, meanwhile, steals her wand and with it frees her brother. When the Witch orders Gretel to look into the flaming oven, Gretel feigns stupidity and asks the Witch to show her how this is done. When the Witch stands before the open door, Hansel and Gretel push her inside and slam the door. The Witch's oven explodes. This is the signal for all the Witch's previous victims to change from gingerbread back into little children. The parents of Hansel and Gretel appear, find their children are free, and all join in a celebration. 8 U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM ffifte ftangel a n t g r e t e l o r c f t e g t r a Violin: Bass: Heather Rapson Megan Bradfield Aaron Au Leanna Wong Daphne van der Sloot Jin Uk Kim Rick Dorfer Jan Berman Dolly Hsiao Tom Eccleston Grace Tsang Cathy Wong Cello: Maureen Yuen Cyrena Huang Rosemary Siemens Danny Ariaratnam Kim Hsieh Chris Greenlaw Mark Tubbs Timpani/ Percussion: Viola: Kimberly Holland Michael van der Sloot Tawnya Pofoff Keyboards: Martina Smazal Richard Epp Mark Luchkow Eiko Ogawa Rob Ashworth Kikyo Tanaka Do You Like Opera? *Then you'll love The U.B.C. School of Music Opera Ensemble's presentation of staged operatic exerpts at the Old Auditorium:-April 10th, at 12:30 p.m. -April 11th and 12th, at 8:00 p.m. *The U.B.C. Orchestra presents a Bartok Concerto for viola with soloist Tawnya Popoff: -Jan. 30th at 12:30 pm -Jan. 31st at 8:00 pm *Call the Music School for details 822-5574 U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM P E R F O R M A N C E S C H E D U L E (Subject to changes) Appearing Nov. 14th, 22nd, 27th, 29th. Emma Turnbull, Man Hahn, Karyn Way McClarty, Reid Spencer, Kimberly Webb, Tami Gazzola, Grace Chan. Appearing Nov. 15th Jennifer Nicol, Barb Vogt, Adelheid Davis, Andrew Greenwood,Leanne Koch, Katy Hedalen, James McLennan Appearing Nov. 16th. Emma Turnbull, Mari Hahn, Karyn Way McClarty, Reid Spencer, Kimberly Webb, Katy Hedalen, Grace Chan. Appearing Nov.l8th Barb Tarry, Phoebe MacRae, Karyn Way McClarty, Alan Corbishley, Leanne Koch, Katy Hedalen, James McLennan Appearing Nov.l9th Jennifer Nicol, Barb Vogt, Adelheid Davis, Andrew Greenwood, Kimberly Webb, Tami Gazzola, Grace Chan Appearing Nov. 23rd. Jennifer Nicol, Barb Vogt, Adelheid Davis, Andrew Greenwood, Leanne Koch, Katy Hedalen, James McLennan Appearing Nov. 13th, 21st, 28th, &30th. BarbTarry, Phoebe MacRae, Adelheid Davis, Alan Corbishley, Leanne Koch, Katy Hedalen, James McLennan. 10 U.B.C. DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE AND FILM A Note on the Director Nancy Hermiston, Canadian born lyric coloratura, has established herself as one of Europe's most versatile and exciting vocal artists and directors. She has a permanent engagement at the prestigious Niirnberg Opera Company and has starred with Opera Companies throughout North America and Germany. Her New York debut took place in Carnegie Hall with Marilyn Home and Mario Bernardi. Early in her career, she began devoting part of her time to stage direction. Currently, she is on the directing staff of the International Opera Workshop in the city of Opava in the Czech Republic and has held various appointments as voice teacher, vocal coach, director and coordinator with the University of Toronto Opera and Performance Divisions. In 1995, Ms. Hermiston joined the UBC School of Music as the head of the Voice and Opera Departments. A Note on the Conductor Jesse Read has served in the orchestras of the Metropolitan Opera National Company, San Francisco Opera and Vancouver Opera. An internationally known bassoonist, recording artist and teacher, Professor Read was recently appointed Director of the U.B.C. School of Music. A specialist in the performance of music of the 18th century, he has performed and recorded with Tafelmusik, Philharmonia, Boston Baroque, and numerous other chamber ensembles. Solo appearances include Netherlands Chamber Or-chestra, Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Basel Chamber Orchestra, and CBC Orchestra. Mr. Read has had a long association with the Carmel Bach Festival in California. He is presently on the faculty of the International Mozart Academy where he conducts and gives master classes at the various sites of the academy including Prague, Florence, Budapest and Warsaw. 11 FREDERIC W O O D BEE AXE presents 1996 -1997 SEASON 7 Stories by Morris Panych An existential comedy about life on the edge. January 15-25 Moliere's Shorts Three plays by Moliere Topical and hysterical, these classic comic shorts have been packing houses for 300 years. March 12-22 the tree.the tower.the flood A new musical by John Gray A startling new take on three biblical myths, set in modern context. Part rock opera, part mystery cycle, a witty and provocative "must see." May 1997 B 822-2678 O X O F F ! E D O R O T H Y S O M E R S E T ^ ^ v S T U D I O t presents > The Fire Raisers t by Max Frisch Directed by Neil Cadger November 6-16 r First produced in Zurich in 1958, the Fire Raisers is a brilliant comic portrait of bourgeois, hypocrisy. A comfortable middle class couple, terrified by the news of arsonists running wild, in the city; attempt to defend their own privilege on the one hand while dispensing summary justice with the other. But self- * interest leads to compromise and compromise leads > to but that would be giving it away. As Fnsch said: (It's) a morality without a moral. Treated With Tango Written and Directed by Valerie Methot January 22nd-February 1st It's the end of the millemum. We enter the lives of a woman and a man, and follow their encounters with love, hate, and the courage of death. Treated With Tango explores the disease of the now, the falling of the material empire. The cyclical journey of the characters, the opening- of their souls, inspires tran-scendence and change. B O X O F F I C E 2 2 - 2 6 7 Food Service is ora-jcl to support The Frederic \tood Theatre's' Hansel and Gretel The UBC Food'Service .. Christmas Bakeshop •A Dazzling array of Baked Christmas- GcocMs V Christmas Cake • Shortbread • Mincemeat Tarts Gingerbread • Lemon Bars • Pecan Nut Bars Phone in Your ofddrs ro tie Cental Kitchen. _ or, paff. for, qrj .Qnfder fpsc.. 822-5575 (Tfc • Fox'in Yoyr crders to th$ Central Kitchen X r r, B22-259Q ^ ^ i -TifflftjB^Iti i I  f^wTiZi * 


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