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Graduation recital Hurst, Gregg E. 1979

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GRADUATION RECITAL by ; GREGG E. HURST B.Mus., The U n i v e r s i t y of B r i t i s h Columbia, 1976 GRADUATION RECITAL TAPES SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF / THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC i n THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (Department of Music) We accept these tapes as conforming to the r e q u i r e d standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA A p r i l 1979 (c) Gregg E. Hurst, 1979 In p r e s e n t i n g t h i s t h e s i s i n p a r t i a l f u l f i l m e n t o f the r e q u i r e m e n t s f o r an advanced degree a t the U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h C o l u m b i a , I a g r e e t h a t the L i b r a r y s h a l l make i t f r e e l y a v a i l a b l e f o r r e f e r e n c e and s t u d y . I f u r t h e r a g r e e t h a t p e r m i s s i o n f o r e x t e n s i v e c o p y i n g o f t h i s t h e s i s f o r s c h o l a r l y purposes may be g r a n t e d by the Head o f my Department o r by h i s r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s . I t i s u n d e r s t o o d t h a t c o p y i n g o r p u b l i c a t i o n o f t h i s t h e s i s f o r f i n a n c i a l g a i n s h a l l not be a l l o w e d w i t h o u t my w r i t t e n p e r m i s s i o n . Department o f / r I v > ' ^— The U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h Columbia 2075 Wesbrook P l a c e V a n c o u v e r , Canada V6T 1W5 D E - 6 B P 75-S1 1 E THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC R e c i t a l H a l l Tuesday, A p r i l 3, 1979 8:00 p.m GRADUATION RECITAL* Gregg Hurst, Trumpet Concerto i n D Allegro Andante Allegro H e i n r i c h S t o l z e l (1690-1749) Brandenburg Concerto No.2 Allegro Andante Allegro Assai J.S. Bach. (1685-1750) J M E R M I S S I C N Sonatine With motion Slow Rather Lively B e r t o l d Hummel L ' I l l u m i n a t i o n de Queekoven 1968 For Trumpet and Harp Andries deBraal Nightsongs 1976 For Trumpet, Harp and S t r i n g s Richard Peaslee * In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music degree in Orchestral Instruments. Peter Hannah, Recorder Karen Erickson, Oboe David Boddington, Bassoon Nicki Stieda, Violin Rachel King, Violin Toni Stanyck, Violin Alison Eldredge, Violin Lesley McAuley, Viola Alice Ratzlaff, Cello Finn Manniche, Cello Nina Hovaas, Bass Karen Stephens, Piano Alison Hunter, Harp 


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