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Graduate recital of Mark Howard Mitchell Mitchell, Mark Howard 1988

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GRADUATE RECITAL OF MARK HOWARD MITCHELL B.Mus., The University of Ottawa, 1986 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School of Music) We accept this thesis as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA April 1988 © Mark Howard Mitchell, 1988 In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. Department of The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada Date Sept. 2 7 , 1?*? DE-6 (2/88) THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA SCHOOL OF MUSIC R e c i t a l H a l l F r i d a y , A p r i l 15 , 1988 8:00 p.m. GRADUATE RECITAL * Mark Mitchel l , compost ion Two Psalms f o r S i x - p a r t Mixed Cho i r 1986 81st Psalm 80th Psalm U n i v e r s i t y S ingers James Fankhauser, conductor S p i r a l Revo lu t i on - A Theatre P iece 1987 Mark M i t c h e l l , ba r i t one Ken Surges , Cam Dunlop, I r faan Hafeez, O l i v e r S te r czyk , trombones Concerto fo r Piano and Wind Orches t ra 1988 R ichard Coombes, piano Mark M i t c h e l l , conductor Soiban Johnson, Steve C r e i g h t o n , f l u t e s L i z S i l l e t , Margot Toews, oboes Glee Oevereaux, e n g l i s h horn Lome B u i c k , Karen Wi l lms , c l a r i n e t s J i l l R e i d , bass c l a r i n e t J im Sanyshyn, bassoon Isaac B u l l , con t ra bassoon Gwynneth MacKenzie, C h r i s t i e Palmer, horns Gareth Jones , Kathy Eades, trumpets I r faan Hafeez, O l i v e r S te r czyk , trombones Mar t in Dawes, tuba Rick Klemm, Ken M o r r i s o n , pe rcuss ion In p a r t i a l f u l f i l l m e n t of the requirements f o r the Master of Music deqree wi th a Major in compos i t i on . 81st Psalm - Sing aloud unto god our s t r e n g t h : Make a j o y f u l no ise unto the god of Jacob . Take a psalm, And b r ing h i t h e r the t i m b r e l , the p leasant harp wi th the p s a l t e r y . Blow the trumpet in the new moon, in the time appo in ted , on our solemn feas t day. 80th Psalm - Give ea r , o shepherd of I s r a e l , thou that leades t Joseph l i k e a f l o c k ; thou that dwe l les t between the cherubims, sh ine f o r t h . Turn us aga in , 0 God, and cause thy face to s h i n e ; and we s h a l l be saved . 0 Lord God of h o s t s , thou feedest thy people wi th the bread of t e a r s . Turn us aga in , 0 God of h o s t s , and cause thy face to s h i n e ; and we s h a l l be saved. Re tu rn , we pray , 0 God of h o s t s . So w i l l we not go back from thee: Quicken us , and we w i l l c a l l upon thy name. Turn us aga in , 0 Lord God of h o s t s , cause thy face to s h i n e ; and we s h a l l be saved. A l l e l u j a h ! 


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