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Graduate recitals Bradley, Caitlin 2006

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GRADUATE RECITALS by CAITLIN BRADLEY B.Mus., Voice Performance, University of British Columbia, 2004 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (Voice) THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA April, 2006 © Caitlin Bradley, 2006 ABSTRACT The thesis for the Master of Music degree in Voice consists of the performance of a full-length recital which the candidate presents near the end of the second year. Upon the recommendation of the candidate's committee, a partial recital may be given in the first year, in addition to the final recital. My full-length recital was performed on April 1st, 2006. Graduate Recital Caitlin Bradley * Graduating! Saturday, April 1st, 2006 8pm UBC School of Music Recital Hall Caitlin Bradley, Soprano Six years, and two degrees later, Caitlin is ready to graduate from the University of British Columbia! Caitlin began studying music in the womb with a father who played piano and a mother who plays oboe. Since then, she studied violin at the age of four, and then piano at the age of six. She then jumped into full fledged performing at the age of seven when she joined the Jennings Institute for Performing Artists and the So-La-Mi Musical Theatre troupe directed by Mamie Jennings. Caitlin owes a lot of her passion for music and performing to Marnie who taught her music theory and history, piano, singing, acting, and provided dance classes in every imaginable discipline. Caitlin was with the Jennings Institute as a student and later as a student teacher until 1999, and during those eleven years, enjoyed performing in hundreds of concerts, both live and for television, working with notable performers, touring twice to Washington D.C. for "America Sings" and then to New York, and singing in recordings with Anne Mortifee and Charlotte Diamond (where she was the fifth sparrow in "Five Little Sparrows"). Caitlin received her undergraduate degree at U B C in 2004. In fourth year she was the president of the University Singers (a position she is currently enjoying), and began directing the U B C Vocal Jazz Ensemble. She sang with the Vancouver Cantata Singers and the Holy Rosary Cathedral Quartet for two years. She has spent the past two years completing her Master's in Voice Performance under the tutelage of Bruce Pullan with whom she has also been minoring in Choral Conducting. During this time she became a choral maniac, singing in trios, quartets, quintets, octets...and any other 'tet she could get into or create. In September, Caitlin was invited to join the Vancouver Chamber Choir directed by Jon Washburn. Caitlin is thrilled to be graduating, and is looking forward to everything the future holds! Thank You's: M y parents: Thank you for your years of generous support and encouragement. You guys are my rock! Marnie Jennings: for your guidance, knowledge and passion for what a performer can do in this world. Bruce Pullan: for the opportunities that you have provided, the wealth of knowledge (both in singing and conducting), and the many fantastic stories that usually ended in "...and he never worked again!" Katherine: I don't know how you do it, but you are amazing.. .thanks! Ray Nurse and Doreen Oke: I am honored that you are collaborating with me! Thank you for the exposure to early music, it is genre that I hope to continue with! Emily and Christine: 3 ladies.. .where will we go next? I look forward to continuing our fun! Russell: you are the best dumb-mute ever! Kevin: Wow.. .6 years! We made it. Thank you for pushing me to do more. Good luck at Yale! Arlene: Your encouragement and support and friendship have meant the world to me. Thanks! Broder: best stage manager ever © Where to see me next: Vancouver Chamber Choir concerts.. .check out www.vancouverchamberchoir.com for upcoming events! Capilano Suspension Bridge...yep, still there singing and dancing and acting away! What? Caitlin in body paint? June 2nd. 8pm, West Vancouver United Church! Orfeo ed Euridice by C.W. Gluck. Directed by Andi Alexander, conducted by Gerald Van Wyck, choreographed by David Gi l l . Starring Andi Alexander, Carrie Wiebe and Caitlin Bradley Programme** The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation Ohime ch 'io cado Ray Nurse, Theorbo Doreen Oke, Harpsichord "Gedichte der Konigin Maria Stuart"* /. Abschied von Frankreich II. Nach der Geburt ihres Sohnes III. An die Konigin Elisabeth IV. Abschied von der Welt V. Gebet "Fiancailles pour lire"* I. La Dame d Andre II. Dans I'herbe III. II vole IV. Mon cadaver est doux comme un gant V. Violon VI. Fleurs Katherine Dowling, Piano Non sa che sia dolore* O dolcezz 'amarissime d Amore Occhi del pianto mio Caitlin Bradley, Emily Cheung, Christine Stathers Doreen Oke, Harpsichord - INTERMISSION-Henry Purcell (1659-1695) Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) Robert Schumann (1810-1856) Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) Luzzasco Luzzaschi (1545-1607) Stridono lassii From "Pagliacci" Deh vieni, non tardar From "Le Nozze di Figaro" Ach, ichfuhl's From "Die Zauberflote" Monica's Waltz From "The Medium" Laurie's Song From "The Tender Land" The Silver Swan Katherine Dowling, Piano Ruggero Leoncavallo (1857-1919) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) W. A. Mozart Gian Carlo Menotti (b. 1911) Aaron Copland (1900-1990) Ned Rorem (b. 1949) Trouble in Tahiti From "Trouble in Tahiti" Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) Emily Cheung, Kevin Zakresky, Russell Cripps Katherine Dowling, Piano * Please withhold applause until the end of these sections. **In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music Degree with a major in Voice Performance. Texts and Translations The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation Henry Purcell Tell me, some pitying angel, tell quickly, quickly say, where does my soul's sweet darling stray, in tiger's or more cruel, cruel Herod's way? Ah, rather let his little footsteps press unregarded through the wilderness, where milder savages resort, The desert's safer than a tyrant's court. Why fairest object of my love, Why dost thou from my longing eyes remove? Was it a waking dream that did fortell thy wondrous birth? No vision from above? Ohime ch'io cado Claudio Monteverdi Ohime ch'io cado ohime ch'inciampo ancora il pie pur come pria E la sfiorita mia caduta spene pur di novo rigar con fresco lacrimar hor mi conviene Lasso del vecchio ardor conosco l'orme ancor dentro nel petto Ch'ha rotto il vago aspetto e iguardi amati Lo smalto adamantin ond'armaro il meschin pensier gelati Folle Credev'io pur d'averschermo sicur da un nudo arcierro E pur io si guerriero Hor son codardo ne vaglio sostener i l colpo lusinghier d'un solo sguardo 0 Campion immortal sdegno come sifral hor fugge indietro A sott'armi di vetro incanto errante m'hai condotto infedel contro spada crudel d'aspro diamante O Come sa punir Tirann'amor l'ardir d'alma rubella Una dolce favella Un seren volto un vezzoso mirar sogliono rilegar un cor disciolto Occhi belli ah se fu sempre bella virtu giusta pietate Deh voi non mi negate il guardo e'l riso Che mi sia la prigion per si bella cagion i l Paradiso. (Blessed Virgin'sExpostulation, continued...) Where's Gabriel that visited my cell? I call. Gabriel! He comes not. Flatt'ring hopes farewell. Me Judah's daughters once caress'd, call'd me of mothers the most bless'd. Now fatal change, of mothers most distress'd. How shall my soul its motions guide? How shall I stem the various tide, whilst faith and doubt my lab'ring soul divide? For whilst of thy dear sight beguil'd, I trust the God, but oh! I fear the child. Alas! I'm falling Alas! I'm falling! Alas! my foot stumbles as it did before and I must again water my withered, fallen hopes with fresh tears. Tired of my former passion, I still recognize its traces in my breast, because a lovely face and cherished glances have cracked the adamantine enamel with which my frozen thoughts protected my wretched heart. I was foolish enough to believe I had a sure defence of a naked archer! Indeed, I was such a warrior, but now I'm a coward, I don't want to bear the deceptive thrust of a single glance! Immortal hero! I despise (the way) such a fragile (lover) now runs away! Alas! through your glassy weapons, the vagabond charm, you've led me on, faithless, against a diamond sword, sharp and cruel! How well does tyrant love know how to punish the daring of a rebel soul! A kind word, a serene face, a pleasant stare are wont to bind an unbound heart! Eyes, beautiful eyes! Alas! If only love were always kind and compassion fair! Ah, do not deny me your glance and your smile, because such a good cause would be Paradise for me! Texts and Translations "Gedichte der Konigin Maria Stuart" Robert Schumann 1. Abschied von Frankreich Ich zieh dahin, dahin! Ade, mein frohlich Frankenland, Wo ich die liebste Heimat fand, Du meiner Kindheit Pflegerin! Ade, du Land, du schone Zeit. Mich trennt das Boot vom Gliick so weit! Doch tragt's die Halfte nur von mir; Ein Teil fur immer bleibet dein. Mein frohlich Land, der sage dir, Des andern eingedenk zu sein! Ade! 2. Nach der Geburt ihres Sohnes Herr Jesu Christ, den sie gekront mit Dornen. Beschiitze die Geburt des hier Gebor'nen. Und sei's dein W i l l ' , lass sein Geschlecht zugleich Lang herrschen noch in diesem Konigreich, Und alles, was geschieht in seinem Namen, Sei dir zu Ruhm und Preis und Ehre, Amen. 3. An die Konigin Elisabeth Nur ein Gedanke, der mich ffeut und qualt, Halt ewig mir den Sinn gefangen, So dass der Furcht und Hoffhung Stimmen klangen, Als ich die Stunden ruhelos gezahlt. Und wenn mein Herz dies Blatt zum Boten wahlt, Und kiindet, euch zu sehen, mein Verlangen, Dann, teurer Schwster, fasst mich neues Bangen, Weil ihm die Macht, es zu beweisen, fehlt. Ich she', den Kahn im Hafen fast geborgen, Vom Sturm und Kampf der Wogen festgehalten, Des Himmels heit'res Antlitz nachtumgraut. So bin auch ich bewegt von Furcht und Sorgen, vor euch nict, vor euch nicht, Schwester. Doch des Schicksals Walten zerreisst das Segel oft, dem wir vertraut. "Poems of Mary, Queen of Scots" Text attributed to Mary Stuart /. Farewell to France I am going away, away! Farewell, my happy France, Where I found the loveliest homeland, You the guardian of my childhood Farewell, O land, O happy time, The ship bears me far away from joy! Yet it takes but half of me; One part will be for ever yours, M y happy land, recalling to you The memory of that other self! Farewell! 2. After the birth of her son Lord Jesus Christ, whom they crowned with thorns, Protect this new born boy. And, if it be Thy will , let his race Long rule in this realm. And let all that is done in his name Be to Thy glory, praise and honour, Amen. 3. To Queen Elizabeth One thought alone gladdens and grieves me And dominates my mind, So that the voices of fear and hope resound, When sleepless I count the hours. And when my heart chooses this letter as messenger, Revealing how I long to see you, Then, dear sister, a new anguish seizes me, Because the letter lacks the power to prove it. I see the boat half hidden in the harbour, Held back by the storm and warring waves, And heaven's serene face blackened by night. Thus I too am moved by worries and by fear itself, not fear of you, my sister. But fate's decree often tears apart the sail in which we put our trust. Texts and Translations 4. Abschied von der Welt Was nutzt die mir noch zugemess'ne Zeit? Mein Herz erstarb fur irdisches Begehren, Nur Leiden soil mein Schatten nicht entbehren, Mir blieb allein die Todesfreudigkeit. Ihr Freunde lasst von eurem Neid: Mein Herz ist abgewandt der Hoheit Ehren, Des Schmerzes Ubermass wird mich verzehren Bald geht mit mir zu Grabe Hass und Streit. Ihr Freunde, die ihr mein gedenkt in Liebe, Erwagt und glaubt, dass ohne Kraft und Gluck Kein gutes Werk mir zu vollenden Bliebe. So wunscht mir bess're Tage nicht zuriick, Und weil ich schwer gestrafet werd' hienieden, Erfleht mir meinen Teil am ew'gen Frieden! 5. Gebet O Gott, mein Gebieter, ich hoffe auf dich! O Jesu, Geliebter, nun rette du mich! Im harten Gefangnis, in schlimmer Bedrangnis Ersehne ich dich; In Klagen, dir klagend, im Staube verzagend, Erhor', ich beschwdre, und rette du mich! "Fiancailles Pour Rire" Francis Poulenc 1. La Dame d'Andre Andre ne connait pas la dame Qu'il prend aujourd'hui par la main. A-t-elle un coeur a lendemains Et pour le soir a-t-elle une ame? Au retour d'un bal campagnard S' en allait-elle en robe vague Chercher dans les meules la bague Des fiancailles du hasard? A-t-elle eu peur, la nuit venue, Guettee par les ombres d'hier, Dans son jardin lorsque l'hiver Entrait par la grande avenue? II Fa aimee pour sa couleur Pour sa bonne humeur de Dimanche. Palira-t-elle aux feuilles blanches De son album des temps meilleurs? 4. Farewell to the world What use is the time still allotted me? My heart is dead to earthly desires, M y spirit is severed from all but sorrow, The joy of death alone remains. Cease envying me, O enemies; My heart abjures all honour and nobility, Excess of anguish will devour me, Hatred and schism will soon be buried with me. O friends, who will remember me with love, Consider and believe that without power or fortune There is nothing good I can achieve. So do not wish for the return of happier days, And because I've been sorely punished here on earth, Pray that a share of eternal peace might be mine! 5. Prayer O Lord God, I put my trust in Thee! 0 beloved Jesus, Rescue me! In my harsh prison, in dire affliction 1 long for Thee; Lamenting I cry to Thee, despairing in the dust, Hearken, I implore Thee, and rescue me! "Light-Hearted Betrothal" Text by Louise de Vilmorin 1. Andre's ladyfriend Andre does not know the woman Whose hand he takes today. Has she a heart for the future, And for the evening has she a soul? Returning from a country dance, Did she in her loose-fitting gown Go and seek in the haystacks The ring of random betrothal? Was she afraid, when night fell, Watched by the ghosts of the past, In her garden, when winter Entered by the wide avenue? He loved her for her complexion, For her Sunday good humour. Wi l l she fade on the blank pages Of his album of better days? 2. Dans I'herbe Je ne peux plus rien dire N i rien faire pour lui. II est mort de sa belle II est mort de sa mort belle Dehors Sous 1' arbre de la Lo i En plein silence En plein paysage Dans I'herbe. II est mort inapercu En criant son passage En appellant, en m'appelant Mais comme j'etais loin de lui Et que sa voix ne portait plus II est mort seul dans les bois Sous son arbre d'enfance Et je ne peux plus rien dire N i rien faire pour lui. 3. // vole En allant se coucher le soleil Se reflete au vernis de ma table: C'est le fromage rond de la fable Au bee de mes ciseaux de vermeil. - Mais ou est le corbeau? - II vole. Je voudrais coudre mais un aimant Attire a lui toutes mes aiguilles. Sur la place les joueurs de quills De belle en belle passent le temps. - Mais ou est mon amant? - II vole. C'est un voleur que j ' a i pour amant, Le corbeau vole et mon amant vole, Voleur de coeur manque a sa parole Et voleur de fromage est absent. - Mais ou est le bonheur? - II vole. Je pleure sous le saule pleureur Je mele mes larmes a ses feuilles Je pleure car je veux qu'on me veuille Et je ne plats pas a mon voleur. - Mais ou done est 1'amour? - II vole. Trouvez la rime a ma deraison Et par les routes du paysage Ramenez-moi mon amant volage Qui prend les cceurs et perd ma raison. Je veux que mon voleur me vole. Texts and Translations 2. In the grass I can say nothing more Do nothing more for him. He died for his fair one He died a fair death Outside Beneath the tree of Justice In utter silence In open country In the grass. He died unnoticed Crying out as he passed away Calling, calling me But since I was far from him And since his voice no longer carried He died alone in the woods Beneath his childhood tree And I can say nothing more Do nothing more for him. 3. Stealing away The sun as it sets Is reflected in my polished table-It is the round cheese of the fable In the beak of my silver scissors. But where's the crow? Stealing away on its wing. I'd like to sew but a magnet Attracts all my needles. In the square the skittle-players Pass the time playing game after game. But where's my lover? Stealing away on his wing. I've a stealer for lover, The crow steals away and my lover steals, The stealer of my heart breaks his word And the stealer of cheese is absent. But where is happiness? Stealing away on his wing. I weep under the weeping willow I mingle my tears with its leaves I weep because I want to be wanted And because my stealer doesn't care for me. But where can love be? Stealing away on its wing. Find the sense in my nonsense And along the country ways Bring me back my wayward lover Who steals hearts and robs me of my senses. I want my stealer to steal me. Texts and Translations 4. Mon cadaver est doux comme un gant Mon cadaver est doux comme un gant Doux comme un gant de peau glacee Et mes prunelles effaces Font de mes yeux des cailloux blancs. Deux cailloux blancs dans mon visage, Dans le silence deux muets Ombres encore d'un secret Et lourds du poids mort des images. Mes doigts tant de fois egares Sont joints en attitude sainte Appuyes au creux de mes plaints Au noeud de mon coeur arete. Et mes deux pieds sont les montagnes, Les deux derniers monts que j ' a i vus A la minute ou j ' a i perdu La course que les annees gagnent. Mon souvenir est ressemblant. Enfants emportez-le bien vite, Allez, allez, ma vie est dite. Mon cadaver est doux comme un gant. 5. Violon Couple amoureux aux accents meconnus Le violon et son joueur me plaisent. Ah! j'aime ces gemissements tendus Sur la corde des malaises. Aux accords sur les cordes des pendus A l'heure ou les Lois se taisent Le coeur en forme de ffaise S'ofrre a l'amour comme un fruit inconnu. 6. Fleurs Fleurs promises, fleurs tenues dans tes bras, Fleurs sorties des parentheses d'un pas, Qui t'apportait ces fleurs l'hiver Saupoudrees du sable des mers? Sable de tes baisers, fleurs des amour fanees Les beaux yeux sont de cendre et dans la cheminee Un coeur enrubanne de plaints Brule avec ses images saintes. Fleurs promises, fleurs tenues dans tes bras, Qui t'apportait ces fleurs l'hiver Saupoudrees du sable des mers? 4. My corpse is as limp as a glove M y corps is as limp as a glove Limp as a glove of glace kid And my hidden pupils Make two white pebbles of my eyes. Two white pebble is my face Two mutes in the silence Still darkened by a secret Laden with the dead weight of what they've seen. M y fingers that roved so often Are joined in a saintly pose Resting on the hollow of my sorrows At the center of my arrested heart. And my two feet are mountains, The last two hills I saw At the very moment I lost the race That the years always win. Your memory of me is true -Children, bear it swiftly away, Go, go, my life is over. M y corpse is as limp as a glove. 5. Violin Enamoured couple with the misprized accents The violin and its player please me. Ah! I love these wailings long drawn out On the cord of uneasiness. In chords on the cords of the hanged At the hour when the Laws are silent The heart, formed like a strawberry, Offers itself to love like an unknown fruit. 6. Flowers Promised flowers, flowers held in your arms, Flowers sprung from the parenthesis of a step, Who brought you these flowers in winter Powdered with the sand of the seas? Sand of your kisses, flowers of faded loves The beautiful eyes are ashes and in the fireplaces a heart beribboned with sighs burns with its treasured pictures. Promised flowers, flowers held in your arms, Who brought you these flowers in winter Powdered with the sand of the seas? Texts and Translations Non sa che sia dolore Luzzasco Luzzaschi Non sa che sia dolore, Chi da la vita sua parte, e non more. Cari lumi leggiadri, amato volto, Ch'Amor mi die si tardi e fier destino Si tosto oggi m'ha tolto! Viver lungi da voi, tanto vicino Son di mia vita al termine fatale, Se vivo torno a voi, torno immortale. O dolcezz'amarissime d'Amore Luzzasco Luzzaschi O dolcezz'amarissime d'Amore, Quest' e pur il mio cor, Quest' e pur il mio ben, Che piu languisco. Che fa meco il dolor, se ne gioisco? Fuggite Amore, amanti, Amore amico, O che fiero nemico! All'hor che vi lusinga, all'hor che ride, Condisce i vostri pianti Con quell velen che dolcemente ancide. Non credete ai sembianti, Che par soave et e pungente e crudo. Et e men disarmato all'hor che e nudo. Occhi del pianto mio Luzzasco Luzzaschi Occhi, del pianto mio Cagione, e del mio duro empio martire, Lasciatemi, vi prego, ormai morire. E con morte finir mio stato rio. Che'l vostro darmi aha Talor con dolce et amorosi guardo, Piu dogliosa mia vita Rende e cresce la fiamma ond'io sempr'ardo. He knows nothing of pain He knows nothing of pain Who leaves his life without dying. Dear lovely eyes, beloved face Which Love gave me too late, and proud destiny Has so hastily taken from me today. To live far from you? I am so close To the fatal end of my life, That if I return living to you, I return immortal. O bitter sweets of Love O bitter sweets of Love, Is this really my heart, This my happiness? That I suffer the more. What gives me such pain if I enjoy it? Fly from Love, you lovers! is Love a friend? O what a fierce enemy! While he is alluring you, while he smiles, He seasons your tears With that venom which sweetly kills. Do not be fooled by appearances, For he seems gentle, but is sharp and cruel, And is less unarmed when he is naked. Eyes, cause of my tears Eyes, cause of my tears, And of my cruel, wicked suffering, Let me, I beg you, die at last. And with death, end my wretched state. For when you give me help With sweet and amorous glances, It makes my life more painful And increases the flame which consumes me continuously. 10 MINUTE INTERMISSION 10 MINUTE INTERMISSION Texts and Translations O che bei sole.. .Stridono lassii from "Pagliacci" Ruggero Leoncavallo O che bei sole di mezz'agosto! Io son piena di vita, e, tutta illanguidita perarcano desio, non so che bramo! Oh! che volo d'augelli, e quante strida! Che chiedon?... dove van?.. chissa!... La mamma mia, che la buona ventura annunziava comprendeva i l lor canto e a me bambina cosi cantava: Hui! Hui! Stridono lassii, liberamente lanciati a vol, a vol come frecce, gli augel. Disfidano le nubi el sol cocente, e vanno, e vanno per le vie del ciel. Lasciateli vagar per l'atmosfera questi assetati d'azzuro e di splendor: seguono anch'essi un sogno, una chimera, e vanno, e vanno fra le nubi d'or! Che incalzi i l vento e latri la tempesta, con l'ali aperte san tutto sfidar; la pioggia, i lampi, nulla mai l i arresta, e vanno, e vanno sugli abissi e i mar. Vanno laggiu verso un paese strano che so gnan forse e che cercano invan Mai boemi del ciel seguon l'arcano poter che l i sospinge e van! Giunse alfin...Deh vieni, non tardar from "Le Nozze di Figaro" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Giunse al fin il momento, che godro senza affanno, in braccio all' idol mio! Timide cure! uscite dal mio petto! a turbarnon venite il mio diletto! Oh come par, che all'amoroso foco l'amenita del loco, la terra e il ciel risponda! Come la notte i furtti miei seconda! Deh vieni, non tardar, o gioja bella! Vieni ove amore per goder t'appella! Finche non splende in ciel notturna face, Finche l'aria e an cor bruna e il mondo tace. Oh, what a beautiful sun...they cry, up there Oh, what a beautiful sun of mid-August! I am full of life, and completely languid with secret desire; I know not what I desire! Oh, what a flight of birds, and how many cries! What do they seek? Where are they going? Who knows! My mother, who predicted good fortune understood their song and sang to me as a child like this: Hui! Hui! They cry, up there, freely launched in flight, the birds are in flight like arrows. They defy the clouds and the burning sun, and they go through the paths of the sky. Let them wander through the atmosphere,, thirsting for splendour and the blue sky: they follow a dream, an illusion and they go through the clouds of gold! Though the wind mounts and the storm howls, with wings spread, they know how to defy the rain, the lightning, nothing stops them, and they go through the abysees and the seas. They go off to a strange country they dream of, and perhaps seek in vain. But the gypsies of the sky follow the secret power that drives them, and they go! The moment has finally arrived... Come, do not delay The moment has finally arrived that I will enjoy without uneasiness in the arms of my idol. Timid fears, leave my breast! Do not come to disturb my delight. Oh, it seems that the earth and sky respond to the pleasantness of the place. May the night come and assist my deceptions! Ah, come, do not delay, o beautiful joy! Come where, for pleasure, love summons you, while the moon does not yet shine in the sky while it is still dark, and the world is still. Texts and Translations Qui mormora il ruscel, qui scherza l'aura, che col dolce susurro il cor, ristaura, qui ridono i fioretti e l'erba e fresca, ai piaceri d'amor qui tutto ade sea. Vieni, ben mio, tra queste piante ascose! Vieni, vieni! ti vo' la fronte incoronar di rose! Ach, ich fiihl's from "Die Zauberflote" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ach, ich fiihl's, es ist verschwunden, ewig hin mein ganzes Gliick, ewig hinder Liebe Gliick. Nimmer kommt ihr, Wonnestunden, meinem Herzen mehr zuriick. Sieh, Tamino, diese Tranen fliessen, Trauter, dir allein, fuhlst du nicht der Liebe Sehnen, so wird Ruh im Tode sein. Monica's Waltz from "The Medium" Giancarlo Menotti Bravo! And after the theatre, supper and dance. Music! Up in the sky someone is playing a trombone and a guitar. Red is your tie, and in your velvetine coat you hide a star. Monica, Monica, dance the waltz. Follow me, moon and sun, keep time with me, one two three one. If you're not shy, pin up my hair with your star, and buckle my shoe. And when you fly, please hold on tight to my waist, I'm flying with you. O, Monica, Monica, dance the waltz. Follow me, moon and sun, follow me. What is the matter, Toby? What is it you want to tell me? Kneel down before me, and now, tell me... Monica, Monica, can't you see, that my heart is bleeding, bleeding for you? I loved you, Monica, all my life, with all my breath, with all my blood. You haunt the mirror of my sleep, you are my night. You are my light and the jailer of my day. Here murmurs the brook, here plays the breeze, that restores the heart with sweet whispers; the little flowers smile, and the grass is fresh, everything is enticed to the pleasures of love. Come, my darling, among these hidden trees! I want to crown your forehead with roses Ah, I feel it Ah, I feel it, it has disappered, eternally gone is love's happiness! Your hours of bliss will nevermore return to my heart. Look, Tamino, these tears flow, beloved, for you alone. Don't you feel love's longing? So will I find rest in death alone. {Monica's Waltz, continued...) How dare you, scoundrel, talk to me like that! Don't you know who I am? I'm the Queen of Aroundel! I shall have you put in chains! You are my princess, you are my queen, and I'm only Toby, one of your slaves, and still I love you and always loved you with all my breath, with all my blood. I love your laughter, I love your hair, I love your deep and nocturnal eyes. I love your soft hands, so white and winged, I love the slender branch of your throat. Toby, don't speak to me like that! You make my head swim. Monica, Monica, fold me in your satin gown. Monica, Monica, give me your mouth, Monica, Monica, fall in my arms. Why, Toby! You're not crying are you? Toby, I want you to know that you have the most beautiful voice in the world! Texts and Translations Laurie's Song from "The Tender Land" Aaron Copland Once I thought I'd never grow Tall as this fence. Time dragged heavy and slow. But April came and August went before I knew just what they meant, And little by little I grew. And as I grew, I came to know how fast the time could go. Once I thought I'd never go Outside this fence. This space was plenty for me. But I walked down the road one day, and just what happened I can't say, But little by little it came to be That line between the earth and sky came beckoning to me. Now the time has grown so short; The world has grown so wide. The Silver Swan Ned Rorem The silver swan, who living had no note, When death approached unlocked her silent throat; Ah Leaning her breast against the reedy shore, Thus sung her first and last, and sung no more; Farewell, all joys; Trouble in Tahiti from "Trouble in Tahiti" Leonard Bernstein What a movie!! What a terrible, awful movie! It's a crime what they put on the screen! I can hardly believe what I've seen! Do they think we're a lot of children? It would bore any four-year-old! What drivel! What nonsense! -What escapist Technicolor twaddle!! "Trouble in Tahiti", indeed! "Trouble in Tahiti", imagine! There she is in her inch or two of sarong, floating all among the floating flow'rs... Then she sees him, the handsome American; (I must say he's really a man: Six feet tall, and each foot just incredible!) Well, they're madly in love, but there's trouble ahead: There's a legend: "If a princess marry white man, and rain fall that day, then the white man shall be sacrifice without delay." (Laurie's Song, continued...) I ' l l be graduated soon. Why am I strange inside? What makes me think I'd like to try to go down all those roads beyond that line above the earth and neath the sky? Tomorrow when I sit upon the graduation platform stand, I know my hand wil l shake when I reach out to take that paper with the ribboned band. Now that all the learning's done, Oh who knows what will now begin? Oh it's so strange, I'm strange inside. The time has grown so short, the world so wide. (Silver Swan, continued...) 0, death, come close mine eyes; O. Farewell, all joys; O death, come close my eyes. More geese than swans now live, more fools than wise. (Trouble in Tahiti, continued...) Sure enough, on the night of their wedding day, There's a storm like nothing on earth; Tidal waves and siroccos and hurricanes; And to top it all off, the volcano erupts. As the natives sing: Ah! Ole! They go crazy with the drumming and the chanting and ritual dance, While the lovers sing a ballad of South Sea romance: It's so lovely, I wish I could think of it: Da da dee da.. .It was called "Island Magic", I think it was. Oh, a beautiful song! I remember it now: " I S L A N D M A G I C , Where the midnight breezes caress us, and the stars above seem to bless us, That's I S L A N D M A G I C , ISLAND M A G I C " , Well, in any case, the hero is tied to a tree, (Did I tell you he's a flyer who got lost at sea?) Texts and Translations (Trouble in Tahiti, continued...) Anyway, all the natives are crazy now, Running wild with lances and knives; Then they pile up the wood for the sacrifice, And the witch doctor comes, and he sets it on fire. As the natives sing: Ah! Ole! But at this point comes the good old U.S. Navy, a-singin' a song; They come swarming down in parachutes, a thousand strong! Everything now is cleared up and wonderful; Everyone is happy as pie; And they all do a great Rhumba version of "Island Magic" of course! It's a dazzling sight; With the sleek brown native women Dancing with the U.S. Navy boys, And a hundred piece symphony orchestra: (Trouble in Tahiti, continued...) "ISLAND MAGIC!!" Where the palmtrees whisper together, And it's always midsummer weather, That's ISLAND MAGIC, ISLAND MAGIC! With the one I love very near; ISLAND MAGIC, whispering native words in my ear. ISLAND MAGIC, only you, my darling, could weave it, And I never ever will leave it, And I simply cannot believe it really is mine! ISLAND MAGIC! ISLAND MA-" What a terrible, awful movie!!! How long have I been standing here chattering? If I don't get going this minute, there won't be any dinner when Sam comes home! Please join us in the music lobby for a reception following the recital! 


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