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Graduate recital Bashaw, Howard Eugene 1984

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GRADUATE RECITAL By  '  HOWARD EUGENE BASHAW B.Mus., The U n i v e r s i t y  of B r i t i s h  Columbia, 1981  A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF . MASTER OF MUSIC  in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE (Department o f Music,  We a c c e p t t h i s  STUDIES  Composition)  t h e s i s as conforming  to the r e q u i r e d  standard  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA October 1984 Howard Eugene Bashaw, 1984  In  presenting  requirements of  British  it  freely  agree for  this for  an  available  that  I  understood  that  financial  by  his  or  (3/81)  University shall  reference  and  study.  I  extensive be  her or  shall  copying  granted  by  the  of  publication  not  be  allowed  Columbia  of  this  It  this  without  make  further  head  representatives.  r1^6>l C  The U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h 1956 Main M a l l Vancouver, Canada V6T 1Y3  DE-6  the  the  Library  permission.  Department of  at  of  the  may  copying  gain  degree  fulfilment  that  for  purposes  or  partial  agree  for  permission  scholarly  in  advanced  Columbia,  department  for  thesis  thesis  of  my  is thesis my  written  (I  TABLE OF CONTENTS  The Nemesis Factor  1  Romance for Trombone and Piano  . 15  The Showtime Octet  . 21  Soliloquies for Solo Piano Music for Tuba and Piano  ..34 44  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Recital H a l l Thursday, October 11, 1984 8:00 p.m. •GRADUATE RECITAL Howard Bashaw, Composer The Nemesis Factor f o r Brass Choir, Amplified Piano and Prepared Tape Text:  1983  V i r g i l , Aea. VI  Frank Zahn, Nick Edwards, Steve Thompson, Mike Juk, Trumpets Carla H a l l e t t , James Roberts, Tai-Ning Chang, Home Bob Rogers, John Van Deursen, Bob Baker, Brent Taylor, Trombones Martin Dawes, Rod Yates, Tubas Rolf Boon, Piano John Zoltek, Conductor (conductor Vancouver Pro Musica) Romance f o r Trombone and Piano  1982  Andrew Clayden, Trombone A l l e n S t i l e s , Piano The  Showtime Octet  1984 Ed Bach, Mike Juk, Trumpets John Van Deursen, Trombone Les Wolfe, Tuba Mark Enns, Clarinet Tom Colciough, Saxophone Paul Mizgala, Percussion Allen S t i l e s , Piano  Soliloquies f o r Solo Piano Bound:  1984  Dam On Stage Schim Sentinel  Midori Koga, Piano Music f o r Tuba & Piano  1984  t Dennis M i l l e r , Tuba t P h i l i p T i l l o t s o n , Piano t UBC Faculty Members * In p a r t i a l f u l f i l l m e n t of the requirements f o r a Master's Degree i n Music with a major i n Composition.  28  i  I  KEr1EM4 f  HortArJcE  -far TftongoNlE"  Pi^Q  5.  I  i  SHOWTIME intho  I  < •  TPT.  SET  P-Jo  1  !  UJ.  «a  *«-  n  rrh  _  U Lf  r  >  >  iiit  it  Pi  V  >  1  1  1  20  3o  10  20  5o  I  I  I  I  I  60  319  I  63  ;|  


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