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Graduate Recital Moody, Lisa Diane 1992

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GRADUATE RECITAL by LISA DIANE MOODY B.Mus., The University of British Columbia, 1990 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTL\L FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC (VIOLA PERFORMANCE) in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School of Music) We accept this thesis as conforming to the required standard T H É ' U N I V E R S I T Y O F B R I T I S H C O L U M B I A September 1992 (c) Lisa Diane Moody, 1992 In p resen t ing this thesis in partial fu l f i lment of the requ i remen ts for an advanced degree at the Univers i ty of British C o l u m b i a , I agree that t he Library shall make it freely available for re ference and study. I fu r ther agree that permiss ion fo r ex tens ive c o p y i n g of this thesis fo r scholar ly pu rposes may be g ran ted by the head of m y depa r tmen t or by his o r her representat ives. It is u n d e r s t o o d that c o p y i n g o r pub l i ca t ion o f this thesis fo r f inancial gain shall no t be allovi^ed w i t h o u t m y w r i t t e n permiss ion . Depa r tmen t of Scl^oûl O"^ Mo ' S 'C The Univers i ty o f Brit ish C o l u m b i a Vancouver , Canada Date Ç)c}t 4^ n^7. DE-6 (2/88) THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA SCHOOL OF MUSIC Recital Hall Thursday, March 5,1992 8:00 p.m. GRADUATE RECITAL* LISA MOODY, viola with guests Cheryl Pauls, piano Chris Givens, tenor Sonata for Violo and Kano Op.25 No.4 (1922) Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) Sehr lebhaft. Markien und KrafvoU. Sehr Langsame Viertel Finale. Lebhaft Viertel. Four Hymns for Tenor, Viola and Piano Ralph Vaughn Williams (1872-1958) Lord! Come Away! (Taylor) Who is this fair one? (Watts) Come Love, Come Lord (Crashaw) Evening Hymn (Bridges) - INTERMISSION -Sonata for Viola and Piano Rebecca Qarke (b. 1886) Impetuoso Vivace Adagio * In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music degree with a major in Viola Performance. Il Who IS I h i s Pair one In riislresi. Thai IravflK I tom Ihe w i l r t o r O A S S . And pross"(1 w i l h sorrows nnft w i l h sins. On her t ie loved Lord she l e a n s ' Thrs is Ihe spouse ol ChrisI our God. Bouqhl w i l h Ihe treasures ol His blood, AnrI her requosi and her complaml Is b id the vorce ol ev'ry saml Four Hymns I Lord' come away! Why dost Thou slay? Thy road is ready, and Thy paths, made straight With longing expectat ion, wait The consecrat ion ol Thy beauteous (eef Ride on I f iumpt iant ly i Behold we lay our lusis and proud wiHs m Thy way' Hosanna. Hosanna. Hosannal Welcome lo our hear ls ' Lord, here Thou hast a temple too, as fuM and dear As that ol Sion. and as lul l o( sin Nothing but thieves and robbers dwell therem. Enter, and chase them forth, and cleanse the Iloor! Cruelty them, that they may never more Prolane that holy place Where Thou hast chose lo set Thy lace ' And then, if our stiff tongues shall be Mule in the praises of Thy Diety. The stones out of the temple wall Shall cry a loud and call Hosanna. Hosanna. Hosanna ' And Thy glonouS loolsieps greet ' Jpremy Taylnr 0 let my name engraven stand Bolh on Thy heart and on Thy hand, Sna' mo upon Thine arm and wear That pipdqn ol love for ever therp Stronger than death Thy love ts known Which f loods of wrath cou ld never drown. And hell and earth in vain combine l o quench a fire so much divine But I am lealous ol my heart. Lest It should once f rom Thee depart . Then let my name be well imp ressd As a lair Signet on Thy breast Till Thou hast brought me to Thy home. Where fears and doubts can never come. T hy countenance let me often see. And often shall Thou hear from me: Come, my beloved, haste away. Cut short the hours of Thy delay. Fly like a youthful hart or roe Over the hills where spices b low ' Isaac Watis III Come Love, come Lord, and that long day For which I languish, come away. When this dry soul those eyes shall serf And drink the unseal 'd source o l Thee, W h e n glory's sun faith's shades shall chase. Then for Thy veil give me Thy face Richard Oashsw IV EVFNISIÎ HVMN 0 g ladsome Light. 0 Grace 0 1 God the Father's (ace. The eternal splendour wear ing: Celest ia l , holy, blest. Our Saviour. Jesus Christ. Joyful in Thine appear ing To Thee o l r ighl belongs All praise ol holy songs. 0 Son ol God. Lilo giver. Thee, therefore. 0 Most High. The world doth glorify. And shall exalt lor ever translatPd Imm Ihe Grwk by flotwrt B r ^ g w s Now. ere day ladelh quite. We see the evening light. Our wonted hymn outpour ing; Father o l mtghl unknown, Thee, His incarnate Son. And Holy Spirit ador ing 


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