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Role of Isabella in G.A. Rossini’s L’Italiana in Algeri Muendel, Heidi Margarethe 2003

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ROLE OF ISABELLA IN G.A. ROSSINI'S L'ITALIANA IN ALGERI by HEIDI MARGARETHE MUENDEL B.Mus., U n i v e r s i t y of V i c t o r i a ,  2000  A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC  in j  THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School o f Music)  We accept t h i s t h e s i s as conforming to the r e q u i r e d  standard  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA A p r i l 2003 ®  H e i d i Margarethe Muendel 2 003  UBCl THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES  Library Authorization  In presenting this thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission.  Name of Author (please print)  TitleofThesis:  Degree:  J ' l U —  Date (dd/mm/yyy'y)  ^  J/^J  Jy  #  Year:  Mws  Department of The University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC Canada  page 1 of 1  last updated; 20-Jul-04  ABSTRACT The t h e s i s f o r the Master of Music degree i n Opera C o n s i s t s of the performance of a major r o l e i n one Opera  full  production. I performed the r o l e of I s a b e l l a i n G.A.  L'Italiana  in Algeri  on November 3, 2002.  Rossini's  L l t a l i a n a in  Aigeri  C T n e Italian (jir\ in A l g i e r s ) By (3- A - R o s s i n i D i r e c t o r : N a n c y Hermiston * Music D i r e c t o r : Richard  Upp  W i t h the assistance o f UmanUela M - ^ c a n t e a n d |l R u g g i e r o U n s e n r b l e  C h a n C e n t r e f o r t h e performing A r t s N o v e m b e r 2, ZOOZ, 8 YhA November  3,  2 0 0 2 ,  fM  }  A d mission b y d o n a t i o n — a l l p r o c e e d s t o T h e D a v i d S p encer Endowment Encouragement  M^w*  f\jnd  3BH88M$£  |  L 'ItaCiana. in Jlfgeri music by Gioachino Rossini libretto by Angelo Anelli  Synopsis The action takes place in Algiers. Act I Elvira, the wife of Mustafa, the Bey of Algiers, laments that her husband no longer loves her. Zulma (her confidante) and a chorus of Eunuchs advise her to accept her lot. Mustafa enters in a temper; he wants an Italian woman, and gives Haly, his captain, six days to find one. Lindoro, an Italian enslaved by Mustafa, languishes for his distant love. Mustafa then informs Lindoro that he must marry Elvira so that Mustafa can be rid of her. Offshore a ship has been wrecked and its passengers taken prisoner. Among them, Haly and his men discover an Italian woman, Isabella, and her companion and would-be-suitor, Taddeo. Isabella has been seeking her lover, Lindoro, and laments her cruel destiny, but determines to conquer the Algerians through her womanly wiles. Isabella and Taddeo argue about their relationship, but end by agreeing to pose as uncle and niece. Back at the palace Mustafa offers to allow Lindoro to leave immediately for Italy if he takes Elvira with him. Realizing this is his chance to escape, Lindoro agrees. Haly brings news of the Italian woman, and Mustafa orders his court to assemble, anticipating this new pleasure. As the first finale begins, Isabella is brought in and Mustafa and the chorus marvel at her beauty; she flirts with the Bey to entrap him. When Taddeo forces his way into the hall, Mustafa threatens to impale him, but then accepts Isabella's 'uncle'. Elvira, Zulma, and Lindoro come to say farewell; Isabella and Lindoro  recognize each other and all express stupefaction in a grand ensemble of onomatopoeic nonsense during which Isabella acquires Lindoro as her slave. ActH  Mustafa has fallen in love with Isabella. Haly counsels Elvira to be patient while Isabella's wiles make a fool of the Bey. Isabella and Lindoro plan their escape. In order to impress Isabella, Mustafa makes Taddeo his 'Kaimakan' and has him dressed in Turkish costume. Isabella prepares to receive the Bey, ordering Lindoro to bring coffee for at least three and tells Elvira to observe how to handle a man. Mustafa, Taddeo, and Lindoro watch from within while Isabella completes her dressing. Mustafa arranges to signal by sneezing the moment that the others should leave him alone with Isabella; the quintet that follows is punctuated by several 'atchoos', which are ignored. Isabella invites Elvira to take coffee with them and Mustafa understands that he has been tricked. Haly declares that Italian women excel at making men love them and warns men to take care. Lindoro tells Mustafa that Isabella loves the Bey and wants to make him her 'Pappataci', an honourable title given to men who sleep and eat while allowing their women to do just as they please. In the second finale, Isabella has arranged a ceremony to transform the Bey into a 'Pappataci' and has given the Eunuchs and guards much wine. Once Mustafa has been clothed as 'Pappataci' Isabella confers the oath in which he swears to be deaf and blind to all her enterprises. Mustafa eats and drinks as the Italians slip away to the waiting ship. Taddeo, realizing that Isabella loves Lindoro, tries to alert the Bey but the latter fulfills his duty as 'Pappataci'; rather than face Mustafa's wrath, Taddeo joins the Italians. Elvira, Zulma, and Haly reveal the deceit to Mustafa; he begs Elvira's forgiveness and renounces Italian women. The entire ensemble proclaims that a woman cannot be kept from having her way.  The  (production (Team  Cast  Sunday  Saturday  'Director  Costumes  (Rfpetiteurs  Nancy Hermiston  Robert Prince  Donna Falconer  Mustafa  Justin Welsh  Pierre Hungr  'Elvira  Jennifer Farrell  Paula McNeil  Conductor  Zulma  Mia Harris  Dionne Sellinger  Richard Epp  Haly  Andrew Jameson  Michael Mori  Lindoro  Ian Paul  John Arsenault*  Isabella  Erinn Evdokimoff  Heidi Mundel  'taddeo  Todd Delaney  John Conlon  'Eunuchs/(Pirates David English, John Hales, Riley McMitchell, Lyndon Surjik, John Weng  guards Craig Johnson, Cory Esaryk  (Pianist  Isabella's Maids Amy Lafroy, Janet Vandertol •appearing courtesy of the Canadian Actor's Equity  Christopher Wong  Parvin Mirhady  Lucas Wong  "Makeup  (poster (Design  Nell Volrich  Shauna Martin Justin Welsh  Donna Falconer Hair Stage Manager  Elke Englicht  (program Sandra Stringer  Colleen Cotton (Production Assistants Set (Design Nancy Hermiston Cameron McGill  John Conlon  (PuBRcity  Pierre Hungr  Justin Welsh  Craig Johnson  Opera (Ensembk (Executive  Lighting  Alex Good  Janet Vandertol Christie Avril Paula McNeil Neema Bickersteth Justin Welsh Sandra Stringer  Krzysztof Biemacki  Cameron McGill Surtitks  Mustafa's Harem Katie Cross, Sandra Stringer  Alexandria Beck  (Properties Nancy Hermiston Valerie Moffat  Neema Bickersteth Sandra Stringer Lucas Wong  V(BC Opera (Ensemble The University of British Columbia Opera Ensemble was founded in 1995, with the appointment of Canadian lyric coloratura Nancy Hermiston as Head of the Voice and Opera Divisions. Beginning with a core of seven performers, Ms. Hermiston has built the program to a 50-member company, performing two main productions at UBC every season, and touring the Czech Republic and Germany for the last 3 summer seasons. Past main season productions have included Mozart's Ze JVbzze di ZZgaro and Z?ie Gartnerrh aus ZieAe, Nicolai's Tiie Merry Wives of Windsor, Robert Ward's Tiie CrucrWe and  Humperdinck's enchanting tale of childhood, Zfansei and Gretei. The Ensemble has also performed F/garo, TAe Magic Z7ure, Janacek's Toe Cunning Zitfie  V/jren, Gounod's Zaust and Strauss' Z?ie ZYedermaus in  Europe. Last year, the Ensemble performed an exciting double bill of Puccini's Gianni ScaiccAi and Purcell's Z>Zdo and Aeneas, in addition to a new  Christmas production of Lehar's delightful operetta, Tiie Merry Widow The Ensemble also performed in 2001 with Canadian Heldentenor Ben Heppner, in a special concert at the Chan Centre of the Performing Arts, broadcast on CBC Radio. Since the March 2001 production of Zne Crucf&ie a coproduction with the City Theatre in Usti, Ms. Hermiston was invited to direct its Czech premiere in October 2001 and was accompanied by select students, past and present, who appeared in the production. In the summer of 2002, the Ensemble returned to the Czech Republic and Germany to repeat last summer's successful production of Tiie Cunn/hg Zittie Viren. In addition, a new production of Massenet's Manon, sung in French, was mounted at the Usti nad Labem City Theatre. Recent performances in Canada include an appearance in 2000 with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in Vaughn William's Serenade fo Music, and a co-production of Monteverdi's HZ'itorno di CO/sses /hpatr/a with the Ensemble Ruggiero, sponsored by the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC. The Ensemble also toured the Lower Mainland and interior of BC with their children's show, Opera Mgnt m Canada'm 2001/2002.  


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