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Graduation recital Fitch, Catherine Esther 1982

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c-1  1-  GRADUATION RECITAL  by  CATHERINE ESTHER FITCH B.Mus., Mount A l l i s o n U n i v e r s i t y , 1 9 7 9 B.Ed., Mount A l l i s o n U n i v e r s i t y , 1 9 8 0  A- THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC  in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES Department o f Music - V o i c e Performance  We a c c e p t t h i s t h e s i s as conforming to t h e r e q u i r e d  standard  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA May  c)  1 9 8 2  Catherine Esther F i t c h , 1 9 8 2  In p r e s e n t i n g requirements  this thesis f o r an  of  British  it  freely available  agree that for  Library  shall  for reference  and  study.  I  f o r extensive copying of  that  h i s or  her  copying or  f i n a n c i a l gain  be  shall  g r a n t e d by  not  be  of  The U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h 1956 Main Mall V a n c o u v e r , Canada V6T 1Y3  DE-6  (.3/81)  of  Columbia  make  further this  thesis  head o f  this  my  It is thesis  a l l o w e d w i t h o u t my  permission.  Department  the  representatives. publication  the  University  the  s c h o l a r l y p u r p o s e s may  understood  the  I agree that  permission by  f u l f i l m e n t of  advanced degree at  Columbia,  department or for  in partial  written  IBM****"" 5  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Recital  Hall  Sunday, February 14, 1982 8:00 p.m. GRADUATE STUDENT RECITAL* C a t h e r i n e F i t c h , Soprano a s s i s t e d by Terence Dawson, Piano with B e v e r l y C h i u , Flute  C a n t a t a " S o l i t u d i n e amene" p e r soprano con f l a u t o o b b l i g a t o  Alessandro S c a r l a t t i (1659-1725)  F r e u n d l i c h e V i s i o n , Op.48, N o . l Morgen.' Op.27, No.4 Schlagende Herzen, Op.29, No.2 Nacht, Op.10, No.3 A l l e r s e e l e n , Op.10, No.8  Richard Strauss (1864-1949)  Three V o c a l i s e s V o c a l i s e en forme de Habanera P a s t o r a l e (1908) V o c a l i s e , Op.34, No.14 (1912) I  N  T  E  R  M  (1907)  Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) Igor S t r a v i n s k y (1882-1971) Serge Rachmaninoff (1873-1943)  I  Villanelle Hector B e r l i o z Le S p e c t r e de l a Rose (1803-1869) L'Absence L ' l i e Inconnue from Les N u i t s d'Et€, Op.7 (1840-1841) (Poems by G a u t i e r ) C y c l e o f Holy Songs (1941) Psalm 134 Psalm 142 Psalm 148 Psalm 150  *In p a r t i a l f u l f i l l m e n t of the reqirements for the Master degree with a Mas or i> Voice Performance. n  Ned Rorem (1923)  of Music  TRANSLATIONS Cantata - A.. S c a r l a t t i recit.  air.  '"recit. air.  ' j  S o l i t u d e , how welcome! I greet the h i l l s of pleasure but now are g r i e f and sorrow: from you who can never understand why I'm are you blooming but you are l a u g h i n g l i k e am saddened.  and valleys,once they were scenes Could I ask consolation weeping! Not only the flowers, w h i l e I  I behold sweet-scented grasses and flowers - your p r a i s e , I sing - your colors seem painted by Spring. Gentle breezes play s o f t l y amid the streams where the nymphs dwell. Among you, 1 do not f i n d that consolation which I seek, Never can I be h8ppy t i l l I have found him: Once I f e l t thy b l e s s i n g and my pain lessened; but now, tormented, I search i n g r i e f . Once, tho', I f e l t thy b l e s s i n g and my pain was gone.  Die NACI1T Herman von Gilm THE NIGHT  [•RfcUNOUCHE VISION Otto J u l i u s Bierbaum PLEASANT RP.VERIB  ]TH in sleep did I dream Ihis; i/i broad daylight I saw it beautiful before me: i. icariow full c>f daisies, /hite house deep in the green bushes; ilpturcd gods shine through the foliage. Arid I walk with one who loves nic, ipy soul content in tbe cool of Ibis white house, where peace, tujl.of bea"ty, awaits our comiug. MORGEN TOMORBOW John Henry HacKay  And tomorrow tiie sun will shine again, " and on the path that 1 shall follow it will reunite us, the blessed ones, amidst this sun-breathing world ,..  Out of the forest steals the night, out of the trees she slinks quietly, looks round about— now take care I All the lights of this world, .all flowers, all colors she extinguishes, and steals the sheaves away from the fields. She takes away all that is pleasing— the silver from the river; from the copper roof of the cathedral she steals the gold.  t  r  The shrubbery is plundered— come closer, soul to soul I O the ni^ht, I fear, will steal you too from me |  . ,\nd to the shore, btoad and blue with the waves, ^ve shall go down quietly and slowly. Mute, we shall look into each other's eyes, - and upon us will descend the great silence of happmess.  Herman v o n G i l m ALf. SOULS* DAY  Place on ihe table the fragrant mignonettes, bring in the last red asters, and let us speak again of love, as once in May. Give we your hand, that 1 may secretly press it, and if anyone sees, that matters not to me. Give me only one of your sweet glances, as once in May. Every grave blooms and glows tonight: one day in Ihe year belongs to the dead. Come to my heart, that i may hold yon again, as once in May.  SCHLAGENDE HERZEN BEATING HEARTS Otto J u l i u s Bierbaum A boy walked over the meadows and f i e l d s . (Bing bang beat h i s heart.) On h i s f i n g e r shone a golden Ting. (Bing bang beat h i s heart.) '0 meadows, 0 f i e l d s , how l o v e l y you are.' 0 mountains, 0 v a l l e y s , how fair.' How good you are, how Lovely you are, 0 golden sun high i n the sky: (Bing bang beat h i s heart.) The boy hurried along with a merry step. (Bing bang beat h i s heart.) He took many gay flowers w i t h him. (Bing bang beat h i s Heart.) 'A spring breeze blew over the Meadows and f i e l d s , and blew r i g h t i n t o my heart: s o f t l y , gently, i t sends me to you!' (Bing bang' beat h i s heart.) A g i r l stood i n the meadows and f i e l d s . (Bing bang beat h i s h e a r t . ) . She shaded her eyes with her hand t o see. (Bing bang beat her heart.) 'He h u r r i e s to me over meadows and f i e l d s , over mountains and through woods. Oh, i f only he were already here w i t h me! ' (Bing bang beat her heart.) 1  VILLANEIXE  Les Nuits d'Ete (The Summer Nights) Hector Berlioz(Poems by T. Gautier) ABSENCE  When the new season w i l l come, When the frosts w i l l have vanished, We two shall go, my lovely one, To gather l i l i e s - o f - t h e valley i n the woods. Under our feet, picking the pearls Which one sees trembling i n the morn; We shall go to hear the blackbirds whistling; Spring has come, my lovely one; This i s the blessed month for lovers; And the bird smoothing i t s wings, Says a poem on the rim of i t s nest. Oh, come then to this mossy bank to talk of our glorious love, And t e l l me with your voice so sweet, Forever! Far, far away, staying from our path, Putting to f l i g h t the hidden rabbit And the buck, i n the mirror of the springs Admiring i t s bent antlers; Then homeward, so happy, so at ease Entwining our fingers to make a basket, Let us return, carrying wild strawberries. THE SPECTRE OF THE ROSE Open your closed eyelid Gently touched by a v i r g i n a l dream!, I am the spectre of the rose That you wore last night at the b a l l . You have taken me s t i l l covered with the pearls Of the sprinkler's s i l v e r y tears, And amidst b r i l l i a n t f e s t i v i t i e s . You carried me through the night. 0 you, who were the cause of my death, Without your being able to escape him, My rose-coloured spectre w i l l come Every night to dance at your bedside. But have no fear at a l l : I do not ask Either a mass or De Profundis. This fragrant perfume i s my soul, And I am from paradise. My destiny could be envied, And to have so beautiful a fate, More than one would have given his l i f e ; For on your breast I have my tomb, And on the alabaster where I repose, A poet wrote with a kiss: "Here l i e s a rose Which a l l kings might envy."  Come back, come back, my beloved! -> Like a flower far from the sun, The flower of my l i f e i s closed Far from your rosey smile! What distance between our hearts! What space between our kisses! Oh better fate, oh cruel absence! Oh great unappeased desires! Come back, come back, my beloved! Like a flower far from the sun, ^. The flower of my l i f e i s closed Far from your rosy smile! From here to where you are, how wide* How many c i t i e s and hamlets, How many valleys and mountains, To t i r e the hoofs of the horses! Come back, come back, my beloved! "* Like a flower far from the sun, The flower of my l i f e i s closed Far from your rosy smile. 5  THE ISLAND UNCHARTED T e l l me, young f a i r one, Where do you wish to go? The s a i l swells i t s wing, The wind w i l l blow! The oar i s of ivory The flag of s i l k The rudder of pure gold: For ballast I have an orange, For s a i l an angel's wing, For foam I have a seraph. T e l l me, young f a i r one, Where do you wish to go? The s a i l swells i t s wing, The wind w i l l blow. Is i t to the Baltic Sea? To the Pacific Ocean? Towards the island of Java? Or i s i t to Norway, To gather the snow flowers, Or the flowers of Angsoka? T e l l me, young f a i r one, T e l l me, where do you wish to go? Lead me, says the f a i r one, To the f a i t h f u l shore, Where one loves always! This shore, my f a i r one, Is not known at a l 1 , In the Land of loves!  


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