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Graduate recital Dallaire, Charles Joseph Mario 1981

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MASTER OF MUSIC DEGREE GRADUATE RECITAL by CHARLES JOSEPH MARIO DALLAIRB B.Mus., The University of British Columbia, t981 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES ( Department of Music ) We accept this thesi3 as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA April 1981 <£) Charles Joseph Mario Dallaire, 1981 In presenting th is thes is in p a r t i a l fu l f i lment of the requirements f an advanced degree at the Un ivers i ty of B r i t i s h Columbia, I agree tha the L ibrary sha l l make it f ree ly ava i l ab le for reference and study. I fur ther agree that permission for extensive copying of th is thes is fo r s c h o l a r l y purposes may be granted by the Head of my Department or by h is representat ives . It is understood that copying or pub l ica t ion of th is thes is fo r f inanc ia l gain sha l l not be allowed without my wri t ten permission. Department The Univers i ty of B r i t i s h Columbia 2075 Wesbrook Place Vancouver, Canada V6T 1WS Date A w J \ ]<U THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Recital Hall Sunday, February 22, 1981 8:00 p.m. •GRADUATE RECITAL Charles Dallaire, Clarinet assisted by, r, . , , Robert Hoi l i s ton, F%ano and Harpsichord Herbert Pfau, Violin Konzert #3 fur klarinette J. Melchior Molter Concerto Moderato (1810-18S6) Largo Allegro Fantasiestiicke, Op.73 fiir pianoforte und clarinette Zart und mit Ausdruak Lebhaft, leioht Rasoh und mit Feuer Sonata for clarinet and piano (1P62) Allegro tristamente: Allegretto Tree oalme - Tempo allegretto Romanza: Tree oalme Allegro oon fuooo: Tree animd INTERMISSION Contrasts for violin, clarinet and pianoforte Verbunkoe (Recruiting Dance) Pihend (Relaxation) Sebes (Fast Dance) Robert Schumann (1810-1856) Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) Be*la Bart(5k (1881-1945) * In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music Degree with a Major in Clarinet 


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